Sunday, June 4, 2017

Running Log - Week Ending June 4 (1,000 mi in 2017)

Hello, Runners.

This week starts a 'back to normal' couple of weeks for me - as far as running goes.  I have a few more family obligations (all good stuff) for the next month, so no races until end of June or possibly early July.  I'm going to spend the next few weeks building my mileage back up, and just enjoying running as the temps heat up.

Adding an MLR (Medium Long Run) during the week and a LR (Long Run) on the weekend, been a while since I've done these longer runs since I've had shorter (and faster paced) races recently which require "shorter and faster" workouts (at least that's how I do it).  I do my MLR and LR at a slightly faster pace than "easy" - somewhere about 10% to 15% slower than MP.

I'm also getting back to a "full" strength workout a couple times a week, which included kettle bell swings, single leg dead lift (with kettle bell), single squats, pull-ups, and dips.  'Myrtle' hip strength routine added in just for fun, along with a range of core exercises.  All this adds about 30 minutes on to the end of run, but I think it's worth it - especially for injury prevention.

Monday, I ran a mile race (separate post), and afterward didn't feel bad at all.  I mean, I knew I ran, but didn't feel beat up.  Didn't do a cool down or nuthin after the race.  Well, Tuesday morning, I was feeling it - tight hamstrings, left butt "not right", and left calf acting up again.  So....yeah I guess I did race!  Reminder to self: Don't be stupid, do the proper cool down and exercises after a race.

My LR was 15 miles @ 7:12 pace, with the last mile around MP.   Felt good to get out and run for an extended period of time.   Ran faster than intended, but I was really enjoying myself (in that "runner" way).   Sense of accomplishment and all that.....

Highlight:  1,000 mi run so far this year.  Tires rotated.   Oil changed.   Good to go.

Shoe update:  Trying Hokas for the first time this week.  Couple runs in the Tracer.  So far, I like them, they do feel "different", but not overly bulky as I was afraid they'd be.  I'm not "running on clouds" or anything like that, but good option.  I'm learning that more "protection" for easy runs is good for me.  In the past I've run in light shoes for all runs, to feel less "heavy", but I'm now trying for a new "sweet spot" that will help me get in more miles with less aches and pains.  Also, focusing on softer surfaces as much as I can, which for me means the "side dirt paths" on the WOD and the C and O towpath on the weekends (which is all dirt)

Weekly Mileage: 51
Long Run:  15
Weight: ?
  Daily Work:
  • Monday:  4 miles total including warm-up.  Loudoun Street Mile.  5:17.  
  • Tuesday: 8 miles on roads in Reston looking for new routes and getting lost.  Easy pace, just out running.  Extended foam rolling and dynamic stretching yoga kinda' stuff...8:30 pace.
  • Wednesday:  10.4 mi MLR (7:35 pace). Strength work.  Core work.  Extra rolling on hips.  First run in Hoka Tracer.  Not bad, some toe rubbing on right foot.  I'll try different / tighter lacing to keep my foot against the back of the shoe, it seems big enough.
  • Thursday: 5.8 miles easy / recovery.  roll and stretch.  ITB work.  8:15 pace - still learning what "easy" really means.  (ie "let the ego go")
  • Friday:  60' E on WOD - mostly on side dirt path sections. (7.6 mi). 7:55 pace. Light core work
  • Saturday:  15.2 on C and O tow path @ 7:22, last mile @ 6:45.  Strength work.  
  • Sunday:  2.8 mi walk.  Lotsa rolling and stretching


  1. Thankful for all the help with those family obligations!!! It's a heavy load you tow!!!
    Best husband ever!!

  2. It will be nice to have a solid block of training with out tapering or recovering from a race. And I think the MLRs will really help you! Keep up the great work.