Sunday, March 19, 2017

Marathon Reflections - Recovery, Week 1

Ran my first marathon last week (see post RNR DC Marathon)....

I completely bogged down / blew up / hit the wall at mile 23....I "buried myself" and all my "systems". 

So, this week I'm being SUPER cautious with my recovery (but I don't really have a choice)

The race was last Saturday.  Sunday I could walk (sort of), but stairs were very difficult.  By Tuesday I was getting around okay, but my quads and calves were still really sore.  My only activity was shoveling the driveway Tuesday (first...and probably last snow storm this year for the DC area).

Below are all my BIG workouts this week.  Every day I did some rolling and light stretching.  Always being careful to not do too much - and pay attention to anything that feels off.  Good news - for as bad as I blew up during the race, I don't think I hurt there's that.

Daily Work:

  • Sunday - Tuesday:  Nothing...except try to walk.
  • Wednesday:  Exercise bike for 30 minutes.  15 minute walk on TM. 
    • I was going to try and trot for a few minutes on the TM....nope.
  • Thursday: I rode the exercise bike in the gym, then tried the "stepper" thing for a while.
  • Friday - I jogged, putting my legs thru a sort of running type motion for 2 miles.
    • Trying out my new pair of Kinvara 7's.  Feel cushy and nice.  Love new shoes.
  • Saturday - walk
  • Sunday: 3 miles easy.  About 9:00 pace...but really just moving my legs.
Marathon Reflections:
I've had a week to reflect on the race - and how I fell apart.  What to fix, etc. 

At first I was really down on myself, for failing.  I got some good advice and words of encouragement from fellow runners (this really is great community) - and I'm focused on following thru from the lessons I learned and try it again.  I will overcome.  And...maybe be less stubborn and listen to good advice.

Next time: 
  • Make sure my MP workouts prior to the race are actually MP.  Building up for this last race I was consistently 5 to 10 seconds / mile faster than MP.  I was thinking I was getter "better" prepared...I don't think I was.
  • Start the race more conservatively....first 3-5 miles should be SLOWER than MP.
  • Longer race build up.  Up to 18 weeks (last race was 14 weeks).
  • Fueling - still know I need a better fueling plan.  More fuel and earlier.  Haven't done enough research on that yet.

But first, gotta recover......

Funny - prior to the race I was worried I wouldn't want to follow the advice of taking 3-4 weeks after the marathon for recovery.  Right now I couldn't imagine NOT doing it.

Carry on......

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