Sunday, February 28, 2016

C&O Canal Towpath Run - "Ice Ahoy!"

If you've read my prior posts, you know I have a long term goal of running the entire length of the C&O towpath canal, which runs from DC to Cumberland, MD.  The weather lately has been really cold with a lot of snow and ice....which has kept me off the path.

I'm really happy to get back on the towpath, I really do love the path (although you could call it a "fare weather friend").  The temps have been warm for a while, and was almost 50 degrees today when I ran it.  HOWEVER, at one point when the path turned and was on the north side of a hill it was covered by ice all the way across and solid.  So, the last few miles of my run were a little sketchy with quick feet drills and having to slow way down.

This week I started at Shepherdstown and Lock 34 (mile marker 72.3).  My first time in Shepherdstown, the small seemed quite nice.  I've noticed that as I find new places to start my run I end up in these "out of the way" places I would not get to see otherwise.  Many times it feels like these were once more important towns when the river was the main way to get around....and they've stayed the way they were when the interstates took over the main traffic.

Today's run covered mile markers 69-76 (14 mile out and back run)

Total miles covered so far:  17-76 (59 of 185).  126 miles to go!

During my run I passed a few Locks and a small aqueduct, all pretty cool.    I also ended up at the north end of the Antietam battlefield.  There were also some placards and markers on my run where the North or South crossed the river and/or had a battle.

Pics below of a few things I saw:

It's supposed to get cold again this week...and with the ice issues today, I may take a few more weeks off before heading back to the towpath.....

Happy trails Everyone.

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