Sunday, September 25, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending Sept 25 (and 10k Race)

Decided to try my hand at a 10k today.  Only my 2nd 10k ever.  My last 10k didn't go so well (mostly things out of my control), so hoping to improve with this one.

(Full race report titled "Perfect 10k" under Label "Race Report")

This week, my training plan is to fully recover from the 5k last Saturday, and get in one specific 10k workout prior to the race.

My one workout this week was on Wednesday; included a 10 min tempo, then some 1:30 repeats at 10k pace.  After my 5k last week of 18:51; at pace of 6:04, I decided my 10k pace would be 6:20 - and I'll shoot for a 39:15 overall time.

Weekly Mileage: 33
Long Run: N/A
Weight: 140

Daily workouts: (hard days bolded)

Monday:  30 min easy.  Legs really heavy and feeling sluggish today.  Cut run to 30 minutes, with an avg. pace of 8:40.  Feels like a recovery run.  3.6 miles total.  Rolling and stretching.  Upper body strength.

Tuesday: 52 min easy with 2 strides.  6.4 miles / 8:05 pace.  Feeling better today.  Core work incl Russian Twist and "Hot Salsa" (in addition to core exercises).  Rolling and stretching. 

Wednesday: 7 mi on treadmill @ 1% incline w/ 10 min tempo @ 6:28 + 3 by 1:30 @ 10k (6:15).  2 min jog recovery between each.  Felt "okay" today.  Legs a little heavy from the race Saturday, but not bad.  ITB is "there", not acting up, but I feel  like I'm on the edge of having problem.  So, did more tempo work and fewer / shorter reps @ 10k pace.  ITB rehab work, rolling / stretching.

Thursday40 30 min easy / recovery run on treadmill at work.  Legs feel heavy, don't want to do too much.  (work travel day / late meetings).  Dynamic stretching and leg swings.  Feel like I'm starting to get sick.  And I got get on plane.  Damn it!

Friday:  OFF (work travel day return - late arrival).  Yep.  I'm sick.  Taking DayQuil, flying, and hoping for the best.

Saturday:  30 min easy includes strides.  Felt pretty back, on this run.  Shake out only.  I've had a sinus headache and been on DayQuil for two days now.  My wife was nice enough to pick up my race packet since she was already out.  Rolling and stretching.  A LOT of resting and laying around.

Sunday: 2 mi wu, 10k race, 1/2 mi cd.  Total of 8.6 miles.  10k time of 39:36.  1st place in my age group (kick at the end to get it), 5th overall.  Full race report at "Perfect 10k" in the "Race Report" label.

After two weeks of back to back races, I'll recover some next week, then build toward a Half Marathon on Nov. 5.

Race Report - "Perfect 10" 10k in Reston Virginia

Today I raced my 2nd 10k ever, the "Perfect 10" 10k in Reston Virginia.

The start and finish are at South Lakes HS, and the runs support the Cross Country and Track teams.   The race ends on the HS track, which I think is pretty cool.  I feel like I'm really doing something when I "kick" to the finish while on the track.  It looks like they have a couple runs each year, with a 10k or 10 mi option.

My first (and only) 10k was in May this year, with a time of 39:57.  That race was super windy (like 20 - 30 MPH), and we ended up running about 6.3 miles because we had to run around the outside most of the 2nd half of the race as 5k jogger / walkers / strollers clogged the course.  So, having said all that, I was hoping for a significant PR.

The hot and humid summer weather gave way some today; at the 8:00 start time, the temp was 56F, humidity 60%, and dew point of 49F.  This is nice relief from dew point of 65 in the 5k last weekend, and gave me hope of good race time.

Speaking of which, what should my goal time be?  Well....last weekend I ran a 5k in worse conditions in 18:51 (6:04 pace), and my PR 5k of 18:41 (6:01 pace) was set in 40F temps.  So...let's going with 18:45 5k, use a race conversion calculator at McMillan, adjust for the hills, and my head cold which I got the last couple of days....39:15 have become my goal time.  I gotta run 6:20 average pace to do it.  Okay.

