Sunday, August 13, 2017

Breaking3ProjectPhilly - Week 4 (Pain In The Ass)

Hello Readers.

Update:  World Championships:
  • Jenny Simpson taking home Silver in the 1500 with a blazing finish.  Great race!
  • US Can Steeple or What?!
    • Evan Jager - Bronze.
    • Emma GOLD / Courtney Frerichs SILVER!  US goes 1-2.  Biggest surprise, and best finishing celebration of the meet!  Worth finding the video online if you haven't seen this one. has it.
So, this weeks' injury is literally a Pain In The Ass.  Officially diagnosed by the PT as "Right Gluteus Medius".  I started feeling it after Tuesday's MLR that was faster than planned, I feel it more on side and above to the rear of the "hip joint" (That's as technical as you're going to get).  Went to PT Thursday and Saturday.  Cut down Thursday's run, took Saturday off - moving LR to Sunday.  LR cut down a few miles.  Hoping I can keep it "under control" by cutting down the mileage some and get back to full strength next week.

I looked up all the recommended strength work and stretches for the Gluteus Medius and I'm already doing all of them.  Only thing I did read is to focus on the eccentric portion of the exercise, which I don't do - noted.  So, I guess it's a combination of getting older and over-doing it; building up the mileage too fast and at pace this is too fast.  Maybe someday I'll learn.  Maybe not.  Frustrating, self-inflicted injury.

Side Note:  Marathon fueling - while I was watching the WC Women's marathon the commentator (Josh Cox), noted that in training you need to practice fueling "at race pace".  In my last marathon build-up, I did practice fueling, but at a slower than race pace and had "problems" during the race - noted.


Weekly Mileage: 55
Long Run:  N/A
Weight:  ?

Every run: Leg swings / Lunge matrix before and foam rolling / dynamic stretching after.
  • Monday: GA 9.1 @ 8:00 pace.  Feeling okay.  Core work.
  •  Tuesday: MLR 13.5  @ 7:17 pace....a little too fast.  Running with a friend and talking the whole time, so maybe not?  But, yeah...probably too fast.  Strength work -  KG swings / pull ups / dumb bell bench press / single leg squats. 
  • Wednesday: 5 Easy @ 8:30 pace.  Yesterday took more out of me than I realized.  Lesson learned.  ITB rehab work.  Extra hip mobility stuff.  "Right butt / hip" not right.  Damn it!
  • Thursday: MLR 11.  GA 9.  Hip not right, cut back from planned 11 miles.  Core work.  Hip mobility / myrtle.  PT - worked on right hip.
  • Friday: 5.2 Easy.  Hip works.  Probably should have taken today off.  Only a recovery run anyway.
  • Saturday: OFF.  PT.  Work on Right Gluteus Medius.  Found the spot...and it hurt like the dickens while he worked on it. 
  • Sunday: 13 MLR.  Cut down from planned 17 miles.  Hip doing better.  I was ready to shut it down as soon as it got beyond a slight annoyance.  Never did.  Strength work - except skipping single leg dead lifts and squats in case if aggravates the injury.  Hip strength / myrtle.  Couldn't really "feel" the injury during the exercises - either it's not that bad or I'm not doing it right, or both.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Breaking3ProjectPhilly - Week 3 (AMY CRAGG + Recovering)

Hello Runners.

Update:  World Championships:
  • amy cragg. Amy Cragg. AMY CRAGG.  AMY CRAGG!! Taking down the WC Marathon bronze metal, with a huge push, and big finishing kick.  Motivation.  I actually got up from the couch and stood in front of the TV, yelling "Go Amy" for the last 800m.  My wife was slightly amused, but not really.
  • Mo Farah - ANOTHER Gold metal.  Guy is insane.  My wife not amused at all as I prance around the living room doing the Mobot.
Injury - Recovering:

My "rehab" process goes something like this; 1) Go to physio; 2) Go for a run; 3) Report back to physio how I'm doing - improvement / pain in new spot / hurts more / etc.  4) Modify treatment; 5) Rinse and repeat.

Details of the rehab: 

Last week - Wednesday:  ART, STEM.  Thursday - dry needling / STEM.  Saturday same as Wednesday.

Monday rehab was like Saturday - EXCEPT on Monday I also got "traction" (hanging upside down) and work on my lower back and hamstring (all on left side).  This is after I noticed that when he "pushes down on the left side of  my lower back to stretch is out some my Achilles "tightens".  So, maybe tightness in lower back is doing something?  Dunno - but he worked on that too.  ("Hip bones connected to the....thigh bone....").

