Sunday, January 8, 2017

Running Log 1/8/17: (9 wks till marathon)

I came into this week still a little tired from the 18 miler last Saturday.  I also moved my Sat strength work to Sunday which was not a good idea as it delayed my recovery for Monday's easy run and Tuesday's workout - lesson learned.

My left hip is also a little tight so I'm doing some extra rolling and stretching on that area.  I've found a baseball works pretty good at pinpointing small spots on to break up tight spots.

Having said all that, I ended up cutting my Wednesday run short, and changing my Thursday recovery / easy to cross-training on the bike.  The plan I'm on gives me the option on Wednesday to cutback to 60' from the planning 80' if I'm not feeling it.  And Thursday is always the option to cross-train instead of run.  This week I needed to take both options.  Looking back, the last four weeks have had mileage in the mid-50's, which is high for me - so cutting back a few miles this week will not cause any loss in fitness.

Tuesday's workout - this week's workout is a 50 min progression run.  This is a harder workout for me because I struggle with "feeling" the right pace and then progressing thru three faster paces.  Since it was raining this morning I ran on the treadmill which of course helped with the pacing. The pace started around 6:55 and worked down to 6:35.  Legs were not feeling good today.  Tired and heavy.

Long run - 18 miles again this week, but speed up at the end,   I had a beautiful run on the C and O with fresh snow all around, but not enough to require Yak Trax.   Cutting back on Wed and Thur paid off today - I had a pretty good run.   I was able to hold 7:20 pace most of the run and get in 4 miles toward the end around 7:00 pace.

At the end of the run I started to feel kind of a "pre plantar fasciitis" thing.   So I've been doing some plantar pre-hab stuff hoping it doesn't get any worse.

Weekly mileage:  50 (+ 30 min on a bike + 3 mi power walk)
Long run:  18
Weight:  140

Daily work:

  • Monday - 7.5 mi easy on muddy CO canal in drizzly rain.  Legs are heavy (8:00 pace).  Core work.  Rollin and dynamic stretching.  
  • Tuesday - Progression run.  10' wu, 50' progression, 10' cd.  Progression started around 6:55 and got down to 6:35.  Strength work.  Legs feeling flat.
  • Wednesday - 80' 60' easy.  Cut this run down from planned 80'.  Legs are dead.  Hip mobility.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday - 40 min easy.  Cross-train in the stationary bike.  Light dynamic stretching and foam rolling.
  • Friday - 58 min easy on TM w/strides.  7.6 mi.   Core work
  • Saturday - 18 mi w faster finish.  Overall 7:15 pace with 4 miles around 7:00 pace toward the end.   On C and O.   ITB work.  Hip strength.  Upper body strength.  
  • Sunday - power walk.  3 mi with my gorgeous wife.  Light dynamic stretching.  
Onward and upward....

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