The course is a little hilly, but at least most of the up hill parts are in the first 3.8 miles, and then mostly downhill the last 2 miles.  This is not an out and back race, so I really appreciate if someone did the work and planned it this way.  Having said that, I will try and get through the first 4 miles under 6:25 pace, and "bring it home" the last 2.4 miles.  This is a big task for me....I have yet to complete a good "negative split" race, even tho I PLAN one EVERY time.  I usually end up just "hanging on" the 2nd half of races.

Course profile below:
 Race Details:

  • Night before - I felt pretty bad all day Saturday with a head cold.  Living on DayQuil and plenty of fluids.  I had to travel for business on Thursday and Friday, and got home pretty late Friday night.  My wife was nice enough to handle all the family / children errands and chores on Saturday.  She even stopped by the running store and picked up my bib.  Nice!  Thanks Honey!
  •  Morning of the race - set the alarm for 5:45.  Breakfast of instant oatmeal and coffee.  Short jog around the neighborhood.  "Process dinner and breakfast" and out the door around 6:20.  I arrived at the race about 7:00.  Perfect. Unlike 5k's I don't get as "over-excited" for longer races - don't know why, but it is probably a good thing.  I think I don't feel the need for a "fast start", or I just don't have as much experience / expectations.  I'm ready to go, and excited, but not overly so.  I "think" this is probably good, as I'm "wasting" less energy with "monkey thoughts".
  • Warm-up -  Did my usual pre-run dynamic stretching and lunch matrix.  2 mile warm-up and a few strides.  I'm not feeling stressed or rushed.  My head feels a little better, or the adrenaline is helping.  Cool.
  • Start of the race - not a big race, maybe a couple hundred 10k and couple hundred 10 milers, at the start line.  Interesting, it's not obvious who is running which race.  Our bibs are different, but of course on the front of our jerseys, so I don't know while racing.  Another reason to NOT start out too quickly, chase down a guy that looks my age, and then find he's doing the 10 miler.  Do'h!   I line up few rows back from the start...and we're off!
Race notes by mile:

  • Mile 1 - (6:21) "Don't be stupid" is my mantra.  I'm feeling really comfortable.  No issues.  I pass a few folks who went out too fast for their overall pace...the usual.
  • Mile 2 - (6:23).  Still feeling comfortable, controlling my pace.  Trying not to expend too much effort on the uphills, and trying to be smooth on the downhills.
  • Mile 3 - (6:22).  Starting to feel it some, but still feel under control.  Overall pace very close to where I wanted to be.
  • Mile 4 - (6:39).  Ouch!  The big hill on this mile hurt.  I think somewhere along here the 10 milers peeled off and I can see two guys on the 10k course about 10 seconds ahead of me.  My focus now is to not let them get further ahead.
  • Mile 5 - (6:17).  Ah....the downhill.  Spent this mile recovering from the last hill, and still focusing on the two guys in front of me.  I can't close the gap, but I'm not losing distance either.  I don't feel bad, but I'm afraid to pick up the pace and blow up.  Being sick the last three days is in the back of my mind.
  • Mile 6 - (6:15).  At 5.6 miles my watch beeped that I'm 90% complete of my planned 6.2 miles.  I decided, it was time to close on the guys in front of me, or die trying.  I gradually increased my pace just slightly, and right about the 6 mile mark I caught them, but did not pass.  Just ran with them, preparing in case one of them kicks early to get rid of me, but neither did.  
  • Last bit - (1:19).  The race ended on the HS track, so we had to wind around / thru the parking lot and take some tight turns which slowed us down some, and one of the two slipped ahead of me.  When we hit the track I was in 3rd position.  We had about 100 meters left, I've wasn't able to catch the one guy that got a few second lead, but I was able to pull around and pass the other guy with about 40 meters left.  My watch says my pace was 4:25 at the finish.  Turns out the guy I passed is in my age group so the sprint finish really mattered...sweet.  (The other guy was much younger....) 
Total time:  39:36.  First in my age group (45-49) by 4 seconds, and 5th overall.  Got a $25 gift certificate to Potomac Running stores.  Missed my goal by 20 seconds, but I'm satisfied considering how I'm feeling, and how I finished.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending Sept 18 (5k Race)

The highlight of this week is the Dulles Airport 5k on Saturday.

