Sunday, January 3, 2016

C&O Canal Towpath Run - Jan 3, 2016

In a previous post I described my quest to run the full length of the C&O canal towpath (185 miles), which goes from DC to Cumberland, MD.

Today I took down another small chunk of the path, details below.  Each run is a first for me, I like the adventure of finding the right spot to catch the path and extend the mile markers I've covered.

Run Summary:
Starting point:  Edwards Ferry Boat Ramp at mile market 30.9.
Mile markers covered:  28 - 33 (33 was my last stopping point)...10 mile run (out and back)
Total mile markers covered so far:  28 - 69 (41 miles covered)
Miles remaining:  144 (yikes!))
Temp at start of run:  26..I started early today, around 7:30, just past sunrise.
Closest community:  Poolesville, MD...looks like a nice, small, quiet town, on a Sunday morning.

Fun Facts: 
  • There is no longer a ferry across the river at "Edward's' Ferry", but there is a boat launch. 
  • This is also the location of Lock 25 (one of those things that raise the boats, like the Panama Canal, but much MUCH smaller scale.  I would guess a boat about 12' wide would fit.
  • Lockhouse 25 is here, each lock has a "Lockhouse" where the folks that would work the lock  lived.  Some of the Lock Houses you can stay in overnight, but there was no sign on this one.
  • There is also a somewhat preserved store house on the sight.
  • During the Civil War, this was a strategic point that Gen.  Hooker controlled (at least part of the war)
  • Deer (2), which ran along the path in front of me for a while...pretty cool.
  • Six team dog sled (I shit you not), Iditarod style except they pulled a chariot on wheels thing instead of a snow sled.  I've seen this twice now, both times in the parking lot.  Not sure what I would do if I saw that thing heading toward me on the path.....being pulled by six huskies that love to run!
  • Other runners: 0
Pics below:


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