Sunday, August 13, 2017

Breaking3ProjectPhilly - Week 4 (Pain In The Ass)

Hello Readers.

Update:  World Championships:
  • Jenny Simpson taking home Silver in the 1500 with a blazing finish.  Great race!
  • US Can Steeple or What?!
    • Evan Jager - Bronze.
    • Emma GOLD / Courtney Frerichs SILVER!  US goes 1-2.  Biggest surprise, and best finishing celebration of the meet!  Worth finding the video online if you haven't seen this one. has it.
So, this weeks' injury is literally a Pain In The Ass.  Officially diagnosed by the PT as "Right Gluteus Medius".  I started feeling it after Tuesday's MLR that was faster than planned, I feel it more on side and above to the rear of the "hip joint" (That's as technical as you're going to get).  Went to PT Thursday and Saturday.  Cut down Thursday's run, took Saturday off - moving LR to Sunday.  LR cut down a few miles.  Hoping I can keep it "under control" by cutting down the mileage some and get back to full strength next week.

I looked up all the recommended strength work and stretches for the Gluteus Medius and I'm already doing all of them.  Only thing I did read is to focus on the eccentric portion of the exercise, which I don't do - noted.  So, I guess it's a combination of getting older and over-doing it; building up the mileage too fast and at pace this is too fast.  Maybe someday I'll learn.  Maybe not.  Frustrating, self-inflicted injury.

Side Note:  Marathon fueling - while I was watching the WC Women's marathon the commentator (Josh Cox), noted that in training you need to practice fueling "at race pace".  In my last marathon build-up, I did practice fueling, but at a slower than race pace and had "problems" during the race - noted.


Weekly Mileage: 55
Long Run:  N/A
Weight:  ?

Every run: Leg swings / Lunge matrix before and foam rolling / dynamic stretching after.
  • Monday: GA 9.1 @ 8:00 pace.  Feeling okay.  Core work.
  •  Tuesday: MLR 13.5  @ 7:17 pace....a little too fast.  Running with a friend and talking the whole time, so maybe not?  But, yeah...probably too fast.  Strength work -  KG swings / pull ups / dumb bell bench press / single leg squats. 
  • Wednesday: 5 Easy @ 8:30 pace.  Yesterday took more out of me than I realized.  Lesson learned.  ITB rehab work.  Extra hip mobility stuff.  "Right butt / hip" not right.  Damn it!
  • Thursday: MLR 11.  GA 9.  Hip not right, cut back from planned 11 miles.  Core work.  Hip mobility / myrtle.  PT - worked on right hip.
  • Friday: 5.2 Easy.  Hip works.  Probably should have taken today off.  Only a recovery run anyway.
  • Saturday: OFF.  PT.  Work on Right Gluteus Medius.  Found the spot...and it hurt like the dickens while he worked on it. 
  • Sunday: 13 MLR.  Cut down from planned 17 miles.  Hip doing better.  I was ready to shut it down as soon as it got beyond a slight annoyance.  Never did.  Strength work - except skipping single leg dead lifts and squats in case if aggravates the injury.  Hip strength / myrtle.  Couldn't really "feel" the injury during the exercises - either it's not that bad or I'm not doing it right, or both.


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  1. That's some amazing mileage given your hip/glute issue. Kudos for being religious about those exercises. I also agree about training with your fuel at race pace. Even if it's purely logistical (getting the gel out of your pocket, opening it, etc- while running at race pace).