(Race report posted yesterday titled "Dulles Airport 5k" under Label Race Report.)

This week was a "taper" week and busy week at work....which actually ended up being a nice combination, as the extra time at work didn't hurt my training and as much as if it was a full training week.

Going into this week, I was feeling pretty good as I had a couple good 5k specific workouts, and overall feeling like I'm in pretty fit.  The weather is also supposed to cool down some, which always's been really hot in the DC area for most of August, and got hot again last week.

Tuesday's workout:  On the treadmill in cool A/C.  I had planned 6 x 2:00 @ goal 5k pace (5:56/mi with 2:00 recovery in between.  After 4 reps I was feelin really good, so I changed the last 2 reps to 1:30 @ 5:52/mi to see how that felt.  I was a little harder, but I was still completely under control.  In fact, I didn't have to focus on my breathing pattern or felt the effort was really hard.  Definitely a "confidence booster" workout.

Then, easy runs on Wed and Fri and Thur off.  There's something about taking off the 2nd day before a race, that helps me.  Don't know if there's any science behind it...could be all placebo, but it works for me!

The race yesterday was okay.  I finished in a time of 18:51 in warmer and more humid weather than I was hoping for.....(again, full report posted separately).

Weekly Mileage: 27
Long  Run: N/A
Weight: 141

Daily Detail: (Hard workouts bolded)

Monday:  OFF

Tuesday:  7 mi w/ 4 x 2:00 @ 5:56 /mi and then 2 x 1:30 @ 5:52 /mi on treadmill @ 1% incline. Recovery jog between each rep for the same amount of time as the rep itself.
Felt pretty good, stayed "on top" of the workout and not too much stress at all.  2 mi wu and 2 mi cd to get a total of 7 miles.  Light core work / upper body / hip mobility stuff.  Feel good about my chances in the race on Saturday.

Wednesday:  42 min easy / recovery run.  WOD in Herndon.   About 8:25 pace (4.9 miles).  Foam rolling and stretching.  Usual "day after a hard workout" run and feeling.

Thursday:  OFF.  Left ITB feeling a little irritated, just .  I had to stop running last year due to it.  I think the speed work on Tuesday was too much.  Looking back, I did 3 speed sessions in the last 11 days, two of them on the track.

Friday:  25 min easy with strides on treadmill.  3.1 mi.  Feeling ready for the race tomorrow, except my left ITB is a little irritated still.  Popping some OTC pain pills, and hoping for the best tomorrow.....

Saturday:  2 mi. wu + strides. 5k race in 18:51 (6:03 pace), 2 mi. cd.  7 mi total.  70F, dew point 64, 80% humidity.  GOOD  NEWS:  My ITB held up, hardly a peep out of it.  Missed my time goal...

Sunday:  46 min EASY/ recovery on roads around the house.  5.3 mi (8:40 pace).  Rolling and stretching.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Race Report: Dulles Airport 5k

Today I ran the "Dulles Airport 5k".  I really like this race, because it is run on a PERFECTLY flat airport runway.  Having No hills takes out one variable that affects my time, so I feel I get a better gauge on my fitness.  Plus, since I'm still not very good at "running by feel", the benefit of not having figure out how much faster I should go on the down hills, how much slower on the climbs helps a lot.