I'm making progress.  After not really being able to run on it at all Thursday - Monday (1/2 mile efforts to determine that "Yes, I can't run on this), I was able to run 5 miles easy on the TM Tuesday morning.  Yay!  Calf still hurts, but the pain is dull and not enough that it changes my "gait" (I don't think) or that I want to stop running. So...progress!

Wednesday I increased my run to 7 miles, and had another treatment like Monday.  Wednesday also included a new "treat" - working on my ITB.  Shit, that hurt!  But, I think it helped.

Thursday - Saturday; feeling back to normal.  Thursday did a pretty good tempo workout, and 15 mile long run on Saturday with 5 miles at MP (although I have to re-learn what MP feels like).

Guess who's back, back again
Shady's back, tell a friend    
~ Slim Shady

Not being able to run for a few days gave me a new appreciation for my health.  Re-focused on injury prevention.....

Side Note:  I forgot my watch Friday morning, so I ran my "6 miles easy" by following a known route, and just "going for a run".  Quite "freeing" actually.  Might try it again on future easy runs.


Weekly Mileage: 43
Long Run: 15
Weight:  ?

Every run: Leg swings / Lunge matrix before and foam rolling / dynamic stretching after.
  • Monday:  NOPE.  Can't run.
  •  Tuesday: 5 mi easy on TM - around 8:10 pace.  Calf is dull ache, but much better.  Kettlebell swings / pull ups / dumb bell bench press.
  • Wednesday: 7-8 mi GA.  Physio.
  • Thursday: 9 miles with 4 @ tempo (6:23 / 6:16 / 6:27 / 6:18).  Pretty fast tempo pace for me, probably due to having so many days off (slight taper effect?).  Core work.
  • Friday: 6 mi. easy. No watch.
  • Saturday: LR - 15 w / 5 @ MP (6:31 / 6:58 / 6:38 / 6:53 / 6:40).   Goal MP is 6:50 - so I have some work to do on MP feel.  Strength / ITB work.  Heat got to me, feeling pretty beat the rest of the day.  Physio visit, probably last one (for a while).
  • Sunday: Walk recovery.  2 miles.


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Breaking3Project Philly - Week 2 (And Already Injured...F*@k)

Hello Runners.

Week 2 of my 18 week plan following Pfitz "Advanced Marathoning" which maxes out at 70 mpw.

Last week started off with an LT run.  This week I don't have any "faster paced" runs, but do have a 12 miler mid week and 16 mile LR with 8 @ MP on Saturday. 

I came into the week feeling pretty much recovered from last Saturday's LR, and ready to roll.  The temps are still pretty high, so I have to remind myself to keep the paces on the higher end of the least not at the fastest end (like I did last week).  And then.....I got hurt.

So....I'm only on week 2, and ALREADY hurt.  Damn it!  Now I'm second guessing if I was ready for the Pfitz 70 mpw plan.....but this is probably more frustration talking than anything else.  I've done this mileage before...

 Injury Details Blow by Blow

At the end of Tuesday's MLR, my left calf started to hurt some - in a new spot from prior "hurts", not bad, but also NOT right.  (Last Fall the came calf had a strain high on the outside - this is more in the "belly" of the calf muscle where the larger part of the muscle tapers down to the smaller part).

Then, about 3 miles into my easy run on Wednesday it started to hurt again.

Last Fall I waited WAY too long to have it worked on, and it took quite a while to get it resolved.  This time, I'm heading in right away to see if I can "Nip in the bud" (as Barney Fife would say.)  So, went to see physio Wednesday afternoon, he grinded away on it (ART), and did some STEM.  Calf felt better (which is usually the case after a treatment), but I'm thinking that's as much psychological as physiological...

Thursday, I went for the planned 9 mi GA run.  About 1.5 miles in calf started hurting again, kind or worse, and a "sharper" pain.  Feels like in the main "belly" of the muscle.  I walked back to the car, and scheduled another appointment Thursday afternoon with the physio and got some "dry needling" done.

