Sunday, December 25, 2016

MERRY XMAS! Training Log - Week Ending Dec. 25

Merry XMAS Fellow Runners!  I hope Santa brought you EVERYTHING you wanted and more than you could hope for.  For those of you running today...make sure to wear ALL your new gear at the same time...even if that means 4 layers too many (Joey from Friends style).

This week started out a little slow.  Turns our my 16 mi run last last week (on Saturday) in Yak Trax was a little too fast, and I will wasn't recovered on Monday.  I have never worn Yak Trax before, so I didn't realize how much harder it is - and that I should slow down some.  Lesson learned.  But, by Tuesday I was feeling better for my "workout".

I'm on vacation this week, and kicking around the house with my family, so I've been able to sleep ni some start my runs in day light.  I also did my longer runs on the CandO tow path, a short drive from my house.  I like the path, it's great surroundings, away from traffic, NO road crossings, and quiet (except when the trains go by).  Plus, all dirt...good for my old legs.

Tuesday's Workout - 5 x (8' on / 3' steady) + wu and cd.  I ran the 8' "on" portions between 6:30 - 6:35 pace.  The "steady" portion started out around 7:05, but the last couple were closer to 7:20 pace.  I have trouble with this workout because I'm never quite sure how fast I can go in the first couple reps and then keep that pace for the last two.  My last rep was at 6:31 pace, so I got it about right...but I did have to slow down the "steady" recovery run somewhat.  Ended up with a little over 10 miles.  Good run.

Wednesday, since I had more time than when I'm working I went back up the path and put in another 10 miles easy.  Nice day.

Saturday Long Run -  My assignment was 16 miles (like last week), but speed up the last 3 miles if I'm up to it.  I ended up running 17.5 mi because I didn't start my watch when I started running, and then did the math wrong.  Oh well. I was able to speed up on what ended up being miles 15-17.  I feel good that I was able to run those miles in 6:45-6:52 pace.

Weekly Miles:  56 (+ 3 mi power walk)
Long Run: 17.5
Weight: ? (It's XMAS...who cares?)

Daily Workouts:
  • Monday:  55 minutes easy including strides toward the end.  6.8 mi / 8:10 pace or so.  Rolling and stretching.  Legs still tired and sore from overdoing it in last Saturdays long run.
  • Tuesday:  72 minute run.  10' wu; 5 x (8' "on" / 3' steady); 10' cd.  Decent job controlling my paces.  6:30 - 5:35 pace during the "on" portion, 7:05 - 7:20 pace on "steady" portions.  Did pretty good keeping the same "on" pace for all 5 reps.  Hip mobility.  Ran on C&O.  10.2 mi.
  • Wednesday:  80' easy on C&O.  Legs tired from yesterday, but not bad.  10.1 mi.  rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday:  4.7  miles recovery /easy on roads around the house.  Legs still feeling a little heavy from two consecutive longer workouts.  Wimped out using treadmill.  COLD outside today.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Friday:  55 min easy including strides on hilly country roads.  7.1 mi.
  • Saturday:  17.5 mi on WOD in the rain.  Sped up for miles 15-17 to about MP.  Overall pace at 7:23.  Upper body strength.  Hip strength.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Sunday:  brisk walk of about 3 miles.  Hip mobility.  Upper body strength.  Rolling and stretching. 
Happy Holidays and Safe New Year everyone!

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