Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Marathon Recovery - Week #2

Not a lot to report on this week.  Still recovering from the race.....easy runs and cross training.
I'm feeling a LOT better after 2 weeks post marathon, much better than I did last week.

Still taking it very easy, and legs are still beat up a little bit.  But, I'm feeling better - slowly but surely- and no injuries to report - so all is well.
I didn't really have a "plan" for each day, except to do something, and run based on how my legs feel.
 Daily Work:
  • Monday:  15 minutes on exercise bike, then 2 miles on TM about 8:45 pace.  Feel a little tweak in my left calf (similar to after HM last November).  If that doesn't go away by next week, I'm off to the physical therapist.
  • Tuesday:  3.5 mi. around Spartanburg, SC.  (business travel).  Good to be in the South with warm weather.  FINALLY, starting to feel better.
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: 4 mi on TM.. Continuing to feel better.  Still running super easy....light core work.
  • Friday: 15' on exercise bike.  2 mi recovery on TM, about 8:15 pace.  Feeling better
  • Saturday - 5 mi. easy on roads around the house.  Continuing to feel better.
  • Sunday: 7 mi. on CandO towpath.  Starting to feel completely back to normal.  Nice to get on a trail.  Avg pace a little under 8:00....what it "used to be like" before the marathon.  Upper body strength work.  Light core work.
Looking forward to next week and building my mileage back up some - not planning any "workouts", just slightly longer easy runs.


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