Sunday, January 29, 2017

Running Log Week Ending 1/29/17 (6 Wks Till Marathon). Yasso's and a 20 miler.

Came into this week feeling good about my training, I've a couple good Long Runs.  I've gotten to the point where 18 miles doesn't feel so long....that's gotta be progress, right? 

Last two weeks have been 60 miles...first time I've crossed that threshold.  I've been super diligent to attend to any small niggles or far, so good.   This makes by 3rd week at 60 mpw.

This week is also the last Yasso 800 workout, which in theory tells me my marathon pace.  Another 20 miler on Saturday with the last 3 miles faster.  This assignment 3-4 weeks ago would have scared it's "just another long run"...

Tuesday workout -  Yasso 800's
  • Yasso 800's by 10.  No track available, so I did these on the treadmill which is not idea but I think a "comparable" workout.  With treadmill set at 1% incline, I did the first 5 reps at 10.3 MPH (2:55 per 800), and the last 5 reps at 10.4 MPH (2:53 per 800) - jogging at half the rep speed for my 400 recovery.  The last couple reps were pretty hard, almost race effort.  Maybe too hard (?)
  • So....I averaged 2:54 / rep.  Per the plan I'm on, that equates to a 2:59 marathon, which is in line with my Half time of 1:25:41 (per Garmin ran 13.1 in 1:25:20).

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Based on the iron clad, incontrovertible facts listed planned marathon pace will be 6:45 - 6:50.  Yes, that puts me under 3:00.  Yikes.   What could go wrong?

Over the next 5 weeks I'm going to be doing A LOT of running at MP, so this matters.  And since I now have it in my head to break 3:00 - and I KNOW I will actually run longer than 26.2 (more like 26.4), I will need the few seconds / mile as a cushion to break 3:00 (or break my legs / lungs / heart).

Wednesday mini-workout - Ended up running 10 miles easy.  Legs felt heavy, but not too bad.  At this rate, it'll be another 60 mile week.

Saturday LR - Assignment is "20 miles with last 3 Faster"....ran on C and O canal which is very flat.  The first 17 miles were all very close to 7:15 pace.   I was able to "feel" or "groove" this pace without  looking at the watch.   If 6:50 pace on race day feels like 7:15 did today I think I'll have a good chance at making my goal.   The last 3 miles were 6:47 /6:49 / 6:35 - so strong finish I was hoping for.  Good day.

Weekly mileage:  61 (+ 2.5 mi walk)

Long Run: 20

Weight: ?  (Didn't weigh this week).


Monday - 7.7 mi easy on TM w / strides.  Raining pretty hard, so stayed inside.  Core work.

Tuesday - Yasso 800's x 10.  Avg. 2:54 per 800 with equal rest.  10 miles total.  1:20 on the clock.  Strength work includes pull up / dips / single leg squats / single leg dead lifts.  BIG day.

Wednesday - 10 miles easy.  Legs tired from yesterday's workout, but not that bad.  Avg. 7:45 pace.  ITB work.  Rolling and stretching.  Calves a little tight, probably from faster pace yesterday.

Thursday - 5 miles on WOD easy / recovery.  42' (8:10 pace).  Core work.

Friday - 58' easy on WOD.  Not feeling too sharp today.  Haven't been sleeping enough.  7.4 mi (7:50 pace).  Rolling and stretching.

Saturday - 20 mi w / last 3 faster.    C and O.  Overall pace 7:09.  First 17 @ 7:15.  Last 3 @ 6:47, 6:49, 6:35.   Strength work.  ITB work.   Rollin and stretching

Sunday - walk.    2.5 mi walk.    Lotsa rolling and stretching

Onward and upward....

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