Sunday, August 6, 2017

Breaking3ProjectPhilly - Week 3 (AMY CRAGG + Recovering)

Hello Runners.

Update:  World Championships:
  • amy cragg. Amy Cragg. AMY CRAGG.  AMY CRAGG!! Taking down the WC Marathon bronze metal, with a huge push, and big finishing kick.  Motivation.  I actually got up from the couch and stood in front of the TV, yelling "Go Amy" for the last 800m.  My wife was slightly amused, but not really.
  • Mo Farah - ANOTHER Gold metal.  Guy is insane.  My wife not amused at all as I prance around the living room doing the Mobot.
Injury - Recovering:

My "rehab" process goes something like this; 1) Go to physio; 2) Go for a run; 3) Report back to physio how I'm doing - improvement / pain in new spot / hurts more / etc.  4) Modify treatment; 5) Rinse and repeat.

Details of the rehab: 

Last week - Wednesday:  ART, STEM.  Thursday - dry needling / STEM.  Saturday same as Wednesday.

Monday rehab was like Saturday - EXCEPT on Monday I also got "traction" (hanging upside down) and work on my lower back and hamstring (all on left side).  This is after I noticed that when he "pushes down on the left side of  my lower back to stretch is out some my Achilles "tightens".  So, maybe tightness in lower back is doing something?  Dunno - but he worked on that too.  ("Hip bones connected to the....thigh bone....").

I'm making progress.  After not really being able to run on it at all Thursday - Monday (1/2 mile efforts to determine that "Yes, I can't run on this), I was able to run 5 miles easy on the TM Tuesday morning.  Yay!  Calf still hurts, but the pain is dull and not enough that it changes my "gait" (I don't think) or that I want to stop running. So...progress!

Wednesday I increased my run to 7 miles, and had another treatment like Monday.  Wednesday also included a new "treat" - working on my ITB.  Shit, that hurt!  But, I think it helped.

Thursday - Saturday; feeling back to normal.  Thursday did a pretty good tempo workout, and 15 mile long run on Saturday with 5 miles at MP (although I have to re-learn what MP feels like).

Guess who's back, back again
Shady's back, tell a friend    
~ Slim Shady

Not being able to run for a few days gave me a new appreciation for my health.  Re-focused on injury prevention.....

Side Note:  I forgot my watch Friday morning, so I ran my "6 miles easy" by following a known route, and just "going for a run".  Quite "freeing" actually.  Might try it again on future easy runs.


Weekly Mileage: 43
Long Run: 15
Weight:  ?

Every run: Leg swings / Lunge matrix before and foam rolling / dynamic stretching after.
  • Monday:  NOPE.  Can't run.
  •  Tuesday: 5 mi easy on TM - around 8:10 pace.  Calf is dull ache, but much better.  Kettlebell swings / pull ups / dumb bell bench press.
  • Wednesday: 7-8 mi GA.  Physio.
  • Thursday: 9 miles with 4 @ tempo (6:23 / 6:16 / 6:27 / 6:18).  Pretty fast tempo pace for me, probably due to having so many days off (slight taper effect?).  Core work.
  • Friday: 6 mi. easy. No watch.
  • Saturday: LR - 15 w / 5 @ MP (6:31 / 6:58 / 6:38 / 6:53 / 6:40).   Goal MP is 6:50 - so I have some work to do on MP feel.  Strength / ITB work.  Heat got to me, feeling pretty beat the rest of the day.  Physio visit, probably last one (for a while).
  • Sunday: Walk recovery.  2 miles.



  1. Correct, wife not amused but happy you're injury free and running - still think you should get magic legs like lieutenant Dan!!!

  2. It's good to see that you are being proactive about recovering from your injury, and that you were still able to log 43 miles this week. Impressive!

  3. Thx Elizabeth! Yeah...aggressively goin after the injury. The harder part is patience coming back....