Sunday, June 11, 2017

Running Log - Week Ending June 11

Hello, Runners.

 So, this is week 2 or "normal" training - this is a training week with more than two weeks to a race.

 Like last week, I'm doing a MLR on Wednesday and a LR on Saturday.  Difference - last week I did a mile race on Monday - this week I did a tempo run on Tuesday. 

I realized on Monday, that my 15 miler last Saturday took a little more out of me than I realized (I ran faster than planned - and really enjoyed the run - but it had some consequences).  I was still noticeably sore on Monday, and I "think" it had some impact on Tuesday's workout....

Tuesday's Workout - Plan:  2 x 2 mi @ tempo with half mile recovery.  The first 2 mi effort went well, about at pace planned (6:21/6:23), the second time around it was NOT happening - so I decided to break it up into 1 mile efforts, which ended up being around 6:30 / 6:45 with about 0.3 mile easy running between.  Dunno if it was still hang over from Saturday's run, or just a crappy day.  Learning....

Wednesday's MLR -11 miles around 7:40 pace.  Feeling a little better than yesterday's workout.

Saturday LR - 15 miles on C and O towpath.  Kept the pace closer to my goal pace for LRs.  7:26 avg trying for 7:30.

Color Run!  My daughter asked my wife and I to do the "Color Run" at her HS to help raise money, etc.  So...all three of us did it.  I stayed with my wife...walk / jog / walk.  After my LR.  Got good and wet and colorful!

Sometimes the most memorable and rewarding races are not about times or PR's....matchy matchy down to the cool shades!


Weekly Mileage: 54
Long Run:  15
Weight: 140
  Daily Work:
  • Monday:  7.5 miles Easy with strides.  Core work.  WOD.  8:10 pace.  
  • Tuesday: 8.5 mi with 2 / 1 / 1 mi @ tempo with 0.4 / .03 / 0.3 easy running recovery.  Strength work (incl. kettle bell swings / single leg squat / single leg dead lift with kettle bell / single arem rows / dumb bell chest press).  Rolling and stretching.
  • Wednesday:  11.2 mi MLR (7:40 pace). Roll and stretch.  Left calf and butt, still need alittle extra work. 
  • Thursday: 5 miles easy / recovery.  roll and stretch. 
  • Friday:  60' E around the house.  Winery and wooded trails....great morning.  7.5 mi.  Myrtle.
  • Saturday:  15 on C and O tow path @ 7:26.  Color run walk.  
  • Sunday:  2.8 mi walk.  Lotsa rolling and stretching


  1. Nice week. That's awesome that you did a color run! Ha! The photo isn't showing up for me, but I'll bet you were pretty colorful by the end.

    1. Thx Elizabeth. This Sunday we're doing a Father's Day I might end up with another runner in the house! Technical issues with the pic....not my strong suit...