Sunday, August 21, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending August 21 (20k Race)

This week was a "Tapering" week with a 20k race on Sunday..

So...first and did the 20k go?  I planned a time of 1:22:xx - VERY scientifically calculated (using darts, some dice, my HM result from May, McMillan calculator, and weather prediction).  I ended up running....1:24:49, coming in 4th for my 45-49 age bracket.  Full report titled "Leesburg 20k Race Report" posted earlier today under Label "Race Report".

I had my usual "Tapering Anxiety" this week with the fewer miles and two days of no running. Am I losing fitness?  Am I going to get "rusty" (whatever that means)....all the things neurotic runners think about for no good reason, really.  Tapering is proven to work, I'm not making up something on my own or trying to create a whole new way of doing things.  But still....I find it hard to "chill" and run less....

Also, purchased some NB 1600's v2.  My Asics HyperSpeeds are starting to give me blisters, so I need to switch.  Got in two easy runs in them before the race....worked out okay (luckily).  They feel firm and fast....and fit pretty good (I buy in women's sizes...I like 'B' width).

Total Miles:  32 (14 of them on race day)
Long Run:  20k race

Daily Workouts: (Hard effort bolded)

Monday - OFF

Tuesday - 35 minutes EASY.  Treadmill at work lunch lunch hour (decided to sleep today).  8:00 pace with some strides.  Overall 4.3 miles.  Hip mobility / rolling / stretching.

Wednesday - 6.5 miles with 8 x 1:00 @ 5k pace (6:00 pace) with 1:30 jog (10:00 pace) recovery.  Treadmill @ 1% incline for 5k pace work.  Felt pretty good.  1:30 was plenty of recovery and never felt strained on the 5k pace.  8:00 pace for the rest of the run.  Light core work, foam rolling, and stretching.

Thursday:  33 minutes EASY.  Recovery type run.  At noon outside on streets around my office.
3.8 miles....about 8:20 pace.  Very easy.  Wore NB 1600's for the first time.  They feel good.  Going to try them on the race Sunday.

Friday:  OFF.  Take 2nd day for every race off....not scientifically proven to be the best way (that I know of), but it's always worked for me.

Saturday:  30 minutes EASY incl. strides.  3.7 mi around my hood.   Feeling fresh and ready to go for tomorrow! rolling and stretching.

Sunday:  1 mile warm-up; 20k race; cool down consisted of laying on the sidewalk panting for 10 minutes.  Lotsa foam rolling and stretching after I got home..

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