Sunday, February 21, 2016

Traiining Log - Week Ending February 21, 2016

Austin Here I Come!

If you've been reading this blog, you know I live in DC and it's been cold AF lately.  Last week I did all of my runs on a treadmill because snow and ice made me too nervous to run on the roads.  I will admit I'm a little more "skiddish" than others when it comes to ice....I know other runners in my area have found a way to get out on the roads and paths to run.  But, not me....

So, it was a nice change this week when I took a business trip to Austin, TX (with some guilty feelings about leaving my wife and kids back in DC in an ice storm).

My first trip to Austin, and it's a great place!  Even better, my hotel is right on the river where they have a running path on both sides with bridges every so often that cross over.  Literally at the back door to the hotel.  Perfect!   What an active place, many runners in both directions at all times, including what I think are high school teams; rowers in the river, and a lot of nice people just enjoying the scenery.   I got in nice runs on Monday thru Wednesday, while on my trip.

Then, when I got back to DC the weather turned much nicer than it had been.  I was able to get out on the paths again...and the temps were in the 50's for the weekend.  Nice!

This is week 9 of my 20 week plan to a 10k in mid-May.  This week's plan is the same as last week, but my mileage is slightly higher as I did a little better job following the plan.

Total Miles this week:  41
Big effort this week:  13.1 in 1:33 - under control the whole time, but feeling it pretty good afterward

Daily run details: 

Monday - 2 miles on the trail in Austin.  The plan was 3 miles, but it was a long travel day with delays due to weather.  So, I didn't get out until 8p, and really just wanted to move my legs some.  Dynamic stretching before and after.  Legs feel a little dead from 13.1 the prior day.

Tuesday - 5.4 miles + 4 strides.  Plan was 5 miles, but I got a little turned around on the Austin trail....but no worries, it was a great run.  Dynamic stretching, hip mobility. 

Wednesday - 9 miles with miles 4-7 at tempo (6:40 pace) on Austin trails. I had a hard time keeping my pace for the tempo portion of the run.  I've been working long hours on the trip and not getting the sleep I need.  Still...I got to run!  And it felt great.  Dynamic warm-up and cool down.  Travel back to DC with a VERY late arrival.

Thursday - Off...super tired....trying my best to rest up from extra work hours and traveling.

Friday - 8 miles on W&OD path in Herndon.  Felt good to be outside, and back in my home town.  This run lasted 1:02, and I never really felt like it was a long run.  This is new to me, I think my fitness is getting better, which kind of snuck up on me.  8 miles at 7:50 pace really felt like an easy run.  That would NOT have been the case last year.

Saturday - 3.2  miles easy around my neighborhood + 4 strides.  Dirt paths around my house still have a lot of snow, so on the roads I go....Dynamic stretching, upper body strength, core work.

Sunday - 13.1 miles on W&OD in Leesburg.  Total time: 1:33:10...feel good about this effort, and I was well under control the whole time - confirms my 1:34:30 time last week on the treadmill.  I'm thinkin I could probably get below 1:30 in a race later this year with a little more training, tapering, etc. Dynamic stretches before and after + ITB rehab routine + single leg dead lifts.

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