Sunday, February 26, 2017

Running Log Week Ending Feb. 26 (TWO weeks till marathon)

TWO weeks to go.  This is my last week before I go into full taper mode.  Mileage is cut back some, but still about 50 mpw.

Started off the week feeling pretty good.  Monday's run felt really easy and fluid.  But after Tuesday's workout and 70' run on Wednesday I started to feel a little worn out, and both my IT Bands felt a little "tight".  IT Band is my "go to" injury, so I took Thursday off from running and did an easy spin on the bike in the gym.  Friday, the IT Band thing had calmed down, but I was still feeling a little "flat".

Possibly related(?) - my "Easy day" pace increase - I run all my easy days based on feel.  I try to make sure I stay fully conversational, and pay attention to my breathing and how my legs feel.  The last few weeks, the pace I end up running is a little faster.  It's come down from 8:00 or 7:50 pace to around 7:40 pace.  I think this is good.  Could be better fitness, or that I'm cutting back some on the more challenging workouts.   Could be that I'm running so many miles @ MP, that what "seems" easy is actually a little harder?  I'm going to chalk it up to better fitness, and roll with it.

Tuesday Workout -  Assignment is11 miles:  2 wu; 4@MP; 1@ HMP; 3@MP; 1 cd.  I did the same workout a few weeks ago on the treadmill, set at 1% incline.  In that workout, I did the MP work @ 6:49, and the HMP @ 6:31, and it felt kinda hard.  This week I did the workout on the WOD in the Herndon area - which is NOT flat.  Going in, I worried some about how to adjust on the "not so flat" route.  I found that I was able to (relatively) comfortably average 6:40 on the MP miles, and 6:28 for the HMP mile.  The slight downhill miles were (of course) a little easier, but I found I was pretty much able to "hold pace" on the slight uphill miles as well.  Pretty happy with the run, confidence builder.  The only thing I'm being cautious is - going too fast - and possibly working too hard on these runs.  My planned MP is 6:48, but the last couple MP runs have been closer to 6:40 - strictly going by how it feels.

Saturday Long Run - 14 miles, 7 @ MP on C and O canal tow path.   I made the mistake of not thinking this run would be a hard effort.   it is easier than the last couple of weeks, but the temp was up some and I ended up running the MP work into about a 10 mph head wind.   I avg 6:42 for the MP miles, but my pacing was inconsistent - 6:28 to 6:50.   I still tend to over correct and pick up the pace too much or slowing down too much, I guess it's a process.

Overall, the week is slightly down in mileage - a sorta / kinda "recovery" week.  Not really too exciting.

 Weekly mileage:  49 (+ 30 min bike spin + 3 mi walk)

Long Run: 14

Weight: 139


Monday - 57' E w/strides on WOD.  Felt okay.  7.5 mi (7:35 pace).  Felt pretty good.  Core work.

Tuesday - 11 miles:  2 wu; 4@MP; 1@ HMP; 3@MP; 1 cd. on WOD.  MP/HMP pace (6:39/6:40/6:35/6:42/6:28/6:38/6:46/6:37).  Felt pretty good.  Strength work.  Rolling and stretching.

Wednesday - 70' E on WOD.  Nice morning.  Easy run.  Felt "eh".  9.2 mi (7:40).  Hip mobility.  Not too sore / tired from yesterday's run....

Thursday - OFF.  Bicycle cross-training.  Both IT Bands feeling tight.  Not a big concern yet, but being cautious.  Just spinning on the bike for 30 minutes. Core work.  Rolling and hip mobility stuff.  IT Band, for me could be a problem when my hips are tight.

Friday - 55' E on WOD.  Beautiful warm morning.  Feeling a little more rested and the "Tight IT Band" thing has gone away.  Phew!  7.3 mi / 7:40 pace.  Rolling / stretching / hip mobility.

Saturday - 14 miles, 7 @ MP.   Overall pace 6:57.  MP avg 6:42.  ( pretty bad pacing). Strength.  IT rehab.

Sunday - walk.    3 mi walk.    Lotsa rolling and stretching.  Some core work.

Onward and upward.....

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Running Log Week Ending 2/19/17 (3 Wks till marathon)

First off - shout out to all those out there getting close to their Spring Marathon.  I have a number of friends ramping up their training, or starting their taper....good luck to all!

Only three weeks till my (first) marathon.  I actually think I need to calm down some and think LESS about it.  I'm a little worried I'm getting too hyped.  But, I've been planning it for 20 weeks now, so I guess it's legit to be counting down.

