Sunday, January 29, 2017

Running Log Week Ending 1/29/17 (6 Wks Till Marathon). Yasso's and a 20 miler.

Came into this week feeling good about my training, I've a couple good Long Runs.  I've gotten to the point where 18 miles doesn't feel so long....that's gotta be progress, right? 

Last two weeks have been 60 miles...first time I've crossed that threshold.  I've been super diligent to attend to any small niggles or far, so good.   This makes by 3rd week at 60 mpw.

This week is also the last Yasso 800 workout, which in theory tells me my marathon pace.  Another 20 miler on Saturday with the last 3 miles faster.  This assignment 3-4 weeks ago would have scared it's "just another long run"...

Tuesday workout -  Yasso 800's
  • Yasso 800's by 10.  No track available, so I did these on the treadmill which is not idea but I think a "comparable" workout.  With treadmill set at 1% incline, I did the first 5 reps at 10.3 MPH (2:55 per 800), and the last 5 reps at 10.4 MPH (2:53 per 800) - jogging at half the rep speed for my 400 recovery.  The last couple reps were pretty hard, almost race effort.  Maybe too hard (?)
  • So....I averaged 2:54 / rep.  Per the plan I'm on, that equates to a 2:59 marathon, which is in line with my Half time of 1:25:41 (per Garmin ran 13.1 in 1:25:20).

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Based on the iron clad, incontrovertible facts listed planned marathon pace will be 6:45 - 6:50.  Yes, that puts me under 3:00.  Yikes.   What could go wrong?

Over the next 5 weeks I'm going to be doing A LOT of running at MP, so this matters.  And since I now have it in my head to break 3:00 - and I KNOW I will actually run longer than 26.2 (more like 26.4), I will need the few seconds / mile as a cushion to break 3:00 (or break my legs / lungs / heart).

Wednesday mini-workout - Ended up running 10 miles easy.  Legs felt heavy, but not too bad.  At this rate, it'll be another 60 mile week.

Saturday LR - Assignment is "20 miles with last 3 Faster"....ran on C and O canal which is very flat.  The first 17 miles were all very close to 7:15 pace.   I was able to "feel" or "groove" this pace without  looking at the watch.   If 6:50 pace on race day feels like 7:15 did today I think I'll have a good chance at making my goal.   The last 3 miles were 6:47 /6:49 / 6:35 - so strong finish I was hoping for.  Good day.

Weekly mileage:  61 (+ 2.5 mi walk)

Long Run: 20

Weight: ?  (Didn't weigh this week).


Monday - 7.7 mi easy on TM w / strides.  Raining pretty hard, so stayed inside.  Core work.

Tuesday - Yasso 800's x 10.  Avg. 2:54 per 800 with equal rest.  10 miles total.  1:20 on the clock.  Strength work includes pull up / dips / single leg squats / single leg dead lifts.  BIG day.

Wednesday - 10 miles easy.  Legs tired from yesterday's workout, but not that bad.  Avg. 7:45 pace.  ITB work.  Rolling and stretching.  Calves a little tight, probably from faster pace yesterday.

Thursday - 5 miles on WOD easy / recovery.  42' (8:10 pace).  Core work.

Friday - 58' easy on WOD.  Not feeling too sharp today.  Haven't been sleeping enough.  7.4 mi (7:50 pace).  Rolling and stretching.

Saturday - 20 mi w / last 3 faster.    C and O.  Overall pace 7:09.  First 17 @ 7:15.  Last 3 @ 6:47, 6:49, 6:35.   Strength work.  ITB work.   Rollin and stretching

Sunday - walk.    2.5 mi walk.    Lotsa rolling and stretching

Onward and upward....

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Running Log 1/22/17 (7 wks till marathon)

I started this week off full of confidence having completed my first 20 mi run last week. 

I also felt "on top" of this week's training.   Overall confidence is up as I complete my 2nd 60 mi week.  Tuesday's workout and LR went well.

Marathon distance is starting to seem a little more attainable as I have consistently run at least 18 milers over the last 4 weeks, and will continue to do so for weeks to come.   My long runs have been 30 - 40 seconds per mile slower than my goal MP, I'm hoping this will translate to the ability to run MP in my race as I start to add MP work in the coming weeks.

