Sunday, October 30, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending October 30

This week starts my taper for a Half on Sat. Nov. 5.

I'm proud to say I've covered more than 50 miles in each of the last three weeks, a new level of consistency for me.  I've also put in a significant amount of HM pace work in my long runs over the last few weeks.   This build up has left me....tired.  My legs feel a little "dead".  But, I haven't tapered yet, so I guess they're supposed to(?)

This week I've covered 41 miles, about 20% volume reduction from the last few weeks, but I've kept in some "faster" work on my Tuesday workout, and HM pace work on my (shorter) Long Run.  I've kept to six days of running (in prior tapers I've cut back to five).  I am certainly NO expert on this stuff, and I'm definitely doing this by trial and error.

Tuesday's workout - NOT a good workout.  Like last week.  I think this is because my Saturday Long Run's have been pretty hard - including HM pace and long distance.  I'm assuming if I had the choice, when planning for a HM, that I would rather have a harder LR than fast Tuesday workout.  Each of the last 2 weeks, my LR has been 17 and 14 miles with 4-5 miles @ HM pace, some of the hardest I have ever done.

Saturday LR: My last long run this week prior to my HM next Saturday.  11 miles total, with miles 6.5-10 @ HM pace, then 1 mile cool down.  The 3.5 @ HM felt pretty good, I ended up in 6:35 - 6:38 pace throughout the HM work.  Overall, I feel good about the run, Saturday afternoon I felt good, not sore like the last couple of weeks.  So....I think I'm ready to run the HM around 6:40 pace - or slightly faster.

Weekly Mileage:  41
Long Run:  11
Weight: 141

Daily detail:

  • Monday - 47 min easy on WOD in Herndon.  5.7 mi / 8:10 pace.  VERY slow start, legs not cooperating.  Felt better toward the end.  hip mobility.
  • Tuesday - 7.6 mi with 5 x 2' @ 10k effort w/ 2' float.  Legs feeling really tired and flat.  Was going to do 8 reps but cut back to 5.  Chin up/rows/dips/chest press.  single leg squats and dead lifts.  rolling / stretching. 
  • Wednesday - 40 min easy / recovery in hotel treadmill.  4.9 mi.  Still tired.  stretching.
  • Thursday -  45 easy - treadmill at hotel.  5.7 mi.  stretching
  • Friday - 46 mi  on WOD.  6 mi (7:35 pace).  Finally feeling better.  core work.  stretching. 
  • Saturday - 10 miles with 4 @ HM effort
  • Sunday - walk with my wife.  Overall lazy day.
Next week - more taper, then race on Saturday.

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