Monday, July 3, 2017

Running Log - Week Ending July 2

Wassup Runners.

Training this week was a little different, as I had a 4-mile race last Saturday, and 5k on the upcoming Tuesday.  So, 10 days between races.  Running this week is "bridging the gap" between the two races. 

I'm also traveling for work, so a couple days in Sacramento CA, and one day in SF.  I'm exactly 2 days too late to see the Outdoor Championships....but not too late the feel the HEAT they were running in! 

I got lucky in that my hotel in Sacramento (actually Rancho Cordova) is only a couple miles from the American River, and I found a paved running path from the back of the hotel to the river.  Sweet.  The American River, at least in this area, has dirt running trails on both sides of the river and frequent bridges (some for cars, some not).  So, I was able to get in some good runs before / after meetings...nice to have the long summer days....

Thursday - I drove to SF, and found a hotel close the airport (early flight back to DC Friday morning).  A quick look at Google maps, and again I got lucky.   Right up the street is a HS track which is good timing as my next 5k is 5 days away, and a "San Andreas" trail only a few miles away that looks promising   Got to the track, and promptly got kicked off as they were re-paving it.  Okay, so new plan...instead of intervals I'll do hill repeats...I am in Frisco after all.  Well...holy crap!   These are 400ft climb per mile hills....but I survived and had a good experience running around the San Andreas in a good (and challenging) 11 miles.

Friday thru Sunday were spent with easy runs, and prepping for the 5k on July 4th.  You know, I kinda' liked the SF weather better than DC.  Actually, a LOT better.  Alas, no job in DC it is.

What I found out about NOT rolling and stretching - so I had some really good runs in Sacramento and SF.  But, I was "squeezing in" these runs and working until I didn't do my normal foam rolling and stretching routine after my runs Tuesday thru Thursday.  Plus, I spent quite a bit of time on planes Tuesday and Thursday.  By Friday, I was really feeling like an old man - stiff and achy from my mid thighs to mid back.  And, when I tried a few strides on Saturday both my "front hip flexor areas" were NOT having it, and hurt / cramped pretty good.  Luckily by Sunday I was feeling "almost back to normal"...lesson learned.

Weekly Mileage: 47
Long Run: N/A
Weight: Dunno
Daily Work:
  • Monday:  60' E on WOD.  7.6 mi.
  • Tuesday: Flight to Sacramento.  American River in the afternoon - SUPER hot.  9.1 mi. on paved and dirt trails.  Nice views.
  • Wednesday:  Sacramento morning (much cooler) different direction on American River.  8 mi.
  • Thursday: San Francisco afternoon run on San Andreas trail (paved and dirt sections) around the San Andreas reservoir.  Biggest hills I've ever run...up and up and up and up.  Then, down and down and down and down.  Ended up being a pretty hard run, 11 miles in 1:30.
  • Friday:  Flight back to DC.  Late afternoon run around the hood.  Is it possible to lose humidity acclimation in 3 days?  I think...YES.  5 miles recovery run.
  • Saturday:  6.3 miles around house to winery with a few strides.  Both "front him flexors" protested any faster speed...from hills on Thursday?  And, quite likely from NOT rolling and stretching.
  • Sunday:  OFF.  Short walk.

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  1. You and I are freakishly similar. 4-Miler followed by the Firecracker 5K, with a short business trip on Wednesday-Friday of last week. We put our bodies through so much. Good week and that's good advice on the foam rolling. Sometimes we wonder if our daily routine is actually needed and we don't realize how valuable it is until we stop.