Sunday, March 12, 2017

Running Log Week Ending March 12 - MARATHON

The BIG news for this week is...of course....I ran my FIRST MARATHON.

Race report came out earlier today, titled "RNR DC Marathon" with the label "Race Report"

To save you some time, I completed the race in 3:23:06.  See the RNR DC Race Report published earlier today.

Other than the race......

This week is ALL taper, except a final MP workout on Monday.....

Monday Workout  -  Assignment is 8 miles:  1 wu; 2@MP; 1@ HMP; 3@MP; 1 cd.  I did the workout on the WOD in the Herndon area - which is NOT flat - and the same route as last week's similar workout.  I averaged 6:41 over the MP miles, and 6:21 for the HMP mile (slight downhill).  So, I'm still running slightly too fast....but feeling kinda springy and ready to go!

 Weekly mileage: 48 (+ 6 mi. walking over two separate days)

Long Run: 26.3 miles - RNR DC Marathon

Weight: 138


Monday - 8 miles on WOD.  2@MP; 1@ HMP; 3@MP.  MP avg = 6:41; HMP mile was 6:21  Overall pace was 6:51..  Rolling and stretching

Tuesday - 45' E w/strides


Thursday - 35' E

Friday - 10 - 15 min jog, couple strides, 10 min cool down..

Saturday - 1 x 26.3 @ MP.  3:23:16.  Complete bonk / cramp lock up on mile 23.  See separate RNR DC Race Report.

Sunday -  Yah...I can barely walk.

That is all.  Carry on.....


  1. Hey Scott - Congrats on completing your first marathon! RNR DC looks like a tough course. Conditions on Sunday didn't help, I'm sure. I crashed and burned on my first marathon as well, 19 miles in. I think there were a lot of contributing factors, but the likeliest culprit was I just didn't have the miles (peaked at 55) to get to the finish line near my goal time, despite all of the MP work. I chose the Pfitz plan to hopefully correct that mistake. I've also eased my way into doubles. Started out with the 18/85 plan, but elected for one rest day the first several weeks, and then only adding doubles when I thought I could handle it. I definitely recommend picking up the Pfitz Advanced Marathoning book and seeing if it's right for your next attempt. Any thoughts on which race you may be targeting? Really enjoyed your blog! -Jason Lufkin

    1. Hey Jason...I'm JUST NOW seeing your comment. Thanks for the advice. Actually, I am also going to do the Pfitz plan - I think the one that maxes out around 70 mpw. I'm hesitant about the doubles, but will do them if they get me there. In my last marathon I maxed out around 60 mpw. I'm targeting Philly in November as my next go at it. I've been following your blog as well. Good luck in Oregon in a couple weeks! Our speeds are pretty the recent 10 mile race times are almost the same, so your paces provide a good guideline for me....Good Luck!