Sunday, April 16, 2017

Running Log - April 16 (Happy Easter!)...and 10 Miler Prep

Last week I was finally able to get in a couple good workouts at faster paces.  This week I'm trying build a little bit on that, without overdoing it, then taper slightly for a race on April 23.

My mileage is getting back to "normal" this week, which means my easy runs are closer to 60'; and my Tuesday workout is around 10 miles.  I'm cutting the LR a little short on Saturday though, since my race will be only 8 days later....
Tuesday's workout - 5 x (8' @ tempo / 3' steady)......FAIL.  So, I'm not as fit as I think I am and I started off too fast.  My goal was to run the 8' tempos around 6:25 pace, and the 3' steady around 7:00 pace.  The first two reps were a little too fast - 6:18 and 6:20 with the recoveries right around 7:00 pace.  The 3rd rep was 6:34, and I realized I was working WAY too hard for a tempo effort - in the back of my head I have the attitude of "Don't over do it - and get hurt" - I don't know how my body should feel post-marathon, so I'm erring on the side of "Less is more.    

So, I basically stopped the workout there.  I jogged the recover, then ran the 4th and 5th reps around 7:00 pace.  So, what does this mean?  I guess I don't have the fitness I thought I have...and maybe I'm not "fully" recovered from the marathon and / or still "building" my fitness back up.  So, chalk it up to "lesson learned"...and move forward. 

Wednesday and Thursday I cut back on the workload, and did a couple "recovery" runs, Friday was back to the usual Easy run. 

Saturday workout:  11 mi w / 3 mi. @ 10 mile pace on C and O.   After 7 mi I picked it up to what felt like LT - as in theory this is about my 10 mi race pace.   After the run I checked my pace (6:20 / 6:16 / 6:12), this is faster than I expected and gives me some confidence going into next week's 10 mi race.   I don't have enough experience to know how this translates to the race, or if I was actually running at we'll see....

Weekly Mileage:  46
Long Run:  11
Weight: 138 (Prior to Easter Breakfast and Dinner, and ALL the candy....)

Overall - at this point I feel like I've "recovered" from the marathon 5 weeks ago, but my legs have never felt "fresh" and / or my fitness has never felt back to where it was the last couple weeks before the race.  Saturday was my first "good" run I've had.  As I've said here a few times, this is my first time doing "marathon recovery".  I'm happy I'm not injured (especially considering how poorly I finished the race) - but I've just been "flat".  

  Daily Work:
  • Monday:  62' E on WOD with strides.  7.9 miles.  Core work.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Tuesday:  10.5 miles with 5 x (8' tempo / 3' steady).  Failed on the last two reps.  Strength work.  Hip mobility. ITB work.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Wednesday:  43' E on WOD.  5.3 mi (8:00) - more of a recovery run.  Legs feel dead.
  • Thursday: 32' E on WOD.  Needed a shorter recovery day.   
  • Friday: 55' E w/strides.   7.1 mi, feeling better.  Little pep back n the legs.   Hilly loop on country (lotsa dirt) roads around house.   
  • Saturday - 11 w/3 @ 10 mi race pace (6:16 avg pace).   Light strength work.  ITB work.  
  • Sunday:  Walk recovery w/drills.    Hip mobility.   Dynamic cool down.  

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