Sunday, August 14, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending August (And Olympics!)

 The Olympics are here!  No really, there they here!  Track and Field...finally!

As I'm writing this weekly update, we are in day 3 of "Track and Field" (otherwise known as "Athletics") of the Olympic competition.  Since my measly efforts would be considered "middle distance" running, I can most appreciate the 10k and 5k events (to a lesser extent the 1500).  But, I really enjoy watching all the running!  From the first 800 "Heat" to the men's marathon that will happen next Sunday.

My faves so far.....
  • Congratulations Molly Huddle, setting a new American record in the 10k!
    • Molly is the current US champ in EVERY US road distance from 5k to 20k.
    • BOO - NBC for doing a whole segment of her mistake at the World Champs last year....
  • ALL three of the US women steeplechasers made it to the finals!
    • Go Emma, Go Colleen, Go Courtney!
    • Good luck tomorrow....I can't wait.
  • Mo Farah - LEGEND!!!
    • First - marked in the back of the field by a Kenyan
    • Then, tripped up by his training partner (complete accident, but still...duh)
    • Jumps up, back in the pack....
    • Move to the front and out-kick the Kenyans and their team tactics to take GOLD!!
    • I think he leaps over tall buildings in a single bound too....AMAZING.
  • CONGRATS - Shalane, Des, and Amy - THREE Americans in Top 10 for the marathon
    • Impressive for all three....GREAT showing!!!
    • BOO - NBC coverage for cutting off before Amy finished - she was 9th - you can't wait another 30 seconds.  I did see online, it was great to see Shalane quickly come over and help Amy when she finished....reverse of the US trials..... 
So....what have I observed, and tried to learn from so far?  Well....hard work and dedication I guess, but really not a lot I can translate to my running.  The level is so much higher than mine...couple things I will try to assimilate....
  • Mo gets knocked down and still wins.  So what if I get bumped or can't get around slower runners easily....dude got knocked down!
  • Shalane finished 6th and Desi finished 7th running completely different strategies.  Maybe I should run my own race...the way that's best for ME....of course I should.  But, this was a good reminder.
Looking forward to all the great racing coming up this week....!

Now on to my efforts this week...

It's been stupid HOT this week in the DC area.  Even my runs that start at 6 am before work are hot and humid.  Kinda sucks.....

Tapering this week and next week for a 20k race......

So, this week I'll be running 5 days, keeping a faster paced workout on Wednesday, and some HM pacing on Sunday, but with overall miles coming down from 50 to about 35.  I was starting to get a little tired coming into this week, so I'm happy the tapering is coming now in this cycle.  It's good timing too with the Olympics on TV...I don't have to get up quite so early to run, so I can stay up a little later to watch the games.  I'll never be able to watch the whole show during the week tho, since it runs to midnight.  I'm usually pushing it if I stay up till 10:00!  "The life of a runner...."

Total Miles:  32
Long Run:  10 (w/ some HM pacing)
Weight:  140

Daily workouts:

Monday - OFF.  Completely.

Tuesday - 40 minutes EASY on WOD in Herndon.  Felt pretty good.  Ended up at 5 miles (8:00 pace).  Core work.  Rolling and stretching.

Wednesday:  8 miles with 8 x 2' @ 5k pace w/ 1:30 jog recovery.  Did this workout on the treadmill at 1% incline.  5k @ 6:00/mi; jog recovery @ 10:00/mi pace.  Felt pretty good, but it was a tough workout.  Ended feeling like I could do a few more reps and/or go slightly faster....which is how I'm "supposed" to feel (I've been told).  Upper body strength / Single leg squat / single leg deadlift.  ITB rehab exercises.  Foam rolling and dynamic stretching.  Overall running time:  1:00.

This is my last day of strength work and hard(er) speed work prior to my race in 10 days.  I'll do one more speed session next Wed, but it will be closer to extended strides than actual intervals.

Thursday - off

Friday - 43 minutes easy on WOD in Herndon.  5.3 mi (8:00 pace).  Hip mobility, ITB strength, rolling and stretching

Saturday - 35 minutes easy.  4.3 mi / 8:05 pace.  I ran about 8:30 and it was already REALLY hot.  Skipped strides and tried to make sure the run stayed easy in the heat.

Sunday:  10 w/ mi 6-9 @ HM pace.  Ran this on a portion of the course I will race next week.  Miles 1-6 in about 7:35 pace, then 6:24, 6:27, 6:35 for my 3 HM pace miles, then 1 mile cool down.  I ran the HM miles a little too fast...probably closer to tempo, I think I should probably run this section of the course about 6:35 in the race....if all goes right.  Stretching and rolling.

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