Sunday, March 6, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending March 6

Week 11 of my 20 week plan that ends May 15. 

The weather is getting a littler better.....I can ALMOST feel Spring in the air!  Even tho we did have a little snow fall on Friday, here in the DC area.

I had a pretty difficult long run last Sunday, but I did my best to shrug it off and push forward this week....and this week was much better.  My mileage is building, and I'm focusing more on sleep and recovery which is helping. 

New pair of shoes this week!  Saucony Fastwitch.  My first impression - they fit my narrow / high arch foot pretty well, but the ride is super firm.  I've only worn them on two runs so far, and I've read they "break in" I'll see....

Total mileage:  42.5 mi.
Long run:  14mi @7:16 pace (1:41:45).   My longest run so far...
Weight:  138 -139 this week. I've dropped a couple lbs as I head into my Spring "Racing Season"

 Planning a 5k race next Saturday....first race since last Sept.....I'm a little anxious but don't have high expectations as this is a "training" race to get some speed work and build toward my goal race in May.

Daily detail:

Monday:  3 miles on the treadmill @ 8:10 pace.  Still feeling fatigued from yesterday's long run.  Dynamic warm-up and cool down.

Tuesday:  4.5 miles + 4 strides on the treadmill @ 8:00 pace.  Dynamic warm-up and cool down + core work.

Wednesday:  10 miles on treadmill.  Miles 4-8 @ tempo pace (4-6 @ 6:40; 7-8 @ 6:35).  Dynamic warm-up and hip mobility cool down + ITB rehab + upper body strength.

Thursday:  Off.  Dynamic + static stretching.

Friday:  8 mi on treadmill in new Saucony's @ 7:55 pace.  Dynamic stretching....

Saturday:  3 mi around hood + 4 hill sprints.  dynamic warm up + hip mobility + core work.

Sunday:  14 mi on W&OD in Leesburg.  Nicer weather, around 40 and dry.  Much better long run than last week on C&O tow path. 

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