Sunday, October 23, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending October 23

As of today - two weeks till my Half.

I'm happy that I've run over 50 miles / week the last 3 weeks.  First time I've had that kind of consistency at higher mileage (for me).

This week is more of the same as week, except I've cut back the Long Run a little bit, the 17 miler last week left me drained for a few days....and I would rather not take the chance of over-training as I get closer to the race.

Note on warm-up:  Prior to every run I do some leg swings (front and sideways).  Iron cross type swings, and the "Lunge Matrix" (see CoachJayJohnson).  I really think this helps getting warmed up, provides some strength, and helps avoid injury.  Takes about 5 2 cents.

Weather - it's been WARM this week!  Kinda like Summer is back.  Not that I mind it this week, but hope it cools off next week.

Cooled off some for my Sat long run, but SUPER windy - about 30 MPH.  Used UCAN again for my long run.  I was hoping I would get used to it, but still gotta choke it down and it causes some stomach upset, but not bad enuf  that I'll stop using it.  Got in 5 miles of HM pace work, and it felt good...but maybe too hard of an effort?

Next week start tapering.  Probably a good thing, my legs are feeling a little overcooked.

Weekly Mileage:  51
Long Run: 14
Weight:  141

Daily Detail:
  • Monday:  56 min easy on WOD.  Legs STILL a little tired from Long Run on Saturday.  WOD in Herndon.  7.0 mi / 8:05 pace.  Core work.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Tuesday: 10 miles with 4 x (8' tempo / 3' float), (5' tempo / 3' float).  Legs were heavy and tired today.  Had to cut back the tempo work some.  Bummer.  Good days and bad days, right?  Upper body strength, single leg squats / single leg dead lifts.
  • Wednesday: 40 min easy.  Recovery.  5.1 mi / rolling and stretching.  WOD in Herndon.
  • Thursday:  60 min easy.  7.7 miles.  Hip mobility.  WOD in Herndon.  FINALLY feeling recovered and good again....
  • Friday:  58 min easy.  7.1 mi.  Core.  WOD in Herndon
  • Saturday: 14 miles with mi 9-13 @ HM effort (6:45/6:52/6:28/6:23/6:33) - variance in pace is due to uphill/down hill.  Overall pace = 7:12.  Feel pretty good.  Hard effort.  Upper body work, ITB rehab work, single leg squats.
  • Sunday:  2 mile "brisk walk".  Rolling/stretching/hip mobility/leg swings.  Feeling tight.

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