Dry needling did the trick last Fall, so I'm hoping this will give me some relief.  If you've never had dry needling, you're missing a "treat".  Using acupuncture needles, the therapist tries to find the spot that is hurting and jabs needles right into it.  This is supposed to "break up / relieve" the inflammation / impingement, etc.  I know when he hits the right spot, because it hurts.  If he hits a spot that is not injured, it doesn't hurt.  Well....he hit a couple "good" spots.  (It actually looks worse than it feels).  Then, some STEM, cold pack, and go home.

Saturday treatment like Wednesday....ART, STEM, cold pack.  Doc says "try running on it tomorrow to see if / how we're progressing".

Sunday - I "try" to run.  Still hurts.  I do about 1/2 mile of jogging / walking and call it a day.  Damn it!

The physio I go to is interesting - he told me last year he NEVER tells runners to NOT run.  His experience is, once he says this to runners he never sees them again.  So, I can't really ask him "should I run".  I think he's good at what he does, but he's not a "runner specialist".  Last time, when I was hurt I tried to run through it, and I'm sure that prolonged the injury.  So, this time I forcing myself to NOT run Friday thru Sunday.  Don't care if it "feels pretty good" while I'm laying on the couch, I'm still NOT running.  The way I can enforce this rule is to tell my wife "I'm not running this weekend cause my calf hurts" - this way I KNOW I'll get "the look" as soon as I put my running shoes on.  "The look" is enough to keep me from heading out.

I have some comfort from Pfitz regarding missing a few workouts - to paraphrase his Advanced Marathoner book "If you miss 2 1/2 weeks and you have 14 weeks to the race, it's no big deal".  By taking Friday - Sunday off, I'm "only" missing one workout, which was scheduled for Saturday.  That workout is a biggie - "16 w / 8 @ MP".  But, better to skip that and get back to pain free running sooner....

Hopefully I can get back to running this week.  But, right now it ain't looking good....

I'm TRYING to stay positive and NOT be a total ass to those around me - you runners know what I mean.  My wife has already put me on "attitude warning".  She is great about my running, when I'm not running is when I'm harder to live with. (and even then, she is great).

Spent too much time Sunday obsessively reading about how much conditioning runners lose from long periods off due to injury.  Doesn't really matter, because if I can't run pain-free, I can't run....nothing I can do about it except "aggressively" try to solve it.  It will heal when it does.  This is one of those times when being an older runner is a real disadvantage...we just heal slower.

Weekly Mileage: 23
Long Run: N/A
Weight:  ?

Every run: Leg swings / Lunge matrix before and foam rolling / dynamic stretching after.
  • Monday:  GA - 8.2 mi. with 7 x 100m strides (I was supposed to do 10 strides, but just got kinda tired and cut them short).  Found a new route, nice.  Pace = 8:05.  Feeling "recovered" from last Saturday's LR.
  •  Tuesday: MLR 12 miles on WOD.  Avg pace = 7:32.  Still a little too fast, I think...but felt okay.  Temps are better this morning.  Strength work including kettle bell swings and leg curls emphasizing the eccentric phase...maybe I can "fix" hamstring cramps late in a marathon?  Left calf started to hurt toward the end of the run....
  • Wednesday: Recovery - 5 mi EASY.  8:23 pace.  Left calf started to hurt again about 3 miles in.   Got in to see the PT grinding on it and then STEM.
  • Thursday: GA - 9 mi.  Calf started hurting around 1.5 miles in.  Stopped immediately and walked back.  PT - dry needling.
  • Friday: Recovery - OFF.  Resting leg. 
  • Saturday: LR - 16 w / 8 @ MP.   Strength / ITB work.  Heat got to me, feeling pretty beat the rest of the day.  Physio visit.  ART / STEM.
  • Sunday: Recovery walk.  Light core work.  Foam rolling and stretching.

Stay tuned...comments welcome.

Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 Half Year Review

Wassup Runners?!

Well, 2017 is a little over half gone.  I tend to be very much "in the moment" with my running and lose perspective on the gradual progress that happens as the weeks pile up.  So, it's good for me to every so often look back at a decent stretch of time and see if / how my running has improved (or not), what I've right and wrong, and generally "take stock" of where I am. 

Now is a good time to do this, since the Spring / early Summer races are over, and I'm starting my Fall marathon build up.

