Sunday, December 4, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending Dec. 4. (And Dry Needling)

Well, I've had some starts and stops to my marathon training with some minor injuries.

This week seems to be better.  After scratching my long run last week and icing my right knee (PLPS), and getting some "dry needling" on my left calf I'm starting to feel better and able to get back to it

Tuesday I did Yasso 800's for the first time ever.  I've added them to my marathon build up per the Jay Johnson Simple Marathon Training plan.  Did them on the treadmill set at 1% incline.  Each rep was about 2:57-2:58.  Per the plan, I did 8 reps this week.

About "dry needling" - never had it done before.  It was the next option after my stubborn left calf muscle "strain" didn't respond to deep tissue massage or ART.  Had it done on Thursday, and it worked really well.  I was feeling a lot better the next day, and my calf didn't hurt (almost) at all on my 13 mi. long run on Saturday.  Had some ART on my right quad to help out the pain behind my knee cap.  We'll see how much it helped.  Don't know yet, as I only went for a walk on Sunday.  First test will be Monday...

First week running with my new Garmin 920XT! - always helps to have a new toy to keep me motivated!  I like it - lotsa options for screen displays and Garmin Connect is pretty cool.  My wife likes the 'Live Tracking' - unfortunately this means I need to carry my phone with me on runs, which I don't normally like to do.  Also got the "foot pod", so once I get that calibrated I can download treadmill

Weekly Mileage:  46
Long  Run: 13

Dailies - Workouts bolded.
  • Monday:  45' easy on the treadmill to test out my right knee.  Actually didn't have any discomfort.  Changed shoes just in case.  4.7 mi (7:55/mi).  Hip mobility, stretching and rolling.
  • Tuesday:  Yasso 800's x 8 (part of Jay Johnson Simple Marathon Training) plan.  Ran these in 2:57-2:58 for all 8 reps on a treadmill @ 1% incline.  Pretty happy with the effort, haven't worked that hard in a while.  9 mi; 1:08 overall with wu and cd.  ITB rehab work / single leg squats and deadlifts / upper body strength work / rolling and stretching.
  • Wednesday:  65'  35' easy.  Cut today's run short.  Legs a little tired from yesterday's workout, and my right knee started acting up again, so I didn't want to push it.  Hip mobility / rolling / stretching.
  • Thursday:  40' easy on treadmill.  5 mi (8:00 pace).  Hip mobility, rolling and stretching.  Knee feels slightly better.  Dry needling at chiro.
  • Friday:  55' easy with strides.  7.2 mi (7:50).  Core work.  Knee feeling a lot better!
  • Saturday: 13 mi on WOD, a couple miles around 7:00 pace.  Overall 7:25 pace.  ITB rehab,  upper body strength.  Single leg squats.  Knee holding up.  ART at chiro. 
  • Sunday:  brisk walk with my wife.  2 mi around hood.
Here's to hoping for continued injury recovery......

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