Sunday, December 18, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending December 18

Hello Fellow Runners.

As I start to get into the marathon build up, the Long Runs are starting to actually get, well - Long.  This week is 16 miles.  I've run this distance a few times in my last half marathon build up, so I pretty much knew what to expect.  The Long Run has become the day I look forward to the most.  As I work thru this training cycle for my first marathon, I'm really trying to embrace the Long Run physically and emotionally.  In a few weeks I'll be in all new territory, and I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Yak Trax - Having said that, we got quite a bit of ice on Friday night before my long run Saturday morning.  Luckily I just received my Yak Trax a few days earlier, so off  I went to the C&O towpath, a hard packed dirt path that isnow covered in a thin layer of crunchy ice.  The Trax worked quite well with traction, I never slipped.  But, they are heavier (of course) than running without them.  About 8 miles in I started to feel my hamstrings get a little tight and it felt like I was constantly going slightly uphill.   I adjusted my pace based on feel and ended up about 15 seconds / mile slower than last week's 14 mile run.  I was pretty wiped out after the run.  It felt pretty hard- probably too hard .  But I got it done.

I've been using UCAN before my long runs with good success.  I've been using it on any run more than 90 minutes for a few months now, and it really seems to work.  I HATE the taste of it.  But, that's temporary - and it is works, I'll use it.  Ran about two hrs this week and all is well.

Tuesday's workout was challenging from a "control" point of view.  And, that is how it is supposed to be.  The idea is to gradually pick up the pace, like a "progression" run, but not overdo it, so I can get to the end and NOT blow up half way through.  Jay Johnson's workout is:  20' steady, 15' faster, 10' faster, 5' fast but controlled.  No planned pace, but progressively get faster.....I almost got it right, but not quite.  I able to speed up for each step but had a "lull" during the 15' segment.  This kind of workout requires to learn how to "feel" the pace which was the point.

Weekly Miles:  54 (+ 3 mi power walk)
Long Run: 16
Weight: 139

Daily Workouts:
  • Monday:  57 minutes easy including strides toward the end.  7.4 mi / 7:45 pace.  Core work.  Hip mobility stuff.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Tuesday:  70 minute run.  10' wu; 20' steady; 15' faster; 10' faster; 5' fast but controlled; 10' cd.  Decent job controlling my paces.  I started around 6:55-7:00 pace during the "steady" portion, and ended up about 6:20 pace at the end of the progression.  Hip strength work.  Upper body strength.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Wednesday:  71' min easy on WOD.  Legs tired from yesterday, but not bad.  9.2 mi / 7:40 pace.  Hip mobility work.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday:  4 miles recovery / easy on treadmill.  Legs still feeling a little heavy from two consecutive longer workouts.  Wimped out using treadmill.  COLD outside today.  Rolling and stretching.
  • Friday:  55 min easy including strides
  • Saturday:  16 mi on an icy C&O tow path in Yak Trax.  Avg about 7:30 / mile.  Ended up being quite a hard workout that wore me out pretty good.  I probably ran a little too hard in the Trax.    
  • Sunday:  brisk walk of about 3 miles.  Hip mobility and hip strength work.  Upper body strength.  Rolling and stretching. 
I have two weeks off work for the Holidays.  Looking forward to catching up on rest and time with my family.......

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