Sunday, September 25, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending Sept 25 (and 10k Race)

Decided to try my hand at a 10k today.  Only my 2nd 10k ever.  My last 10k didn't go so well (mostly things out of my control), so hoping to improve with this one.

(Full race report titled "Perfect 10k" under Label "Race Report")

This week, my training plan is to fully recover from the 5k last Saturday, and get in one specific 10k workout prior to the race.

My one workout this week was on Wednesday; included a 10 min tempo, then some 1:30 repeats at 10k pace.  After my 5k last week of 18:51; at pace of 6:04, I decided my 10k pace would be 6:20 - and I'll shoot for a 39:15 overall time.

Weekly Mileage: 33
Long Run: N/A
Weight: 140

Daily workouts: (hard days bolded)

Monday:  30 min easy.  Legs really heavy and feeling sluggish today.  Cut run to 30 minutes, with an avg. pace of 8:40.  Feels like a recovery run.  3.6 miles total.  Rolling and stretching.  Upper body strength.

Tuesday: 52 min easy with 2 strides.  6.4 miles / 8:05 pace.  Feeling better today.  Core work incl Russian Twist and "Hot Salsa" (in addition to core exercises).  Rolling and stretching. 

Wednesday: 7 mi on treadmill @ 1% incline w/ 10 min tempo @ 6:28 + 3 by 1:30 @ 10k (6:15).  2 min jog recovery between each.  Felt "okay" today.  Legs a little heavy from the race Saturday, but not bad.  ITB is "there", not acting up, but I feel  like I'm on the edge of having problem.  So, did more tempo work and fewer / shorter reps @ 10k pace.  ITB rehab work, rolling / stretching.

Thursday40 30 min easy / recovery run on treadmill at work.  Legs feel heavy, don't want to do too much.  (work travel day / late meetings).  Dynamic stretching and leg swings.  Feel like I'm starting to get sick.  And I got get on plane.  Damn it!

Friday:  OFF (work travel day return - late arrival).  Yep.  I'm sick.  Taking DayQuil, flying, and hoping for the best.

Saturday:  30 min easy includes strides.  Felt pretty back, on this run.  Shake out only.  I've had a sinus headache and been on DayQuil for two days now.  My wife was nice enough to pick up my race packet since she was already out.  Rolling and stretching.  A LOT of resting and laying around.

Sunday: 2 mi wu, 10k race, 1/2 mi cd.  Total of 8.6 miles.  10k time of 39:36.  1st place in my age group (kick at the end to get it), 5th overall.  Full race report at "Perfect 10k" in the "Race Report" label.

After two weeks of back to back races, I'll recover some next week, then build toward a Half Marathon on Nov. 5.

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