Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Running Goals

Yup, it's that time of year when we all think about new year resolutions.    I go back and forth wondering whether I should have any resolutions, but I seem to always decide I should - if nothing else they keep me motivated and on track.  

I've been running for a couple years now, and come to realize "Process" type goals are more important, and in my control. "Outcome" goals (like PRs) which require perfect conditions, some luck, and for at least 90% of the stars to align.   So, this year I'm going to made a short list of each type and spend the days and weeks focusing on the process and hope the outcomes happen on those 4-5 days each year when I put out 100% effort trying to achieve something I haven't done before.

 Process Goals

              - Do my best each day to follow my daily training plan.
              - Complete the strength and mobility work each day.
              - Recognize when I should back off due to sickness, overtraining, or a niggle.

      Eat better
             - Improve my "ratio" of good healthy food and less junk food.
             - Have enough good food in the house so I have healthy options when I'm hungry
             - Pack healthy food and snacks each day for work.

              - Remember each day I'm lucky to be able to run.
              - Worry less about pace - focus on effort and feel.

Outcome Goals

      Have Fun And Stay Injury Free
               - These two go together.  When I'm not injured I'm having fun.
               - The main point of the process goals is to achieve THIS outcome goal

              - Complete first marathon healthy and satisfied with my effort.
              - Absolute amazing super duper awesome goal time - 2:59:59
              - Back-up time goal - 3:04:59
              - Registered for RNR DC marathon in March

      Half Marathon PR
              - Improve HM PR of 1:25:41 in the Fall

      5k PR
              - Improve 5k PR of 18:41

Questions - what are your goals?  Do you separate process and outcome?



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