Wednesday, August 17, 2016

US Olympic Team Shoutout

 Impromptu post - after being highly motivated last night and this morning watching the Olympics.

The US Olympic team in middle distance running has had some great breakthroughs so far in Rio!

  1.  Molly Huddle - Bronze medal in the 10k....AMAZING
  2. Emma Coburn - first medal EVER for the US in women's steeple.  NICE!
  3. Jenny Simpson - first medal EVER in women's 1500.  WONDERFUL.
    1. Note - Shannon Rowbury finished 4th.
    2. She might end up getting moved up to a medal after Dibaba's coach is tossed in jail for carrying syringes full of EPO....he's being "held" in Spain now.
  4. Evan Jager - Silver medal in men's Steeple.  First medal since the 80's...FANTASTIC.
Even the commentators on the NBC online broadcast mentioned the US middle distance performance is really coming around.  All very exciting!

Maybe...just maybe...some day....the US middle distance runners will get as much publicity as the US swimmers who just killed it!  The US media / fans are about winning.  Period.  So, it will probably take gold medals to get more attention....we're on the right path to getting there!

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