This week I didn't do the normal Tuesday workout.  Since I ran 22 miles last Saturday, the plan I'm on skips the Tuesday workout to make sure I'm recovered, and stay injury free.

Monday's "easy" run wasn't so easy - I was still in full recovery mode from Saturday, so I cut it to 4 mi, and called it a day.  But, by Tuesday I felt pretty good, and ran another "easy" run a little faster paced.  Then the rest of the week was a "normal" week.

The big confidence builder for me, was Saturday's Long Run.....

Saturday Long Run was 16 miles with the last 8 miles at MP.  Felt pretty good.  Ended up running the MP miles in 6:40-6:43 pace - faster than I intended, but it felt comfortable so I went with it. Ran it on the CandO canal, which is just about pancake flat to help "groove" the feeling of MP.  For this run I decided to practice my fueling for the end of the race.  I carried Gatorade and took a gel about 9 miles in.  After last week's failed attempt at getting the gel out of my shorts and into my mouth, I decided to practice some....this week was better. I've been using Honey Stinger gels (basically honey).  This week, based on a friend's recommendation I took a Hammer gel with caffeine.  I liked it, I'm going to switch to these for the race.

(Side note on me.....I drink A LOT of coffee - about 5 cups a day, so having caffeine toward the end of a race is probably more helpful for me than others, gets me back to my "normal" caffeinated state).

Overall, the week is slightly down in mileage - a sorta / kinda "recovery" week.  Not really too exciting.

 Weekly mileage:  51 (+3 mi walk)

Long Run: 16

Weight: 139


Monday - 4 mi easy on TM.  Full recovery mode. Rolling and stretching.  Some extra focus on calves / achilles / plantar.

Tuesday - 8.1 miles on WOD.  Feeling much better.  Averaged 7:25 pace (slightly faster then my normal easy pace) with some strides. Strength work.  Hip strength.

Wednesday - 9.6 mi easy - 74'.  Hip mobility / strength.  Rolling and stretching.

Thursday - 40' easy on TM.  Boring, but I don't feel like bundling up to run for 5 miles.   

Friday - 60' easy on WOD w/strides.   8.1 mi. (7:25), felt good today. Light core work.  rolling and stretching.

Saturday - 16 mi on CandO.  8 miles (9-16) @ MP.  MP avg pace = 6:42.  Overall pace = 6:57.  ITB work.  Strength work.  Rollin and stretching.

Sunday - walk.    3 mi walk.    Lotsa rolling and stretching.  Some core work.

Onward and upward.....

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Running Log - Week Ending Feb. 12 (4 Weeks Till Marathon) - 22 miler!

Highlights for this week:  22 miler - my longest run EVER, and my longest MP workout (9 miles).  I'm working hard on "feeling" MP and getting comfortable running that pace.

I'm getting more rest this week than I did last week.  And, I needed it!  The MAIN focus this week was the LR on Saturday.  So...except for Tuesday's MP workout, the week was shorter easy runs to make sure I was ready for the big LR effort on Saturday.

Crazy back and forth weather this week in the DC area too.  Wednesday was 58F at 7am, then Thursday and Friday, 20 MPH winds and mid-30's.   Then, back to nice weather for the weekend.  

Tuesday workout:  1 mi wu + 9 @ MP + 1 cd.  Total of 11 miles.  My longest MP workout, and on the WOD (which is NOT flat).  I was happy that I averaged 6:44 during the MP miles.  I focused on keeping the pace as I went up and down hills - which I've not had to do in prior MP workouts.   Still started out a little too fast, but settled into a nice groove the last 4-5 miles.

Wednesday mini-workout - 70' and about 9 miles this week.  Cutting back in prep for Saturday's LR.

Saturday LR - Assignment is "22 miles, finish strong".  I used this run to practice all my marathon race stuff.  I carried my UCAN bottle thru mile 12, then switched to a Gatorade bottle (as I ran back past my car).  Also took a Honey StInger gel at mile 17.  Used the Garmin "Virtual Partner" for the first time.  I set the Virtual Partner at 7:20 pace for 22 miles, then used that to track my pacing.  I will use this same feature on race day.  For the race I will set it at 6:48 pace for 26.4 miles (adding some distance for "tangents", etc.).  Ended up running wel and processing the fueling fine - except dropping the gel getting it out of my pocket.  My overall pace ended up at 7:10 and finished feeling tired but relatively strong.

