Sunday, February 28, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending 2/28/16

Training  log for week ending Feb 28th....week 10 of my 20 week  Spring training plan ending with a 10k in mid-May. 

I've signed up for 5k in two weeks (March 12) - so I did some 5k pace work during my "fast day", and my long run this week was 13.5 miles....back on the C&O canal (separate post).

The weather let up a little bit this week, with temps hitting 60's on Sunday....making for a nice break from the recent cold.  And longer days mean I can run before work and NOT need a head lamp...yay me!

Not feeling very strong this week...opposite of last week.  I'm working more hours and think I might have overdone it some last week when I was feeling good.

Total miles:  43

Daily Detail:

Monday:  4 miles easy on work treadmill.  Cold and rainy outside.  dynamic warmup and cool down.  Legs feeling HEAVY from yesterday's long run.

Tuesday:  4 miles easy on treadmill + 4 strides.  Supposed to be 5  miles, but legs are still feeling pretty tired so I cut the run short.  Core work, dynamic warm up and hip mobility.

Wednesday:  Plan says 10 miles with 5 miles of tempo pace in the middle.  With a 5k coming in two weeks I'm getting a little insecure about having enough work at 5k pace.  So, I did 3 miles at tempo pace (6:40), then 5 x 2:00 @ 6:00 (5k pace) instead on the treadmill.
Thursday:   off

Friday:  8 miles easy on the W&OD in Herndon.  Temps in mid 20's before work, but I had sunlight and a clean trail, no snow or water.   who could ask for more?  about 7;50 pace...

Saturday:  3 miles easy around the hood + 4 hill sprints.  Legs feelin heavy....damn it.  core work.

Sunday:  13.5 on C&O canal.  I really enjoy the canal, and haven't been on it for a month or so because of snow and ice.  This week I covered miles from market 69 to 76 - which would be 14 miles if the markers are correct.  I'm going with the mileage on my watch based on how I was feeling and how the pace felt.  I didn't really have it today.  My pace was around 7:30 overall...partly because I had to quick step it thru some long ice patches that were pretty solid and covered the entire trail for 100 yards at a time.

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