MLK day meant I had an extra day to get some extra sleep and rest, a good thing after my toughest running week ever, helping me fully recover and run during day light on Monday (something I don't normally get to do during the work week).

Tuesday workout - This week's workout is 60' Progression run.  Anyone who's read this blog knows I'm not the greatest with Progression Runs...especially ones based on feel.  I was supposed to run 30' "steady", 15' "faster", 10' "faster", 5' "fast and controlled".  The problem for this one is that the route I took was more downhill going out, and more uphill coming back.  So...even tho my effort was increasing, my pace was not.  Well...maybe that's okay....but I'm still not holding back enough on the "steady" portion of the fun and have trouble increasing the effort three times.  Oh well...all I can do is keep trying...

Wednesday mini-workout - Almost 90 min.   One of my longest Tired Legs runs on the day after a workout.  Felt pretty good.   Little over 11 mi.

Saturday LR - This week's assignment is 18 mi with a faster 4 mi toward the end.   I ran on WOD and stayed on the paved path the whole time.   I was able to run the last 4 miles about 6:35 pace (slight down hill assist).   Overall pace of 7:08.   Good improvement from prior LRs.   Big confidence boost.

Weekly mileage:  61 (+ 3 mi walk)

Long Run: 18

Weight: 140


Monday - 7.7 mi easy on a hilly route around my house w / a few strides.  Legs feeling better than expected.  Core work.   Rollin and stretching.     Focus on hips and feet / plantar.

Tuesday - 60' Progression on WOD + 20' of wu and cd.  Overall 10.8 mi / 1:18.  Paces were in the 6:30 - 7:00 range....and not really Progressive.  Leg strength work.  Rolling and stretching.

Wednesday - 88' on WOD.  Long run for me following the Tempo work yesterday.  Didn't feel too bad.  Ended up at 11.3 mi / (7:45 pace).  Strength work / rolling and stretching

Thursday - 41'  recovery run on WOD.  5.1 mi (8:05 pace).  Core work.  Kept the pace REALLY easy.

Friday - 60 min easy.  Kept the pace slower to fully recover.   7.7 mi.

Saturday - 18 mi w / 4 faster.   Good run    Last 4 in 6:35.   First 14 about 7:20.   Good run

Sunday - walk.    3.3 mi in an hr.   Lotsa rolling and stretching

Onward and upward....

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Running Log 1/15/17 (8 wks till Marathon). 20 miler / 60 mpw

Started off this week feeling more rested than last week.  Forcing myself to do all my extra extra strength work on Saturday following my long run, means I had Sunday off (well, only a walk).  Looks like I need that Sunday off to get ready for the following week - especially now that my Saturday long runs are getting to be quite.....long.

Highlights this week:  20 mile Long Run on Saturday (longest EVER).  60 miles in one week (highest weekly total EVER).

My left hip has seemed to completely calm down, that's the good news.  After last week's long run,  my left plantar started acting up...ugh.  More on the outside of my foot, than on the heel though, so if could be something else.  I've done extra rolling on the bottom of my foot with a golf ball and foot and calf stretching.  So far, that's kept it at bay, and it's calmed down throughout the week.  Hoping it stays that way.

This week I was able to do the "longer version" of Wednesday's workout, and did a short / recovery run on Thursday.  Overall, feeling pretty good this week.

Tuesday's workout - this week's workout is 5 reps of 8:00 intervals with 2:00 jog recovery.  I did it on the treadmill, because it was cold out, and I didn't want to chance a slip on the ice in the dark.  Did the 8' segments about 6:25 pace, and felt pretty good about it.  Caveat:  I forgot to increase the elevation to 1% which I normally do on the TM.  So, sort of cheating....but the workout was still a good stimulus.

Wednesday - mini-workout - 80 minutes easy - ended up running a little over 10 miles.  One of my longer mid-week runs.  Didn't feel too bad.

Long run - 20 miles this week - my longest run ever!  Ran on the WOD and for the second time I tried taking UCAN during the run.  I took about half serving of UCAN prior to the run, then the second half during miles 7-9.   Seemed to work ok - gettin used to the taste and my stomach is having no problems.  So far, so good.

