Sunday, January 3, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending 1/3/16

Hello, hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

For Christmas I got myself a pair of Asics Gel Hyperspeed 6s.  I've only been running for a year and I've only ever run in New Balance (Zante for training and RC5000 for 5k races).  Thought it was time for a new pair of shoes so I'm trying out the Hyperspeed.  So far, I like them and I think they would be a good shoe for 10k or half marathon races which I plan to do in 2016.  They're also pretty good for longer runs, but my longest run has only been 10 miles so far. 

But, I digress, this weeks' training log second week on a 20 week program provided by Jason Fitzgerald at Strength Running....preparing for a couple 5k's, an 8k, and a 10k in the Spring.

Total miles:  32.5 with 3 miles at faster pace.....

Monday -  off (dynamic stretching, foam roller)

Tuesday - 4.5 mi. on country roads around my house (8:00 pace) + 4 short hill sprints (I plan to substitute strides for hill sprints once in a while, I enjoy them).  This differs from Jason's (Strength Running) program for me of strides, but I think they are similar enough that I'm getting the same "speed" benefit from them, plus a little extra strength from going uphill.  Core work, dynamic stretching and hip mobility work.

Wednesday - 8.2 miles on C&O canal towpath.  Overall pace @ 7:20  (last 3 miles @ 6:55).  ITB rehab routine after run (See Strength Running), + single leg deadlifts with 20 lb dumb bell, upper body strength.  Feel really good about today's run.  I love the C&O canal towpath!  I started feeling it toward the end of the run, but not that bad, and on Thursday I was feeling recovered.

Thursday - off (dynamic stretching, foam roller).  Hip flexors felt "tight", so did some extra stretching there.

Friday - 6.1 mi @ 8:00 pace on country roads around my house.  Interestingly, I just went our for an easy/conversational pace and ended up exactly at 8:00 pace.  Maybe this has become my "default" pace on easy days?  Dunno.

Saturday - 3.2 mi @ 8:10 pace + 4 strides.  Very easy day on dirt/gravel farm roads.  Controlled pace today to be sure to have full recovery for tomorrow's long run.  Mattock routine warm-up and Myrtl (Coach Jay Johnson) after run + core workout + dynamic stretching and static stretches for my hip flexors because they are feeling a little tight.

Sunday - 10.5 mi @ 7:17 pace on C&O canal towpath (I'll post separately on my run on the tow path with C&O canal towpath tag).  Ran early, so a little cold here in  the DC area...about 26 degrees.  I got my layers about right, but my gloves are a little too thin, frozen fingers the first couple miles.  7:17 pace is about the same as last week's long run...the last mile or so was definitely harder than what I'd call "conversational" pace, but that's okay.  The long run in my plan is supposed to be a harder effort toward the end.  Dynamic stretching warm up and cool down + ITB rehab and (from Strength Running) + single leg deadlifts + upper body strength work.  extra rolling on hips and some static stretches to loosen up my hip flexors and tfl.

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