Sunday, December 11, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending December 11

Greetings fellow runners!

My spirits are higher this week, as I think I've finally gotten over a few nagging injuries.

I've had sort of a calf muscle strain in my left leg, and because I'm stubborn and stupid I kept running on it.  And....then my right knee started acting up - because (I think) I was favoring my right leg to take pressure off my left calf.  For a few weeks I've been going to the chiro where I've gotten "deep tissue massage", "ART", "STIM", and finally "DRY NEEDLING" to get my calf in shape.  Only thing left this week was to get my right knee calmed down.  This week I had a couple treatments of ART on my right quad, and the fact that my calf is better has helped the knee.

Whew.  Having said all that - I feel like I'm back on the path to a successful (and first) marathon in March. Fingers crossed -

This week I also got a "foot pod" for my Garmin.  It's been calibrated, so now I can run on the treadmill and have something accurate the download.  All these little toys help keep me motivated...

This week, the workouts are a 4' "on", 1' "steady" by 9 workout on Tuesday, and a 14 mile long run on Saturday - with a "faster" portion on miles 10-13.  Both workouts made me tired, but the "good" kind of tired you get when you're healthy, not the "oh crap" kind of pain when I'm not.

Weekly Mileage:  51
Long  Run: 14
Weight: 141

Dailies - Workouts bolded.
  • Monday:  55' easy w/ strides on WOD in Herndon.  7 mi (7:55 pace).  Hip mobility / strength and core work.  Chiro.
  • Tuesday:  10' wu; 4' on; 1' steady by 9; 10' cd.  ITB rehab work, upper body strength, single leg squats and dead lifts.  Rolling / stretching.
  • Wednesday:  70' easy on WOD. 9 mi. 
  • Thursday:  40' easy.  Recovery type run on treadmill.  5 mi.  Hip mobility / rolling / stretching.
  • Friday:  55' easy with strides.  6.9 mi (7:50 pace).  Core work.  Rolling and dynamic stretching.  Legs feeling pretty good.  Chiro.
  • Saturday: 14 mi on CandO.  Speed up on miles 11-13.   Good run.  Overall pace was 7:17, and I was able to pretty comfortably hold 7:00 pace for mi 11-13.  Feel like I'm getting back in shape.   ITB work.  Single leg squat and dead lift.  Rolling and dynamic stretching.
  • Sunday:  brisk walk with my wife.  2 mi around hood.
Here's to hoping I stay injury free.....

Good luck to everyone taking their last shot at a PR / 2016 Goal race as the year winds down.

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