Sunday, April 9, 2017

Recovered - Start Working (Marathon + 4 Wks)...Vegas Baby

So...this week, I'm transitioning from full recovery mode and starting to do some light workouts.

Last Saturday, I ran the last 2 miles of my 10 run around MP.  The first time I've run faster than "easy" since the race (21 days after the race to be exact).  And...those two miles didn't feel so "easy", maybe I need to get used to the faster pace?  Maybe I'm just not recovered?

So, based on Saturday's run last week, I decided on two workouts this week, a "Faster paced" run on Tuesday, and some faster work on Saturday's LR.  With easy runs to fill out the week. 

Oh...this week I'm also in Vegas for a work trip.  Nice to get to warmer weather (although it is getting warmer back home in DC this week as well).  I'm trading in the sights and sounds of Virginia suburbs to the desert and the various characters you see in Vegas.  On my first easy run Monday I came across two Elvises (would that be "Elvi").  Picture proof below...

Tuesday's workout - it's just about impossible to run consistently on Las Vegas Blvd.  It's not too bad for an "easy" run, but there's a LOT of stopping at signals and just a bunch of people walking really slowly looking every direction except where they're going.  So, for the workout I headed away from the strip and found that I can run down the boulevards off the strip pretty easily.  There are no "bike lanes", but there's a full size "bus only" lane on most big that became "my lane" as I ran facing traffic in the bus lane.  This is definitely not a good option for the faint of heart (sp?), but it works pretty good if you pay CAREFUL attention to all the traffic coming toward you.  Oh...for the in 8 miles with miles 4-7 in the 6:33 - 6:42 range.  Not a true "tempo" effort, but more on feel in full control and being careful to NOT overdo it.  I was more conservative on the effort since it was my first one....didn't check the pace until my run was over.  I'm happy with it.  Progress.

Wednesday and Thursday in Vegas started to really drag.  It's a work trip, where I have 600 people (not exaggerating), who "could" ask me a question at any time (dinners, drinks, etc.).  So, by Wednesday I was feeling it, and had to cut back my runs and really take it easy on about 6 hours sleep each night.  

Saturday workout:  12 mi on C and O with 8 x (2' @ 10k / 2' steady).  Going to run a 10 mi. race in a few weeks, trying to get a feel for the pace.  Felt good to really work and put in 32' of a good effort.  First faster paced workout in 4 weeks.

Weekly Mileage:  42
Long Run:  12
Weight: Drinks and entertaining all week......

  Daily Work:
  • Monday:  5 mi easy on Vegas Blvd.  Sightseeing.  Tired - long travel day.
  • Tuesday:  8 mi with 4/faster.  Faster miles avg. 6:38, not quite "tempo"....and the desert is NOT flat.   Strength work / ITB / light core work.  Rolling and stretching.  Thumbs up for Palazzo gym.
  • Wednesday:  40' E on hotel TM.  Total sweatfest, but got it in.
  • Thursday: 35' E on the Vegas strip....last hurrah.
  • Friday: 55' E back in DC on the WOD.  Good to be home...but pretty "jetlagged"...Core work.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Saturday - 12 mi. on C and O.  Good hard workout with spurts at 10k effort.   Strength work.  IIB rehab stuff.  Rolling and stretching.  
  • Sunday:  Walk recovery w/drills.    Hip mobility.   Dynamic cool down.  
Couple of workouts next week to build some speed back in the legs.  


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