Sunday, January 1, 2017

Running Log - 1/1/17: Yasso 800's & 18 mi LR (marathon in 10 wks)

Happy New Year Fellow Runners!  Here's hoping everyone had a fun and safe New Year celebration!
And for those brave enough to race on New Year's Eve / New Year's Day - I hope it went well.  You can legitimately say "it was your fastest race this year".

This week is my SECOND week on vacation.  I can get used to this.  Running-wise, another week marching toward my first marathon in March.  Highlights of the week include a Yasso 800 workout on Tuesday and my longest run EVER on Saturday.

Tuesday's Workout - Yasso 800s x 9.  I was spoiled this week and was able to run these on a HS track (since school is out this week) avg time for 800's was 2:56 (range from 2:52 - 2:58).  Last interval was 2:55, so I think I did a decent job pacing.  This would "indicate" my marathon time would be 2:55 - 3:00.

Mini Workout - Wednesday, since I had more time than when I'm working I went to the C and O and got in a nice 9.5 miles at easy effort.  This "long-ish" run on a day after Yasso 800's is not exactly "easy" for me, but I enjoyed it.  Good day.

Saturday Long Run -  My assignment is 18 miles - no speeding up, or anything complicated, just "run 18 miles".  So, that's what I did.  My longest run ever,  I feel "accomplishment".

UCAN Test - this week I tried drinking UCAN during my long run, as thats my strategy for fueling during my upcoming marathon.    So, prior to the run I took a half serving of UCAN and carried a half serving with me.  At mile 6, I started taking the second half of the serving - taking small drinks periodically.   After about a mile I was able to get most of it down without any (at least very little) stomach upset.  By mile 18 I was still good -fuel wise - so I'll keep trying this strategy on all my runs of 18 mi or longer.  I still don't love the taste, but it works.  

 Weekly Miles:  57 (+ 3 mi power walk)
Long Run: 18
Weight: ? (It's New Year's...who cares?)

Daily Workouts:
  • Monday:  56 minutes easy including strides toward the end.  7.1 mi / 7:55 pace or so.  Rolling and stretching.  Core work.  Hip mobility stuff.
  • Tuesday:  Yasso 800's x 9 on HS track.   avg 2:56.  9.9 mi incl with & cd.   ITB work.  Squats/deadlifts/pull-ups/push-ups.  Rollin and dynamic stretching.   
  • Wednesday:  72' easy on C&O.  Legs tired from yesterday, but not bad.  10.1 mi.  rolling and stretching.   9.5 mi.   Hip mobility
  • Thursday:  4.7  miles recovery /easy on roads around the house.  Legs still feeling a little heavy from Yasso on Tuesday.   Rolling and stretching.
  • Friday:  58 min easy including strides on C&O. 7.4 mi (7:50 pace).  Core work.  
  • Saturday:  18.1 mi on WOD - Leesburg to Purcelville and back.  Overall pace @ 7:25.  Even tho I kept the pace pretty much steady, this run really wiped me out...I feel a little guilty, but I moved my normal strength work on Saturday to Sunday.   
  • Sunday:  brisk walk of about 3 miles.  Hip mobility.  ITB  and strength work.  Squats and dead lifts.  Pull-ups and push ups.   Hip mobility.   Rolling and stretching.  
Happy New Year everyone!  May all your running dreams come true this year!

Back to work for me on Tuesday....ugh.

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