Highlights So Far This Year:
  • Injury Free
    • My main goal this year, and every year, is to avoid injury.
    • I figure if I can avoid injury, I'm better off overall with every aspect of running.
    • I've learned / been able to notice when little niggles start and back off / strength train to avoid it becoming an issue that keeps me from running.
  • Consistency
    • I've run very close to my planned mileage every week this year.
    • Only weeks off were after a marathon, when I should be off....
  • Fun
    • Yep.  Still having fun.
  • Learning to "Feel" pace
    • What is "Easy" pace?  Well, I've learned (for the most part) to let how I feel dictate my easy pace.  I've had a tendency to call 8:00/mile "easy" pace.  Easy has no pace. 
    • What do the various race paces feel like?  Can I go faster?  Am I gonna blow up?
      • Getting better at feeling where I am with my effort.  Very much still work in progress, but I am making gains....
  • I don't know (yet) how to pace and fuel for a marathon.
    • Pretty big crash and burn in my first marathon attempt....
    • BIG TO DO:  Figure this shit out.  I have some direction, now I gotta find what works for me and NOT be an idiot on race day.
 Each of the above things, I think, help with getting fitter and faster, and improve race times.  And, I think I did get fitter the first half of the year.  I also learned a little more about my limits....
I've run a number of new (for me) race distances this year.  I like the challenge of figuring out how to run these various distances. Below is a summary of my 2017 races so far this year:

  • RNR DC Marathon (March)
    • First marathon
    • COMPLETE crash and burn after 23 miles - walking the last two miles @ 15:00 /mile
    • Was on pace for about 3:02 time, and cramped up, crashed, disoriented, and the whole bit during mile 24.
    • What did I learn?  
      • Marathons are nothing to mess with.
      • My pacing was stupid
      • My fueling didn't work
    • Next Step:  Don't forget what happened.  Find solutions.  Try it again.
  • GW Parkway 10 Miler (April)
    • First 10 mile race
    • Executed well.  Finished about 1 minute faster than McMillan predictor based on last HM
    • What did I learn?
      • I can push harder when I'm competing directly against other folks, much better than "time trialing" at a "set pace".
      • What it feels like to be "just below" the red line, and stay there.
    • Next steps:  Remember "that" feeling, the feeling when a race goes well and I exceed my expectations
  •  Apple Blossom 10k (May)
    • Got sick the week of the race, still sick when I did race.
    • The course was tough (lotsa hills / some pretty steep)
    • I got down on myself for not meeting my expectations - took me a few days to get over it.
    • I PR'd by 13 seconds 
    • What did I learn?
      • I need to adjust my expectations based on circumstances (like being sick / slow course)
      • A friend reminded me with this quote "Hey Dumbass, you were sick, the course is notoriously slow and you PR'd" (Dumbass added by me).  Words to live by.
  • Twilight 4 Miler (June - PM race)
    • First 4 miler - first time EVER running after 12 noon.
    • 7:30 PM race...and I didn't die.  Actually had some fun.  Nice experience.
  • Firecracker 5k (July)
    • 5k PR is 18:41 set on this course in perfect March weather last year.
    • Last July 4, finished in 19:15.
    • This year on July 4, finished in 18:50.  I'm calling it progress.
 Bottom Line:  My consistency and higher weekly mileage this Spring has resulted in some good race times and improved fitness.  (I need to read this line back to myself once every few weeks)

Next up:  Philly marathon on November 19 with a few races along the way.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Breaking3ProjectPhilly...And So It Begins

Hello Runners.

So...hopefully you got the pun in the title.  This week I begin my "Breaking3ProjectPhilly", as I'll be running the Philly Marathon on November 19, and will try to break 3 hours.  Not nearly as big a deal as Nike's project, but an important goal for me.

Not sure if I can actually break 3:00; but it does sound much better than "Breaking 3 hours and 5 minutes project" right?  In my only marathon earlier this year, I finished in 3:23.  But, I COMPLETELY crashed and walked the last 2 miles.  I was on 3:00 - 3:02 pace through 23 miles.  I know what you're thinking....that's what everyone says when they crash as mile 23.   However, my Half time from last Fall of 1:25:40; and my 10-mile time of this Spring of 1:03:06 indicate I could be close to a 3 hour marathon if EVERYTHING goes right.

So, IF training goes well, and IF I execute a good pacing strategy AND I get my fueling right AND I have a good day AND the weather is good AND I don't completely spazz, THEN I might actually do it!  See, easy.

No - I won't be on a Monza F1 track. No - I don't have 6 interchangeable pacers to block the wind for me. No - I won't have dudes on scooters bringing me my special magic elixir every 5k.  But, I will have my good friend Kyle along side me going for the same pace.  I will have thousands of other runners around me and maybe some of them will also be going for the same time.