The course is mostly straight running (like an out and back), but instead of sharp turnaround; there's two big gradual "left handers" to get you pointed back toward the start line.  Literally no time spent having to slow down, pretty nice.  I would say it's maybe slightly faster than the track - since there are fewer turns; but then slightly slower since we are running on the hardest concrete man can make.  The kind of concrete a commercial airline can land on - so no "spring" like on the track.  And...the course is boring.  No spectators are allowed on the course (airport security stuff), so it's very "quiet" during the race, just feet hitting concrete and heavy breathing.  Then, the last 1/4 mile you get huge cheers as all the family and friends are lined up 2-3 deep to watch you finish.

This is the first race that "I've done before".  Last year I ran it in 19:12, on almost the same day of the year, and it was my 5k PR last year (19:12).  At the time I was ecstatic at the result.  Last year was also my first year of racing (I did a total of 4 races last year, all 5k's).    This year I want to beat it by 42 seconds.  And since the course is flat, I feel if I can get the pace right, I can run a perfectly paced race and PR.

My training has "told me" it's possible to run in the 5:55-5:58 / mi range, which puts me at a "Goal time" of 18:30.  So, that's the plan - every mile under 6:00.  I do that and I PR.  Now, all I gotta do is....actually run the damn race!

For whatever reason, I get more jacked for 5k races than longer ones....possibly because I have prior results to beat...but also maybe because I know the pain will be short.  If I do it right, I usually don't start hurting until mile 3, and then I only have 6:30 or so left.  And, I think I can handle the pain for that long.  (At least that's what's going on in my head).

Unusual Race Awards: This is at an airport and sponsored by United Airlines.  The top male and top female of the race win a pair of "Round trip tickets to anywhere in the 48 states, and a 2 night stay at the Dulles Airport Marriott".  Pretty nice!  This also means some VERY fast folks show up to win the tickets.  There is also a 10k with the same award.....

The "Age group" awards a little funny.  They pay to the "top 2" (not 3) in each age group.  And, the groups are a little "off".  For example, I'm in the 41-50 age group (not 40-49).  Doesn't make any difference for me this year, I'm 49.  But next year, I would normally be in the next age bracket up...but not for this race.  Not a big deal...but "interesting".

Race Details:

Night before:  Saturday races are always a little harder for me, since I'm working on Friday and I don't usually get home until 6:30 or so.  Had a spaghetti dinner, a snack before bed, and off to bed as early as I can fall asleep.  Last night it was 9:00.

Morning before the race: My lovely wife was able to join me for today's race.  I appreciate her getting up way too early to stand around and watch me and others flail away for 20 minutes.  For me, it's really helpful - I don't have to worry about bag check, where to put my keys, etc.  Plus, having my wife by the finish line gives me the extra motivation to finish strong - and I get a nice big yell from here when I go by.  Race started at 7:30 and is about a 30 minute drive from my house, and add in some extra time to park since we are going to an airport......  So, I set my alarm for 5:15.  Woke up and immediately ate my pre-race breakfast of instant oatmeal with a little milk, and COFFEE.  Ran around my neighborhood for a few minutes to get everything flowing..."processed said breakfast and dinner", and left the house at 6:00.  Arrived, parked, and started my "warm-up" at 6:45. 

Weather:  Summer hasn't left the DC area yet.  At race start it was 70F, 80% humidity, and dew point of 65F.  Winds 7-10 MPH.  The chart I found said to add 2%-3% to your race pace than it would be under perfect (55F, low humidity) conditions.  (My PR of 18:41 was set in perfect conditions).  

Start of the race:   did my usual 2 mi wu, and around 7:15 I found my wife to change into my RC5000 racing flats to do a few strides and head over to the start line for the 7:30 start.  As soon as I finished triple knotting my laces the race director announces a 15 minute delay because of a back-up at security check.  shit you not.  Just like waiting at an airport gate!  Everyone made the "groan" in unison.  So now I had an extra 15 minutes to wait....oh well.
I had the usual pre-race nerves.  My "monkey brain" starts in  - I felt like I completed my warm-up too early, and I'm cooling down, and I'm going to suck because the extra time waiting around is going to make my legs stale.  And.... "that guy" looks fast / hope I don't fall down.  Did I do any training for this?  I've completely forgotten.  Crap!  I just forgot how to run!  Then, I remember "deep breath, Grasshopper", I did train for this.  I've done this before.  Then....I start thinking..."why can't I go now?".  Let's go!".  Then, FINALLY - GO!

