Sunday, February 5, 2017

Running Log - Week Ending 2/5/17 (Five Weeks Till Marathon) - FINALLY MP Work!

Coming into this week, I've now had THREE weeks in a row of 60 mpw.  I've also run 20 miles a few times, including last Saturday when I was able to run the last 3 miles "around / faster than" MP.

This week I officially and FINALLY have two workouts at MP.  So, I'm coming into the week excited and a little nervous.  Based on prior races and workouts, my MP is 6:45 - 6:50.  I will spend A LOT of time between now and the race @ MP.  Cool.

I've also had some extra family obligations this week that have interrupted my sleep, only getting about 6 hours a night instead of the usual 8.  Definitely did not sleep enough from Sunday night thru Thursday night - and it caught up with me for Thursday and Friday's runs.  Oh well, life happens.....reminds me how important sleep is.....

Tuesday workout:  2 mi wu + 4 @ MP + 1 @ HMP + 3 @ MP + 1 cd.  Total of 11 miles.  I did this workout on the TM @ 1% incline.  I like to use the TM for workouts when I really want to "groove" the pace.  I know it's sort of an "artificial" setting and a little boring, but it does give me confidence to know I can complete the workout in a "controlled" setting.  I did all the MP work @ 6:49 pace, and the HMP @ 6:31.  I felt under control the whole time, but the last mile started to get a little difficult.

I'm using Jay Johnson's "Simple Marathon Training" plan (with a few tweaks); I'm glad he says "Don't worry is MP feels too hard at this point", because my first thought was "I can't do this for 26.2 miles!".  But, per Jay, I'm not tapered yet, and still have a lot more training till race day....

Wednesday mini-workout - Put in 10.8 mi on Tired Legs.  Feeling a little worn down.  Two easy days coming up....

Saturday LR - Assignment is "18 miles with 6 (miles 11-17) @ MP".  Ran on C and O canal which is pretty flat.   MP miles went pretty well, but I'm not yet able to feel MP so my pace ranged from 6:35 - 6:47.  The other miles varied from 7:05 - 7:20.   Overall pace was 7:03.   Feel like my fitness is coming along.

Weekly mileage:  58 (+2.5 mi walk)

Long Run: 18

Weight: 138 (coming down a LITTLE).


Monday - 7.5 mi easy on TM w / strides (icy roads).  Core work.  Rolling and stretching.  Hip mobility.

Tuesday - 2 mi wu / 4 @ MP (6:49) / 1 @ HPM (6:31) / 3 @ MP (6:49) / 1 cd.
 Strength work.  Hip strength.

Wednesday - 85' easy - ended up with 10.8 mi on WOD.  Pace around 7:50.  Rolling and stretching.

Thursday - 3.5 mi on TM.  Not feelin it today.  Cut run short and just got the legs moving some.  28 min.  Core.  Roll and stretch.

Friday - 58' easy on WOD.  7.5 mi with strides.  rollin and stretchin.  Man..I'm TIRED. 

Saturday - 18 mi w / 11 - 17 @ MP.  Good run on C and O canal.  Avg time 7:03.  MP miles all under 6:48, but pace is not consistent.   Strength work.  ITB work.

Sunday - walk.    2.5 mi walk.    Lotsa rolling and stretching

Keep on truckin'

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