Sunday, June 25, 2017

Running Log - Week Ending June 25 (4-Mile Race)

Hello Runners!  Summer is here, can you feel it?  I'm getting close to my "melting threshold", but trying to hang tough.

I got buried with work (and work travel) this week - but I'm doing a mini-taper for a Saturday race, so it kinda worked out....traveling the next three weeks as well, gonna take some discipline to stick to my normal training.

Saturday Race 
"Twilight 4-Miler" in Ashburn, VA; a community not too far from the house.  Race is unique for two reasons; it's 4 miles; and it starts at 7:30PM.  Spoiler Alert: I finished in 25:00 (6:09 pace for 4.08 miles) in 84 degrees weather (2nd place AG).  Partied afterward, in that "Runner's Party" kinda way....full report posted separately.


Weekly Mileage: 37
Long Run: N/A
Weight: 140
  Daily Work:
  • Monday:  6.8 mi on WOD including some trail miles.  Fun!  and a little hilly. Core work.
  • Tuesday: 8 mi with 6 x (90" @ 5k / 90" E).  Strength work.
  • Wednesday:  5.5 mi E
  • Thursday: OFF.  Early work start and full travel day.
  • Friday:  4.5 mi E
  • Saturday:  4 mile race (25:00 for 4.08 miles) - 6:09 pace.  6.2 miles with warm-up.
  • Sunday:  5.3 mi Recovery

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