Sunday, February 12, 2017

Running Log - Week Ending Feb. 12 (4 Weeks Till Marathon) - 22 miler!

Highlights for this week:  22 miler - my longest run EVER, and my longest MP workout (9 miles).  I'm working hard on "feeling" MP and getting comfortable running that pace.

I'm getting more rest this week than I did last week.  And, I needed it!  The MAIN focus this week was the LR on Saturday.  So...except for Tuesday's MP workout, the week was shorter easy runs to make sure I was ready for the big LR effort on Saturday.

Crazy back and forth weather this week in the DC area too.  Wednesday was 58F at 7am, then Thursday and Friday, 20 MPH winds and mid-30's.   Then, back to nice weather for the weekend.  

Tuesday workout:  1 mi wu + 9 @ MP + 1 cd.  Total of 11 miles.  My longest MP workout, and on the WOD (which is NOT flat).  I was happy that I averaged 6:44 during the MP miles.  I focused on keeping the pace as I went up and down hills - which I've not had to do in prior MP workouts.   Still started out a little too fast, but settled into a nice groove the last 4-5 miles.

Wednesday mini-workout - 70' and about 9 miles this week.  Cutting back in prep for Saturday's LR.

Saturday LR - Assignment is "22 miles, finish strong".  I used this run to practice all my marathon race stuff.  I carried my UCAN bottle thru mile 12, then switched to a Gatorade bottle (as I ran back past my car).  Also took a Honey StInger gel at mile 17.  Used the Garmin "Virtual Partner" for the first time.  I set the Virtual Partner at 7:20 pace for 22 miles, then used that to track my pacing.  I will use this same feature on race day.  For the race I will set it at 6:48 pace for 26.4 miles (adding some distance for "tangents", etc.).  Ended up running wel and processing the fueling fine - except dropping the gel getting it out of my pocket.  My overall pace ended up at 7:10 and finished feeling tired but relatively strong.

 Weekly mileage:  61 (+3 mi walk)

Long Run: 22

Weight: 139


Monday - 7.8 mi easy on WOD.  Core work.  Rolling and stretching. 

Tuesday - 11 miles: 1 mi wu / 9 @ MP (6:44) / 1 cd.  MP miles ranged from 6:38 - 6:49.  Avg = 6:44.  Confidence building workout on WOD (slightly hilly route).  Strength work.  Hip strength.

Wednesday - 70' easy - ended up with 9 mi on WOD.  Pace around 7:50.  Rolling and stretching.

Thursday - 40' easy on TM.  COLD outside today (and I wimped out!).  5 mi. 

Friday - 50' easy on TM.   6.3 mi with strides.   Roll and stretch

Saturday - 22 mi on WOD.   Race test run - fueling, shoes, etc.   7:10 overall pace on a slightly hilly route.  Spent the rest of the day recovering, napping, and then takin my wife out for a Valentine's dinner (in which I ate and ate and ATE).

Sunday - walk.    3 mi walk.    Lotsa rolling and stretching

Onward and upward.....


  1. Wife is very proud of hard work! Also Very Appreciative of Valentine's Dinner!!!

  2. Wife is very proud of hard work! Also Very Appreciative of Valentine's Dinner!!!