Sunday, February 19, 2017

Running Log Week Ending 2/19/17 (3 Wks till marathon)

First off - shout out to all those out there getting close to their Spring Marathon.  I have a number of friends ramping up their training, or starting their taper....good luck to all!

Only three weeks till my (first) marathon.  I actually think I need to calm down some and think LESS about it.  I'm a little worried I'm getting too hyped.  But, I've been planning it for 20 weeks now, so I guess it's legit to be counting down.

This week I didn't do the normal Tuesday workout.  Since I ran 22 miles last Saturday, the plan I'm on skips the Tuesday workout to make sure I'm recovered, and stay injury free.

Monday's "easy" run wasn't so easy - I was still in full recovery mode from Saturday, so I cut it to 4 mi, and called it a day.  But, by Tuesday I felt pretty good, and ran another "easy" run a little faster paced.  Then the rest of the week was a "normal" week.

The big confidence builder for me, was Saturday's Long Run.....

Saturday Long Run was 16 miles with the last 8 miles at MP.  Felt pretty good.  Ended up running the MP miles in 6:40-6:43 pace - faster than I intended, but it felt comfortable so I went with it. Ran it on the CandO canal, which is just about pancake flat to help "groove" the feeling of MP.  For this run I decided to practice my fueling for the end of the race.  I carried Gatorade and took a gel about 9 miles in.  After last week's failed attempt at getting the gel out of my shorts and into my mouth, I decided to practice some....this week was better. I've been using Honey Stinger gels (basically honey).  This week, based on a friend's recommendation I took a Hammer gel with caffeine.  I liked it, I'm going to switch to these for the race.

(Side note on me.....I drink A LOT of coffee - about 5 cups a day, so having caffeine toward the end of a race is probably more helpful for me than others, gets me back to my "normal" caffeinated state).

Overall, the week is slightly down in mileage - a sorta / kinda "recovery" week.  Not really too exciting.

 Weekly mileage:  51 (+3 mi walk)

Long Run: 16

Weight: 139


Monday - 4 mi easy on TM.  Full recovery mode. Rolling and stretching.  Some extra focus on calves / achilles / plantar.

Tuesday - 8.1 miles on WOD.  Feeling much better.  Averaged 7:25 pace (slightly faster then my normal easy pace) with some strides. Strength work.  Hip strength.

Wednesday - 9.6 mi easy - 74'.  Hip mobility / strength.  Rolling and stretching.

Thursday - 40' easy on TM.  Boring, but I don't feel like bundling up to run for 5 miles.   

Friday - 60' easy on WOD w/strides.   8.1 mi. (7:25), felt good today. Light core work.  rolling and stretching.

Saturday - 16 mi on CandO.  8 miles (9-16) @ MP.  MP avg pace = 6:42.  Overall pace = 6:57.  ITB work.  Strength work.  Rollin and stretching.

Sunday - walk.    3 mi walk.    Lotsa rolling and stretching.  Some core work.

Onward and upward.....

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