Sunday, October 9, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending October 9

After last week of easy runs (and one long run at an easy pace), it's time to get back to some workouts this week!

One thing I've noticed, I have a tendency to run my "Easy" runs a little too fast / hard if I'm "feeling good", and find that by the end of the run I'm a little more tired than I should be.  This usually happens on Monday after I'm off on Friday, and Thursday after a "recovery" day on Wednesday.  So, this week new emphasis to "remind" myself that easy is.....easy.

Tuesday work out - my plan was the typical 20 minute tempo run.  But, trying something slightly different....8 min tempo, followed by 3 min at "steady" pace x 4.  In theory, I get 32 min of tempo work, and the "steady" pace is only about 20 - 30 sec / mile not much of a break between "tempo" efforts (This is a workout CoachJayJohnson assigns).  I think I paced it pretty well,  but I did slow down on the last rep - that's the hardest part of the workout - knowing you have to put in a pretty good effort for 32 minutes with a 3 min "mini-break" thrown in.  8 minutes is also a new length for me to think about.  I liked how it broke up the effort, and 8 minutes is not "that" long, mentally I can get thru it.  The hardest part for me was keeping the effort "steady" for the 3-min between.  Tendency is to slow down too much to an easy pace.  I'll probably try this workout a few more times, to see if I can get better at it.  I also like that I can easily do the workout on the running path since I'm going by time, and not by distance (GPS is not exact enough for me).  Plus, I'm getting more "in touch" with how I "feel" on the tempo and steady efforts.  I didn't once check my pace during the run.


Weekly Mileage:  52
Long Run:  15
Weight:  141 (every time I drop below 140 I "give myself permission" to eat more, and get on a junk food kick.  I need a little more discipline if I'm going to keep my weight a few pounds below 140.  That's my goal for the half marathon.....135 to 138).


Daily detail: (Workouts bolded):

  • Monday - 57 min easy on WOD.  Ended up with 7.1 mi (8:00 pace) + 4 strides.  Core work.  Legs feeling "okay", little residual from Long Run last Saturday.
  • Tuesday - 9.6 mi w / 4 x (8' tempo w/ 3' min "steady").  First time trying this.  Approximate 8' tempo paces (6:3?, 6:4?, 6:4?, 6:4?), approximate "steady paces (6:5?, 7:0?, 7:0?).  ITB rehab work, upper body strength, single leg squats, single leg dead lifts.
  •  Wednesday - 39 min easy / recovery run on WOD.  4.9 mi / 8:00 pace., okay.  Hip mobility work. Rolling and stretching.
  •  Thursday - 70 min easy on WOD.  9.2 miles / 7:40 pace.  Feeling better today.  Ran out of time after morning run, and did rolling and stretching at my hips were tight all day.
  •  Friday -  55 min easy + strides on WOD.  Core work.  Rolling and dynamic stretching.
  • Saturday - 15 mi with 10-13 @ HM pace + 2 mi cd.   7:25 pace first 10 miles, then 6:35 pace for 3, 8:00 pace last 2.   Felt pretty good.   ITB work.  Upper body.  Lotsa roolin n stretching. 
  • Sunday - OFF

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