I also won't have a pace car with a giant clock / windscreen and green laser pointers to keep me on pace.  But, I have sent a nicely worded e-mail to the Philly marathon organizers asking permission to have my wife ride in front of me on her bike with a big cardboard wind block attached to the seat and laser pointers coming from the rear wheel.  No word back yet - fingers crossed.

I'll be using the Pfitz "Advancted Marathon" 18-week plan that maxes out at 70 mpw.  Some of the weeks looks a little daunting, I'll modify as needed when / if I start to feel over-trained.  There's also a few "doubles" during the highest mileage weeks which I've never done before...that will be "interesting".  My last training cycle maxed at 60 mpw, so this is a stretch...but not TOO bad (I hope!)

The FIRST week is down, 17 to go.  Below are my planned paces and details on each day's run....

PLANNED Paces for each kind of run (in "good" conditions):
  • Easy / Recovery: based on feel.  I should feel "refreshed when done"
  • General Aerobic (GA): 7:50 - 8:30
  • LR and MLR: 7:30 - 8:10
  • MP: 6:50
  • HMP: 6:30
  • Threshold (LT): 6:25

Notes on this week:
  • Got a head cold last Saturday afternoon, and it just stuck around all week....lowering my energy levels.  Didn't seem to affect my running too much.  I think it might be allergies too...great.
  • Pretty hot this week.  All of my runs are in the early morning, but still mid-high 70's and high humidity all week. 
  • FULLY embracing easy pace for the first time ever.  Because the other days are longer runs than normal and at a slightly faster pace, my easy runs need to really be easy.  Never run so slow, but I think it's the right thing, and is what I should be doing....
  • I ran both the MLR on Tuesday and LR on Saturday at exactly 7:30 pace, the very fastest end of the pace range recommended for these runs.  This is probably too fast considering the heat and especially how tired I felt after Saturday's run.   I probably should respect these runs more going forward and slow the pace down some - they're going to get longer in future weeks and over training is a real possibility for me on this plan.

Weekly Mileage: 54
Long Run: 15
Weight: 139

Every run: Leg swings / Lunge matrix before and foam rolling / dynamic stretching after.
  • Monday:  9 miles with 4 @ LT - on WOD.  4 LT miles @ 6:32/6:29/6:33/6:29.  Temps in mid-70's and high humidity, so pacing about 5 seconds / mile slower than "theoretical LT" feels  about right.  Ran based on feel, and ended up pretty even.
  •  Tuesday: MLR 11 miles on WOD.  Avg pace = 7:30.  On the fastest end for this kind of run.  Linked up with a couple other runners which made the miles much easier. Light strength work.
  • Wednesday: Recovery - 5.1 mi EASY.  Pace 8:50.  Truly embracing EASY...finally.  In past training cycles my Easy runs still had a pace around 8:00 to 8:10.  I don't think they were "really" easy runs.  Today was the first day I really just let the pace go...having two solid days prior helped, as I was a little tired going into the run.  I think this is a good change for me....
  • Thursday: GA (General Aerobic) - 9.1 mi.  on WOD.  Pace = 7:58.  Core work.  Feeling okay, just REALLY hot this morning!  Took a water break / mini-bath at the water fountain....about 6 miles in.
  • Friday: Recovery - 5 mi easy.  Pace 8:40.  Thought I would feel better today, but still a slog...about the same as Wednesday.  Pretty hot too, which didn't help.
  • Saturday: LR 15.1 miles on C and O starting at first light to try and beat the heat some.  Overall 7:30 pace.   Strength / ITB work.  Heat got to me, feeling pretty beat the rest of the day.
  • Sunday: Recovery walk.  Light core work.  Foam rolling and stretching.

Stay tuned...comments welcome.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Running Log: Week Ending July 16

Hello Runners!

Transition week 2 as I change gears from shorter races to starting marathon training next week.  Not a lot to mention this week, pretty boring.

3 days in Toronto (work trip) - and a busy one at that.  Gonna be challenging to find the time to get some running in Monday - Wednesday.