 Weekly mileage:  61 (+3 mi walk)

Long Run: 22

Weight: 139


Monday - 7.8 mi easy on WOD.  Core work.  Rolling and stretching. 

Tuesday - 11 miles: 1 mi wu / 9 @ MP (6:44) / 1 cd.  MP miles ranged from 6:38 - 6:49.  Avg = 6:44.  Confidence building workout on WOD (slightly hilly route).  Strength work.  Hip strength.

Wednesday - 70' easy - ended up with 9 mi on WOD.  Pace around 7:50.  Rolling and stretching.

Thursday - 40' easy on TM.  COLD outside today (and I wimped out!).  5 mi. 

Friday - 50' easy on TM.   6.3 mi with strides.   Roll and stretch

Saturday - 22 mi on WOD.   Race test run - fueling, shoes, etc.   7:10 overall pace on a slightly hilly route.  Spent the rest of the day recovering, napping, and then takin my wife out for a Valentine's dinner (in which I ate and ate and ATE).

Sunday - walk.    3 mi walk.    Lotsa rolling and stretching

Onward and upward.....

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Running Log - Week Ending 2/5/17 (Five Weeks Till Marathon) - FINALLY MP Work!

Coming into this week, I've now had THREE weeks in a row of 60 mpw.  I've also run 20 miles a few times, including last Saturday when I was able to run the last 3 miles "around / faster than" MP.

This week I officially and FINALLY have two workouts at MP.  So, I'm coming into the week excited and a little nervous.  Based on prior races and workouts, my MP is 6:45 - 6:50.  I will spend A LOT of time between now and the race @ MP.  Cool.

I've also had some extra family obligations this week that have interrupted my sleep, only getting about 6 hours a night instead of the usual 8.  Definitely did not sleep enough from Sunday night thru Thursday night - and it caught up with me for Thursday and Friday's runs.  Oh well, life happens.....reminds me how important sleep is.....

Tuesday workout:  2 mi wu + 4 @ MP + 1 @ HMP + 3 @ MP + 1 cd.  Total of 11 miles.  I did this workout on the TM @ 1% incline.  I like to use the TM for workouts when I really want to "groove" the pace.  I know it's sort of an "artificial" setting and a little boring, but it does give me confidence to know I can complete the workout in a "controlled" setting.  I did all the MP work @ 6:49 pace, and the HMP @ 6:31.  I felt under control the whole time, but the last mile started to get a little difficult.

I'm using Jay Johnson's "Simple Marathon Training" plan (with a few tweaks); I'm glad he says "Don't worry is MP feels too hard at this point", because my first thought was "I can't do this for 26.2 miles!".  But, per Jay, I'm not tapered yet, and still have a lot more training till race day....

Wednesday mini-workout - Put in 10.8 mi on Tired Legs.  Feeling a little worn down.  Two easy days coming up....

Saturday LR - Assignment is "18 miles with 6 (miles 11-17) @ MP".  Ran on C and O canal which is pretty flat.   MP miles went pretty well, but I'm not yet able to feel MP so my pace ranged from 6:35 - 6:47.  The other miles varied from 7:05 - 7:20.   Overall pace was 7:03.   Feel like my fitness is coming along.

Weekly mileage:  58 (+2.5 mi walk)

Long Run: 18

Weight: 138 (coming down a LITTLE).


Monday - 7.5 mi easy on TM w / strides (icy roads).  Core work.  Rolling and stretching.  Hip mobility.

Tuesday - 2 mi wu / 4 @ MP (6:49) / 1 @ HPM (6:31) / 3 @ MP (6:49) / 1 cd.
 Strength work.  Hip strength.

Wednesday - 85' easy - ended up with 10.8 mi on WOD.  Pace around 7:50.  Rolling and stretching.

Thursday - 3.5 mi on TM.  Not feelin it today.  Cut run short and just got the legs moving some.  28 min.  Core.  Roll and stretch.

Friday - 58' easy on WOD.  7.5 mi with strides.  rollin and stretchin.  Man..I'm TIRED. 

Saturday - 18 mi w / 11 - 17 @ MP.  Good run on C and O canal.  Avg time 7:03.  MP miles all under 6:48, but pace is not consistent.   Strength work.  ITB work.

Sunday - walk.    2.5 mi walk.    Lotsa rolling and stretching

Keep on truckin'