Sunday, January 15, 2017

Running Log 1/15/17 (8 wks till Marathon). 20 miler / 60 mpw

Started off this week feeling more rested than last week.  Forcing myself to do all my extra extra strength work on Saturday following my long run, means I had Sunday off (well, only a walk).  Looks like I need that Sunday off to get ready for the following week - especially now that my Saturday long runs are getting to be quite.....long.

Highlights this week:  20 mile Long Run on Saturday (longest EVER).  60 miles in one week (highest weekly total EVER).

My left hip has seemed to completely calm down, that's the good news.  After last week's long run,  my left plantar started acting up...ugh.  More on the outside of my foot, than on the heel though, so if could be something else.  I've done extra rolling on the bottom of my foot with a golf ball and foot and calf stretching.  So far, that's kept it at bay, and it's calmed down throughout the week.  Hoping it stays that way.

This week I was able to do the "longer version" of Wednesday's workout, and did a short / recovery run on Thursday.  Overall, feeling pretty good this week.

Tuesday's workout - this week's workout is 5 reps of 8:00 intervals with 2:00 jog recovery.  I did it on the treadmill, because it was cold out, and I didn't want to chance a slip on the ice in the dark.  Did the 8' segments about 6:25 pace, and felt pretty good about it.  Caveat:  I forgot to increase the elevation to 1% which I normally do on the TM.  So, sort of cheating....but the workout was still a good stimulus.

Wednesday - mini-workout - 80 minutes easy - ended up running a little over 10 miles.  One of my longer mid-week runs.  Didn't feel too bad.

Long run - 20 miles this week - my longest run ever!  Ran on the WOD and for the second time I tried taking UCAN during the run.  I took about half serving of UCAN prior to the run, then the second half during miles 7-9.   Seemed to work ok - gettin used to the taste and my stomach is having no problems.  So far, so good.

Weekly mileage:  60 (+ 3 mi power walk)
Long run:  20
Weight:  140

Daily work:
  • Monday - 7.5 mi easy on TM.  Rollin and dynamic stretching, extra work on calves and plantar. 
  • Tuesday - 5 x (8' "on"; 2' jog recovery.
  • Wednesday - 80' easy.  10.3 mi (7:45 pace) on icy WOD.  Hip mobility.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday - 40 min easy on WOD.  Nice weather!  5.1 mi.  Core work.
  • Friday - 60 min easy on WOD with strides. 7.7 mi (7:45 pace).  Hip mobility.
  • Saturday - 20 mi on a little bit muddy WOD.  First 20 miler...avg about 7:20.  Last couple miles a little thought, but feelin pretty good on Sunday.   Strength work, rollin, stretching, and napping!
  • Sunday - power walk.  3 mi with my gorgeous wife.  Light dynamic stretching.  
Onward and upward....

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