Monday - Treadmill Running - the hotel "Fitness Center" consisted to two treadmills, one stepper and couple dumb bells.  No floor space.  No music.  No air.  Good view from 11th floor and a golf putting area just outside on the roof.  I pulled the yoga mats from the "gym" onto the putting area and did my dynamic stretching and myrtle work out there.  I was the only one in the "fitness center" and there was LITERALLY no space to even open the yoga mat inside.  Extra credit for effort and creativity?

Tuesday - STUPID 18 hour day running.  It happens.

Wednesday - got in a good MLR with 2 miles at tempo on the Toronto water front.  12.4 miles total.  Really nice run.  Reminded me of being back home on LA coast, sort of.  Nice break from the humidity of DC.

Pic below from dinner Tuesday night at a restaurant that's 1200 feet up and does a full rotation every 72 minutes...

Saturday Long Run - building the mileage back up some....15 miles.  Getting ready for marathon training, starting next week.


Weekly Mileage: 47
Long Run: 15
Weight: Dunno

Daily Work: (Legs swings / Lunge Matrix before every run.  Foam rolling / dynamic stretch after)
  • Monday:  Early flight to Toronto.  6 mile "sweatfest" on hotel TM.  Does the 11th floor of the hotel in Toronto count at "altitude" training?  First time on a TM in a long time - reminds me I don't like it.
  • Tuesday: OFF.  Work sucks.
  • Wednesday:  12.4 MLR on Toronto waterfront.  Avg 7:35 pace with 2 miles at tempo.  Flight back to DC in the afternoon.  Myrtle, and extra rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday: 6 miles easy.  Core/recovery
  • Friday: 8 miles easy
  • Saturday:  15 miles on C and O.  Avg 7:29 pace, evenly paced.  Strength / core.
  • Sunday:  OFF.  Head cold.  Rest and lotsa sleep.
NO travel next week.  Whoo hoo!  First time in over a month!


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Running Log - Week Ending July 9 (5k Race on July 4)

Hello Runners!  Well...July is here, full "steam" ahead (terrible pun intended).

This week includes my last Summer "short" race, and transition to start marathon training in a couple weeks.  So, after the 5k on July 4, cutting back and taking it easy a few days, with a Long Run on Saturday to see if I can remember how to do that...
  •  5k Race (separate report):  18:50 on slightly hilly course in hot / humid conditions.  Feel good about it.
  • Long Run:  14 miles (was planning up 15, but after 14 I was done).  Last mile @ MP.  Feels good to get out on the C and O and put in some miles (love the C and O).  My first "transition" run to longer races this Fall.

Stupid / terrible work travel mid-week which screwed up my sleeping....and messed with 3 days of running....shit happens.  Luckily, this was right after the 5k timing wasn't bad.

Psychology: Interesting note about me, now that I've completed my shorter races this Spring / Summer, my next goal race is a marathon in November.  With this "transition" I'm enjoying my running more.  I'm less focused on exactly how I feel every day, don't have specific workout paces, etc.  I'd like to remember how this couple of weeks feel, so I can enjoy my marathon build-up more.  Really, just "note to self" to stop taking myself so seriously.

Pro Tip: A couple times now, in my shorter Summer races, I've modified the "water station" to the "splash station".  When it's hot, but I don't need water to drink - as I approach the water station I point to my chest and say "Right here!"  Most of the folks at the water station (especially the kids) are more than happy to splash me with the water in the cup their holding.  Caution: if you try this, be prepared get hit with water on all parts of your body and possibly face at near point blank range from 3-4 people.  It does cool me off, and get me completely soaked.  I plan to continue this practice.


Weekly Mileage: 37
Long Run: 14
Weight: Dunno

Daily Work: (Legs swings / Lunge Matrix before every run.  Foam rolling / dynamic stretch after)
  • Monday:  4 miles easy with strides in prep for 5k tomorrow.
  • Tuesday: Firecracker 5k in Reston Town Center.  18:50.  Full race report published separately.  6 miles total with wu and cd.
  • Wednesday:  OFF.  Work travel to Dallas and back to DC.  20 hour day.
  • Thursday: OFF.  Back to work on almost no sleep.  :(
  • Friday: 60' E.  7.3 miles.  Lotsa rolling and dynamic stretching.  Feeling okay.  Need SLEEP.
  • Saturday:  14 miles on C and O, last 1 @ MP.  Overall 7:25 pace.  ITB/Strength work.
  • Sunday:  5.2 mile recovery run.  Core / Hip work.
 Next week's work travel is Toronto.  We'll see how much that impacts running....