Mile 1:  (5:45) I purposely lined up about two rows back from the front.  My thought is this will help keep me from going out too fast at the start.  There are a number of people upfront that "look like" they are going to kill it.  I have a tendency to get caught up in that and go out too fast.  I see a woman that I've seen a number of times in these races...she has always finished 20 - 30 seconds ahead of me and paces MUCH better than I do.  Since I'm feeling like I've improved, I decide to line up behind her and keep her in sight, then at least I'll feel like I'm pacing well.  She is my target, if I can stay close to her, I'm golden.   Thru the Mile 1 marker I'm feelin pretty good!  I'm about 5 sec behind my target.

Mile 2: (6:03) About 1.4 miles in,  we make a big sweeping left hand turn and start heading back toward the start.  From here on out I'm runnin by myself, and I know why I was feelin so good.....I was running downwind, and now, back into the wind. - and I'm huffing and puffin pretty good and realize I need to back off the pace some, my target is now pulling away, and I'm strugglin. 

Mile 3: (6:06) Hurtin for sure now!  Six more minutes.  I can do it.  I'm strong, I've trained for this!  I can still see my target but I feel like I'm seriously slowing down.  Do all I can, but don't blow up.  We are on the same course as a 10k, so when I see the "Mile 6" marker I figure I have about 400m left..   This is encouraging, I'm in no shape to kick, but I'm trying like hell to NOT slow down.

Last .16: (:55; 5:44 pace).  I don't know if the course is long or if my watch GPS is off.  There weren't many turns and I think I ran the tangents.  Oh well.  Now I can see the finish line.  Time for a big finish.  Finally have spectators again, who are all cheering.  I "think" I heard my wife, but I'm getting tunnel vision and all I can really hear is my heart pounding.  Push hard! Move, legs, move!  Use my arms, high feet.  I have no idea what I look like, but in my head I'm Mo Farah at the Olympics in the last 400 of the 5k (not kidding!).  It's mind over matter (in this case - mind over tired legs and lungs that have refused to work any more).

Total:  18:51.  At first I was really disappointed with the time, but thinking about the weather adjustment (about 20 -30 seconds vs perfect conditions), and I'm starting to feel better.  And - 20 sec better than last year in a little bit worse conditions.

Awards -  I got first place in my age group and won a $25 gift certificate for the Marriott restaurant.  I was 6th overall Male.

Improvement - it feels like my breathing / aerobic capacity was holding me back more than my legs.  I think that means I have enuf speed, but not enuf aerobic development....sounds like more tempo runs for me!

My "target" finished about 28 seconds ahead of me (like always!) and got 1st place female and two airline tickets.

Side Note:  Isn't if funny - the volunteers (who I really appreciate) always want to give me my medal and a bottle water about 15 feet passed the finish line.  At that point, I'm delirious, can't see straight, and just looking for a place to lay down and figure out how to breath again.  I usually do a sideways stagger, grab what they want to give me, mumble "Thank you", and stumble to a empty spot on the grass.

Next Sunday:  10k.  Goal time is 39:15.  Can't wait!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Training Log - 2nd week of September

The focus of this week is prepping for a 5k on Sept 17.