Weekly mileage:  60 (+ 3 mi power walk)
Long run:  20
Weight:  140

Daily work:
  • Monday - 7.5 mi easy on TM.  Rollin and dynamic stretching, extra work on calves and plantar. 
  • Tuesday - 5 x (8' "on"; 2' jog recovery.
  • Wednesday - 80' easy.  10.3 mi (7:45 pace) on icy WOD.  Hip mobility.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday - 40 min easy on WOD.  Nice weather!  5.1 mi.  Core work.
  • Friday - 60 min easy on WOD with strides. 7.7 mi (7:45 pace).  Hip mobility.
  • Saturday - 20 mi on a little bit muddy WOD.  First 20 miler...avg about 7:20.  Last couple miles a little thought, but feelin pretty good on Sunday.   Strength work, rollin, stretching, and napping!
  • Sunday - power walk.  3 mi with my gorgeous wife.  Light dynamic stretching.  
Onward and upward....

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Running Log 1/8/17: (9 wks till marathon)

I came into this week still a little tired from the 18 miler last Saturday.  I also moved my Sat strength work to Sunday which was not a good idea as it delayed my recovery for Monday's easy run and Tuesday's workout - lesson learned.

My left hip is also a little tight so I'm doing some extra rolling and stretching on that area.  I've found a baseball works pretty good at pinpointing small spots on to break up tight spots.

Having said all that, I ended up cutting my Wednesday run short, and changing my Thursday recovery / easy to cross-training on the bike.  The plan I'm on gives me the option on Wednesday to cutback to 60' from the planning 80' if I'm not feeling it.  And Thursday is always the option to cross-train instead of run.  This week I needed to take both options.  Looking back, the last four weeks have had mileage in the mid-50's, which is high for me - so cutting back a few miles this week will not cause any loss in fitness.

Tuesday's workout - this week's workout is a 50 min progression run.  This is a harder workout for me because I struggle with "feeling" the right pace and then progressing thru three faster paces.  Since it was raining this morning I ran on the treadmill which of course helped with the pacing. The pace started around 6:55 and worked down to 6:35.  Legs were not feeling good today.  Tired and heavy.

Long run - 18 miles again this week, but speed up at the end,   I had a beautiful run on the C and O with fresh snow all around, but not enough to require Yak Trax.   Cutting back on Wed and Thur paid off today - I had a pretty good run.   I was able to hold 7:20 pace most of the run and get in 4 miles toward the end around 7:00 pace.

At the end of the run I started to feel kind of a "pre plantar fasciitis" thing.   So I've been doing some plantar pre-hab stuff hoping it doesn't get any worse.

Weekly mileage:  50 (+ 30 min on a bike + 3 mi power walk)
Long run:  18
Weight:  140

Daily work:

  • Monday - 7.5 mi easy on muddy CO canal in drizzly rain.  Legs are heavy (8:00 pace).  Core work.  Rollin and dynamic stretching.  
  • Tuesday - Progression run.  10' wu, 50' progression, 10' cd.  Progression started around 6:55 and got down to 6:35.  Strength work.  Legs feeling flat.
  • Wednesday - 80' 60' easy.  Cut this run down from planned 80'.  Legs are dead.  Hip mobility.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday - 40 min easy.  Cross-train in the stationary bike.  Light dynamic stretching and foam rolling.
  • Friday - 58 min easy on TM w/strides.  7.6 mi.   Core work
  • Saturday - 18 mi w faster finish.  Overall 7:15 pace with 4 miles around 7:00 pace toward the end.   On C and O.   ITB work.  Hip strength.  Upper body strength.  
  • Sunday - power walk.  3 mi with my gorgeous wife.  Light dynamic stretching.  
Onward and upward....

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Running Goals

Yup, it's that time of year when we all think about new year resolutions.    I go back and forth wondering whether I should have any resolutions, but I seem to always decide I should - if nothing else they keep me motivated and on track.  

I've been running for a couple years now, and come to realize "Process" type goals are more important, and in my control. "Outcome" goals (like PRs) which require perfect conditions, some luck, and for at least 90% of the stars to align.   So, this year I'm going to made a short list of each type and spend the days and weeks focusing on the process and hope the outcomes happen on those 4-5 days each year when I put out 100% effort trying to achieve something I haven't done before.

 Process Goals

              - Do my best each day to follow my daily training plan.
              - Complete the strength and mobility work each day.
              - Recognize when I should back off due to sickness, overtraining, or a niggle.

