Sunday, January 22, 2017

Running Log 1/22/17 (7 wks till marathon)

I started this week off full of confidence having completed my first 20 mi run last week. 

I also felt "on top" of this week's training.   Overall confidence is up as I complete my 2nd 60 mi week.  Tuesday's workout and LR went well.

Marathon distance is starting to seem a little more attainable as I have consistently run at least 18 milers over the last 4 weeks, and will continue to do so for weeks to come.   My long runs have been 30 - 40 seconds per mile slower than my goal MP, I'm hoping this will translate to the ability to run MP in my race as I start to add MP work in the coming weeks.

MLK day meant I had an extra day to get some extra sleep and rest, a good thing after my toughest running week ever, helping me fully recover and run during day light on Monday (something I don't normally get to do during the work week).

Tuesday workout - This week's workout is 60' Progression run.  Anyone who's read this blog knows I'm not the greatest with Progression Runs...especially ones based on feel.  I was supposed to run 30' "steady", 15' "faster", 10' "faster", 5' "fast and controlled".  The problem for this one is that the route I took was more downhill going out, and more uphill coming back.  So...even tho my effort was increasing, my pace was not.  Well...maybe that's okay....but I'm still not holding back enough on the "steady" portion of the fun and have trouble increasing the effort three times.  Oh well...all I can do is keep trying...

Wednesday mini-workout - Almost 90 min.   One of my longest Tired Legs runs on the day after a workout.  Felt pretty good.   Little over 11 mi.

Saturday LR - This week's assignment is 18 mi with a faster 4 mi toward the end.   I ran on WOD and stayed on the paved path the whole time.   I was able to run the last 4 miles about 6:35 pace (slight down hill assist).   Overall pace of 7:08.   Good improvement from prior LRs.   Big confidence boost.

Weekly mileage:  61 (+ 3 mi walk)

Long Run: 18

Weight: 140


Monday - 7.7 mi easy on a hilly route around my house w / a few strides.  Legs feeling better than expected.  Core work.   Rollin and stretching.     Focus on hips and feet / plantar.

Tuesday - 60' Progression on WOD + 20' of wu and cd.  Overall 10.8 mi / 1:18.  Paces were in the 6:30 - 7:00 range....and not really Progressive.  Leg strength work.  Rolling and stretching.

Wednesday - 88' on WOD.  Long run for me following the Tempo work yesterday.  Didn't feel too bad.  Ended up at 11.3 mi / (7:45 pace).  Strength work / rolling and stretching

Thursday - 41'  recovery run on WOD.  5.1 mi (8:05 pace).  Core work.  Kept the pace REALLY easy.

Friday - 60 min easy.  Kept the pace slower to fully recover.   7.7 mi.

Saturday - 18 mi w / 4 faster.   Good run    Last 4 in 6:35.   First 14 about 7:20.   Good run

Sunday - walk.    3.3 mi in an hr.   Lotsa rolling and stretching

Onward and upward....

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