Sunday, February 14, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending February 14

Happy Valentine's Everyone!

Holy shit - it was cold as hell this week in DC.  Today, it "felt like" 1 degree F (-17 C, which sounds even colder). 

Watching the Olympic trials in LA (where I'm from), didn't help me feel much better about moving away.  Man, they were fun to watch.  I'm excited about Rupp possibly doing the marathon....I'm desperately hoping the doping rumors are not true.  I used to race bikes, and I was one of the last one's still with I feel like I'm easily duped.  Anyway....I'm still on Rupp's side....hoping he can come thru in Beijing.

All my running this week was on a treadmill, partly because it was so cold running before work in the dark, but also because I was concerned about not seeing ice and falling on my ass.  I always feel like I'm cheating myself on the treadmill, like my paces won't carry over to the road, even if I have it set at 1% incline......dunno if it's true, just how I feel.

My planned long run this week was 13 miles, my longest yet.  So, of course I ran 13.1 so I can say "I ran a half", even if was just by myself on the "mill".  Completed it in 1:34:30...7:13 pace.  Feel good about that.

Miles were back up this week......which is also about the farthest I've gone.

Total miles:  38
Long run:  13.1 (yay me!)
Weight:  Hovering around 140 - 141 - so still about where I want to be (I'm 5' 10").  I might try to drop a couple lbs. when I start racing mid next month, but we'll see if I'm willing to sacrifice to do it.

Daily running log:

  • Monday:  3 miles easy on treadmill...about 8:00 pace.  Dynamic stretching before and after, hip mobility work.  
  • Tuesday: 5 miles easy on treadmill...about 8:00 pace again + 4 strides.  Dynamic stretching, core work.
  • Wednesday: 9 miles on treadmill @ 1% incline, with mile 4 - 7 @ tempo pace.  Miles 1-3 @ 8:00 pace, Mile 4-7 @ 6:35-6:40 pace, Mile 8-9 @ 7:45 pace.  This one hurt a little, but it felt good to work hard.  My longest "tempo" run ever...the 4 miles took about 26 minutes.  Upper body strength work, dynamic warm-up and cool down.  Single leg squats.  My ITB didn't "feel right", so I skipped doing Single Leg Deadlifts.
  • Thursday:  Off - dynamic stretching and hip mobility.
  • Friday: 7.6 miles on treadmill.  I planned 8 miles, but at one hour the treadmill stopped, so I stopped.  Dynamic warm up and cool down.  Hip mobility stuff.
  •  Saturday: 3 miles easy around the house was the plan...CANCELLED because it was super cold and icy outside and I had Valentine's plans with my beautiful wife!
  • Sunday:  13.1 - my first "half"....if count the treadmill..  Time: 1:34:30 (7:13 pace).  I'm happy, so far I've been able to keep my 7:15 pace as my long runs have progressed from 8 to 13 miles.  ITB rehab, upper body strength, stretching...

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