      Eat better
             - Improve my "ratio" of good healthy food and less junk food.
             - Have enough good food in the house so I have healthy options when I'm hungry
             - Pack healthy food and snacks each day for work.

              - Remember each day I'm lucky to be able to run.
              - Worry less about pace - focus on effort and feel.

Outcome Goals

      Have Fun And Stay Injury Free
               - These two go together.  When I'm not injured I'm having fun.
               - The main point of the process goals is to achieve THIS outcome goal

              - Complete first marathon healthy and satisfied with my effort.
              - Absolute amazing super duper awesome goal time - 2:59:59
              - Back-up time goal - 3:04:59
              - Registered for RNR DC marathon in March

      Half Marathon PR
              - Improve HM PR of 1:25:41 in the Fall

      5k PR
              - Improve 5k PR of 18:41

Questions - what are your goals?  Do you separate process and outcome?



Running Log - 1/1/17: Yasso 800's & 18 mi LR (marathon in 10 wks)

Happy New Year Fellow Runners!  Here's hoping everyone had a fun and safe New Year celebration!
And for those brave enough to race on New Year's Eve / New Year's Day - I hope it went well.  You can legitimately say "it was your fastest race this year".

This week is my SECOND week on vacation.  I can get used to this.  Running-wise, another week marching toward my first marathon in March.  Highlights of the week include a Yasso 800 workout on Tuesday and my longest run EVER on Saturday.

Tuesday's Workout - Yasso 800s x 9.  I was spoiled this week and was able to run these on a HS track (since school is out this week) avg time for 800's was 2:56 (range from 2:52 - 2:58).  Last interval was 2:55, so I think I did a decent job pacing.  This would "indicate" my marathon time would be 2:55 - 3:00.

Mini Workout - Wednesday, since I had more time than when I'm working I went to the C and O and got in a nice 9.5 miles at easy effort.  This "long-ish" run on a day after Yasso 800's is not exactly "easy" for me, but I enjoyed it.  Good day.

Saturday Long Run -  My assignment is 18 miles - no speeding up, or anything complicated, just "run 18 miles".  So, that's what I did.  My longest run ever,  I feel "accomplishment".

UCAN Test - this week I tried drinking UCAN during my long run, as thats my strategy for fueling during my upcoming marathon.    So, prior to the run I took a half serving of UCAN and carried a half serving with me.  At mile 6, I started taking the second half of the serving - taking small drinks periodically.   After about a mile I was able to get most of it down without any (at least very little) stomach upset.  By mile 18 I was still good -fuel wise - so I'll keep trying this strategy on all my runs of 18 mi or longer.  I still don't love the taste, but it works.  

 Weekly Miles:  57 (+ 3 mi power walk)
Long Run: 18
Weight: ? (It's New Year's...who cares?)

Daily Workouts:
  • Monday:  56 minutes easy including strides toward the end.  7.1 mi / 7:55 pace or so.  Rolling and stretching.  Core work.  Hip mobility stuff.
  • Tuesday:  Yasso 800's x 9 on HS track.   avg 2:56.  9.9 mi incl with & cd.   ITB work.  Squats/deadlifts/pull-ups/push-ups.  Rollin and dynamic stretching.   
  • Wednesday:  72' easy on C&O.  Legs tired from yesterday, but not bad.  10.1 mi.  rolling and stretching.   9.5 mi.   Hip mobility
  • Thursday:  4.7  miles recovery /easy on roads around the house.  Legs still feeling a little heavy from Yasso on Tuesday.   Rolling and stretching.
  • Friday:  58 min easy including strides on C&O. 7.4 mi (7:50 pace).  Core work.  
  • Saturday:  18.1 mi on WOD - Leesburg to Purcelville and back.  Overall pace @ 7:25.  Even tho I kept the pace pretty much steady, this run really wiped me out...I feel a little guilty, but I moved my normal strength work on Saturday to Sunday.   
  • Sunday:  brisk walk of about 3 miles.  Hip mobility.  ITB  and strength work.  Squats and dead lifts.  Pull-ups and push ups.   Hip mobility.   Rolling and stretching.  
Happy New Year everyone!  May all your running dreams come true this year!

Back to work for me on Tuesday....ugh.