Sunday, April 2, 2017

Marathon Recovery - Week #3

Feeling back to "normal" by the end of this week....3 full weeks since the race.  Looking forward to adding a workout next week and a "proper" long run.
Not a lot to report on this week.  Still recovering from the race.....easy runs - little bit of a workout on Wednesday by running on some hills on the dirt roads around my house.

I'm feeling a LOT better after 3 weeks post marathon, much better than I did last week.

Still taking it very easy, and legs are still beat up a little bit.  But, I'm feeling better - slowly but surely- and no injuries to report - so all is well.

Saturday was a pretty good run.  10 miles around my pre-race LR pace picking it up a little the last 2 miles.  Finally feeling like the recovery is complete.

Hoping for a good workout next week and continuing to add on mileage.  

Side note:  I changed offices this week, my new location means a slightly longer commute but a gym upgrade and closer to WOD, which sorta makes up for the extra 5 minutes in the car.  

Weekly Mileage:  34
Long Run:  10
Weight: 140 (surprisingly I haven't gained any weight during the lower mileage recovery weeks)
 Daily Work:
  • Monday:  OFF.  Ran 7 miles yesterday (my longest post-race), took the day off to see how I recover.  Seems okay....
  • Tuesday:  45' Easy on WOD.  For my easy runs, I use "time" and not "distance".  This way, the pace is a "result" of how I felt that day.  Today my pace ended up at 7:45, which is about the fastest end of my "easy" range.  Tells me, I'm recovering well.  Ended up with 5.9 miles.  Light core work.
  • Wednesday:  55' (not so) Easy on a hilly route around my house.  First kind of effort in any way.  Think it felt okay.  7.1 mi / 7:55 pace.  Hip mobility work / rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday: 40' E on WOD.  5 miles / 8:00 pace.  Strength work.  Roll and stretch
  • Friday: 48' E w/strides on WOD.  6.1 mi / 7:50 pace.  Core.  Roll and stretch.
  • Saturday - 10 mi. on C and O.   Best run yet during this recovery thing.  My paces are close to what they were during the marathon build up long runs.  First 8 miles averaged about 7:30, then the last 2 were 6:50; and 7:00.  Hip strength, upper body strength, and ITB rehab. 
  • Sunday:  off.   Strolling around with the wife. 

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