Sunday, January 31, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending Jan 31 - STILL Snow

Hi Everyone.  Next installment of weekly training log.  This is Week 6 of my 20 week plan that will end with a 10k in May - goal time ~ 39:00.

Last week I didn't run on the weekend at all - we had Snowmaggedon on the DC area, and I spent the weekend digging out of 4 feet of snow....I would have needed those oversized snow shoe - tennis racket things if I was going to try and run.  So last week's mileage was down about 15 miles from my Plan - and man, my "shoveling" muscles are really sore and tired!

This week I got back to my normal mileage, but more of it was on the treadmill as I wasn't sure if my normal morning run locations (before sunrise) would be clear...and I really didn't want to fall on my ass and hurt myself in the dark.

Monday - was my first run in snow (this is my first winter of actually training...).  There was still about a foot of compacted snow in my neighborhood (a few tractors came through and cleared part of the road), so I put on something like Yak Trax (but the heavier version you can find at REI that are supposed to go over normal snow shoes) and headed out.  Got in 5.5 miles in about 50:00, which is much slower than my normal pace, but A LOT of FUN!  I found a few deep spots along the way and a couple times had to jump into 4 feet of snow to let a tractor by.....but overall, not bad!  And it was nice to NOT have any pace in mind, just go run.

The rest of my week day runs before work were on the treadmill.  So many roads and all the paths and trails I run were still covered in snow.  I did get outside for the weekend runs...and it was a really nice day on Sunday....mid 40's and sunny.  The only problem is running on roads around my hood....shoulders are still covered in snow, so I had to play "Frogger" a little to avoid cars a few times..

Side note: I have a plan to run the entire C&O (separate posts).  This is the second week without getting on the trail...too much snow!  And I'm kinda missing it....

Total Miles this week: 41.7

Daily details below:

Monday - 5.5 in the snow, about 9:00 pace....but who's counting in a foot of snow!  A lot of dynamic stretching before hand...and after.  

Tuesday:  5 miles on treadmill @ 8:00 pace and 1% incline + 4 strides.  Dynamic stretching before, core work, and upper body strength after.

Wednesday:  9 miles on treadmill. 1-3 @ 8:00 pace; 4-6 @ 6:35 to 6:40 pace; 7-9 @ 8:00 pace.  1% incline on and off based on how I'm feeling.  I've found that 1% incline "feels" harder than running outside and no incline doesn't feel quite as back and forth I go.  Dynamic warm-up and cool down + hip mobility + ITB Rehab incl. single leg deadlifts.

Thursday:  Off

Friday:  7 miles on treadmill with an avg 7:50 pace.  Dynamic stretching before and after.

Saturday:  3.2 miles @ 8:15 + 4 uphill sprints.  dynamic warm up, hip mobility and core work after.

Sunday: 12 miles @ 7:14 pace.  Longest run ever! (so far....I have longer runs ahead of me in a few weeks).    Dynamic warm-up and cool down.  Foam rolling.  ITB rehab + single leg dead lifts.

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