Sunday, October 2, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending October 2 (Generation UCAN and Strava)

This week is about recovery.  Having raced the last two weekends, I'm due for a "down week".

I ran six days this week, but all were "easy" runs; which I would classify as "recovery" or "easy" pace.  If in doubt, I slowed down....or even took walk breaks if I felt I needed it.

I don't have any injuries, per se, but my left ITB is a little "sore", and I'm feeling some irritation in my left hip / butt.  I also have some weird on / off pain on the outside of my right ankle / lower shin.  So...slightly beat up, but not injured.  Good time to run some easy miles and let all these "pains" heal.

Long Run
I changed up my long run this week, and ran on roads around my house to g get in some hill work at an easy pace.  I usually run my long runs on the C and O towpath or WOD trail, both are pretty flat.  Since my next race will be hilly, I decided to do some hill work this week.

I had planned on doing 12 miles, but made a wrong turn from one dirt road to another, so I ended up doing 15.8 miles (oops!), but I don't feel that bad or worse for the wear.  Overall pace was 7:50 which is about right considering stopping a few times to figure out where the hell I was...and 600 ft of climbing.

Generation UCAN
For my long run this week I tried UCAN for the first time.  I'm using the Cranbeery / Raspberry super starch.  I mixed up a little less than a scoop full with about 12 oz of water and shook it up A LOT, a few times, to get it mixed up decently well.  As I've read previously, its still kind of "gritty" tasting, but not bad.  I downed it about 30 minutes before the start of my run.  I had no stomach problems and didn't take anything else for my 2 hr run, and I never faded at all.  It was an easy run, and I never pushed the pace, so no conclusion yet on if its working better for me or not. 

In prior half marathons I've faded around 10-11 miles (1:15 or so), so my next half will be the real test.  I plan to use UCAN for every long run to make sure I get used to it prior to the race.

I joined Strava today, and still learning how to use it.  If you're interested, I'm Scott Harmon in Leesburg, VA, USA.

Next week I will start a five week training block for a Half on November 5.  That's not a lot of build-up, but I'm generally in pretty good shape, from the races recently.  A couple of good long runs and tempos, and I think I'll be good to go (fingers crossed).  Note, the Half coming up will be hilly, so I'm going to work in some hilly routes here and there.

Important Side Note:  Fall weather has finally hit the DC area.  It's nice to have cooler temps.  Hope it lasts for a while!

Weekly miles:  47
Long Run: 15.8 (on hilly roads around the house)
Weight:  ?

Daily Detail:

  • Monday - 35 minutes Recovery run.  Pretty slow and easy, just moving my legs after the 10k yesterday.  4.1 miles (8:30 pace).  Lotsa of rolling and stretching.
  • Tuesday - 50 minutes Easy.  Starting to feel better.  6.3 miles (8:00 pace).  Core work / rolling / stretching.
  •  Wednesday - 60 min Easy.  Think I'm pretty much recovered from 10k race.  Ended up with a pace of 7:45 / mile (I don't look at my watch during easy runs), which tells me my legs are about back to "normal".  miles today 7.7.  ITB rehab work, single leg squats, single leg dead lifts with 20 lb dumb bell, upper body strength (pull ups, rows, dips, chest press).  Rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday - 50 minutes Easy.  Hip mobility / rolling /stretching on treadmill (heavy rain this morning).  6.3 mi (7:55 pace).  Feeling a little sick.  Head cold won't go away.  Left work a little early to get some extra rest / sleep.
  • Friday - 57 minutes Easy.  7 miles (8:15).  Core work / stretching.  Feeling better from extra sleep and rest last night.  Legs have around too, and feeling fully recovered from the last couple races.

  • Saturday - 15.8 miles on hilly country roads around my house.  ITB rehab work.  rolling and stretching.  total time 2:03 (7:47 pace and 600 ft of climbing). 
  • Sunday - "Brisk walk" for 40 min, rolling and dynamic stretching..

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