Sunday, March 5, 2017

Running Log Week Ending March 5 (SIX days till marathon)

ONE week left!  Let the "antsiness" begin!

So, this week is a full on taper week.  I did two MP workouts, but they are shorter than prior, I'm also running 5 days this week instead of six, and I had two days of "brisk walk", instead of one.

Since my marathon is on a Saturday, this week also "adjusts" my workout days accordingly.  What would have been a Saturday workout is moved to Friday.

Started off the week feeling pretty good. I'm rested, but feel flat.  Don't know if it's physical or mental....I've read and heard crazy stories about folks feel "off" during I'm assuming this is "normal".

Tuesday Workout -  Assignment is10 miles:  2 wu; 3@MP; 0.5@ HMP; 3@MP; 1.5 cd.  I did the workout on the WOD in the Herndon area - which is NOT flat - and the same route as last week's similar workout.  I averaged 6:41 over the MP miles, about the same as last time....and TOO fast for my goal MP of 6:45-6:50.  It wasn't that I was working too hard, I'm just having a hard time finding my groove around 6:45, and I don't think I can run a full marathon at 6:40 pace

Friday Workout:  10 mi; last 5 @ MP.   I really wanted to average 6:45 For the marathon pace portion, ended up with 6:42.  I also ran a little too fast In the early miles, accidentally dippin into MP.

I've had a slight niggle in my left calf the last week or so.  The same spot put out of running for a few weeks in December, so I went to a physio for an adjustment and some work on the calf.   All seems good. Hypochondriac anyone?

So....based on my HM last November and Yasso workouts, my MP should be about 6:50.  But every MP workout I've done has ended up between 6:42 and 6:45.   I really want to break 3:00, and it seems like most marathon "actual" distance is about 26.4 to 26.5, so I'll need a pace about 6:46.   That's the plan.

 Weekly mileage: 36 (+ 6 mi. walking over two separate days)

Long Run: N/A

Weight: 138


Monday - 45' E w/strides on WOD.  Felt "fine".  5.8 mi (7:40 pace).  Rolling and stretching

Tuesday - 10 miles:  2 wu; 3@MP; 0.5@ HMP; 3@MP; 1.5 cd. on WOD.  MP/HMP pace (6:41 avg).  Felt pretty good, but kinda' flat.  Strength work.  Some stretching.

Wednesday - 45' walk.   About 3 miles.   Rollin and stretching

Thursday - 35' E w/strides.   Had to pay attention to not go too fast.  Feelin peppy.   4.6 mi.  Rollin and stretching.  

Friday - 10 mi; 5@MP.   Overall avg 6:55.   MP avg 6:42.  Light core.  Hip mobility.  Feel ready to go.

Saturday -45' walk....3 mi

Sunday - 45' E w/strides.   All systems go.  Light core work.  Hip mobility.  5.7 mi

That is all.  Carry on.....

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