Last Sat I had a good workout of 4 x 1200 @ 5k pace.  So I decided my workout on Tuesday this week would be a tempo run and I'd do another 5k pace workout again Saturday.  But, I also want to be careful to not over-do it with really big efforts prior to the race (I overtrain easily).  I decided to run 400 repeats at slightly faster 5k pace, around 1:24/1:25...(about 3k pace based on McMillan) with 200m jog recovery. pacing is still not great.  I ended up doing the 400's in 1:18 - 1:21 range.  Try as I might to go thru the first 200 around :42, I kept hitting :39/:40 - and I didn't want to slow down for the last 200 - so I ended up in the 1:20 range each rep.  I had planned on doing 8 reps, but after 6 I could tell I'd had enuf and called it a day.   Last thing I want to do is bury myself 7 days before a race.  Dunno if I would have felt better, and done 2 more reps if I was able to stick to my planned 1:24/1:25 reps....but overall I feel good about the workout, especially since it was super hot and humid.

Weekly Mileage:  48
Long Run: N/A
Weight: 140

Daily workouts (harder workout bolded):

Monday (Memorial Day):   55 min easy run on CandO canal towpath.  REALLY enjoyed the run, the weather was great (about 60 degrees, low humidity).  And....NO WORK today!  Legs started out feeling a little iffy, but feeling pretty good toward the end of the run.  6.9 mi / 8:05 pace.  Core work.  Foam rolling and stretching.  Hip strength and mobility work.

Tuesday:  8 miles with 3.1 @ tempo.  Treadmill at work.  Tempo portion @ 6:30 pace and 1% incline.  2.5 warm up / 2.5 cool down.  Felt pretty good on this run, it did feel pretty hard toward the end (more than last week), but I chalked that up to the track workout on Saturday.  ITB rehab routine / single leg squats / single leg dead lifts / upper body strength / foam rolling and stretching.

Wednesday:  40 min easy/recovery on WOD in Herndon.  The usual heavy legs after the hard effort yesterday.  Just got time on the feet to get the blood moving.  4.8 mi. / 8:25 pace.  Rolling and stretching.

Thursday:  71 min easy.   WOD in Herndon.  Back to hot and humid today (sucks).  Run was okay, but felt harder than an easy run should.  Rolling and dynamic stretching.  Hip mobility.  (9 mi / 7:55 pace)

Friday:  50 min easy.  WOD in Herndon.  Stupid hot and humid again.  Felt better than yesterday, but still not great.  6.3 mile / 7:55 pace.  Core work, added Russian twist and Hot Salsa at the end.

Saturday:  10 miles with 6 x 400 @ 1:18-1:21 w/200 jog recovery. 3 mi wu and 4 mi cd.  ITB rehab routine, foam rolling, and stretching.  Single leg squat.  But skipped dead lifts and upper body work since race is in 7 days.

Sunday:  30 min VERY EASY on farm roads around the house.  I planned to not run today, but due to my work schedule tomorrow, I have to take tomorrow off.  Not wanting to take 2 days in a row off, I decided to run a few minutes very easy to help flush out my legs from yesterday's workout.  3.4 mi / 8:45 pace.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending Sept. 4

This week I'm transitioning from recovery to looking ahead at a 5k race in two weeks.

I've also decided to move my Long Run / workout to Saturday and Tuesday (from Sunday and Wednesday) and move my "day off" from Thursday to Sunday.  I did this for a few reasons:
  • First and foremost, as a "life balance" move - this way I can relax Saturday night, even staying  up past 9pm, and have Sunday completely off to spend time with my family.  Getting my Long Run "out of the way" Saturday morning will "open up" the weekend for me and help me feel more "relaxed" spending time with my wife and kids.
  • Traffic really sucks for me when I try to drive to work for my normal 8am start time.  Running before work solves this - I drive to work (or very close to it) and run there, beating the traffic.  Taking Thursday off put me back into traffic.
  • So, my "workouts" for the week will be Tuesday and Saturday instead of Wed and Sunday.  I did my Long Run on Sunday last week, so this week will be a transition - with my workouts on Wednesday and Saturday.  I'm still getting two recovery days between each workout, so no issues.
We'll see how it goes.


The recovery period last week went well, and I actually had a pretty good long run last Sunday.  So, I felt ready to "turn it back on" and get to it this week.

