Sunday, October 16, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending October 16

Another week in my build up for a half marathon in a few weeks.

This week's path had a detour to Richmond for the Virginia State HS Golf Championships (my Son qualified).  Since this is a running blog...I'll stay to the running facts.   This means 6-7 miles of walking on a hilly golf course for the three days (Sunday - Tuesday), AND trying to find a place to run very early in the morning in Richmond (actually Midlothian, a suburb).  I ended up running on some trails in a park nearby the hotel.  I kept the runs a little shorter and easy since I knew I would be on my feet the rest of the day walking the golf course.

It also means I moved my workout from Tuesday to Wednesday, and changed my planned 3 mi tempo run to a "fartlek" based on how I felt.  My legs were actually pretty tired from walking / hiking the golf course!  (Who'da thunk?).

Used UCAN again for my long run on Saturday - third time trying it.  Working out well.  I still don't like the taste very much and kind of have to choke it down (gritty, and kind of nasty). to me that's worth it.  17 mi run progression longest run EVER!  yay.  About 5 miles of faster pacing for miles 10-14, faster than I thought I had in me, and didn't feel TOO hard.  So confidence boost for half marathon in a few weeks.

Total mileage: 53 (plus about 16 mi of walking)
Long Run:  17
Wt:  ~ 140

Daily workouts:
  • Monday:  5.4 miles on trails in Richmond.  Dynamic warm-up and cool down.  Plus 6-7 mi of walking a hilly golf course.
  • Tuesday: 5.4 miles on trails in Richmond.  Dynamic warm-up and cool down.  Plus 6-7 mi of walking a hilly golf course.
  • Wednesday:  10.1 mi on WOD in Herndon. First 5 mi around 7:30 pace, then fartlek faster and slower pacing last 5 miles.  Overall, 7:25 pace.  Rolling and stretching.  Abbreviated upper body work and ITB rehab exercises.
  • Thursday:  60 min easy on WOD.  7.7 mi (7:45 pace).  Rolling and stretching + hip mobility
  •  Friday:  57 min easy on WOD.  7.3 mi (7:55 pace).  Feeling pretty good.  Ready for Long Run tomorrow.  Core work / rolling / stretching.
  • Saturday:  17 mi progression run on CandO towpath.  First 9 miles in about 7:15 pace.   Then, miles 10-14 in: 6:55, 6:23, 5:58, 6:32, 6:31.  Then last 3 about 7:35 pace.  Total time: 2:01.  Overall pace 7:06.  Obviously need to work on pacing.  Feel good about the run tho.  Longest run EVER.  upper body work, ITB routine, single leg squats and dead lifts.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Sunday:  Walk with my wife (couple miles).  Hip mobility exercises, rolling and stretching.  Legs are really feeling it today from yesterday's run!

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