The big workout of the week was Saturday - on the track.  I haven't been on the track in a LONG time, since last year Summer actually, prior to my year ending ITB injury (which sounds very dramatic, like a real athlete or something.....).  The workout is something I really like....4 x 1200 at goal 5k pace with 400 meter jog recovery.  My goal pace is 5:55 - 5:57 (which puts me under 18:30 for the 5k).    Calculating that back to 1200 times, means I should complete each 1200 "rep" around 4:27.  I like the track for these workouts for two reasons; 1) I'm outside, actually running in the conditions that will be similar to the race (vs treadmill); 2) I can check my exact pace every 200, (which should be :44 / :45 seconds).  Also, the 5k I'm running is PERFECTLY flat; run at the Dulles Airport on one of the runways.  So, the track is best approximation I'll get of the actual course.

Saturday morning was much cooler than it has been and less humidity, but windy (maybe 15-20 mph)...all thanks to the hurricane currently slightly off the East Coast.  I ended up running the 1200 intervals in 4:23/4:22/4:25/4:25, and I only really had to work and focus on the last 400 of the last rep.  (The 400 jog recovery lasted about 2:30).  So, I feel REALLY good about the workout! 4:25 is about 5:52/5:53 mi pace.  That puts me at about 18:20 for a 5k IF I could hold that same pace for a full 5k on race day.

Last year at this time I did the same workout two weeks before the same 5k race. I did them all in about 4:37/4:38.  And I ended up running the 5k last year at 6:10 pace.   So, I do have reason to think it will translate the a 5k pace.....I'll know in two weeks if the calculations still hold.

My current PR is 18:41, so if I can pull off that pace at the race I'll have a significant PR.

Weekly Mileage:  42
Long Run:  N/A
Weight: 141

Daily workouts (Bolded are the harder workouts):

Monday:  41 minutes easy on WOD in Herndon.  Legs a little heavy from long run yesterday, but not bad.  Hip mobility, rolling, and stretching.  (5.1 miles about 8:10 pace)

Tuesday:  55 minutes easy including 4 strides on WOD in Herndon.  Felt pretty good.  7 mi / 7:50 pace.  Usual core work (various planks, modified bicycle thing, "windshield wipers" laying on my back), plus "Hot salsa" and Russian twists with a medicine ball.  Rolling and stretching.  Good workout.  Feel ready for my tempo run tomorrow....

Wednesday:  9 mi. with 3 @ tempo on treadmill.  Tempo portion @ 1% incline.  3mi @ 8:00 pace / 3 mi @ 6:30 pace / 3 mi @ 7:55 pace.  Felt pretty good - like I could have done another mile @ tempo pace.  Fully under control.  ITB rehab work including single leg squats and dead lifts.  Upper body strength work.  Dynamic stretching.

Thursday:  45 Easy / recovery run.  Ooooffaaa, legs feeling heavy today!  First time running the day after a workout.  Actually, doesn't fee that much different than the day after a long run....maybe a little more tired / sore.  Rolling and stretching, some hip mobility stuff.  5.4 miles / 8:15 pace.

Friday:  56 minutes easy on roads around my office.  Legs still a little heavy, but better.  Core work/rolling/stretching.  (7.1 mi / 7:55 pace)

Saturday:  Track:  4 x 1200 @ 5k pace w/ 400 jog recovery.  Intervals were 4:23/4:22/4:25/4:25.  Recovery time was about 2:30.  2 mi warm up / 3 mi cool down.  total 8 mi.  Upper body strength work, ITB rehab routine.  Rolling and stretching.  "Theoretically" this puts me around 5:53 5k pace.

Sunday: "Brisk walk" for about 45 minutes with my wife.  Coach Jay Johnson advocates this to flush out all the crap from Sat workout and feel better for Monday.  We'll see.  Regardless it's good time with my wife, so I'll keep doing it.  I almost had to remember what to do on's ben so long since I haven't run a long run (or race) on this day.

It does have me looking forward to running tomorrow, which - I think - is at least part of the point.

Happy running everyone.