Sunday, August 28, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending Aug 28

This week is a "recovery" week after a 20k race last Sunday.

I've also decided on a 5k race in 4 weeks, possibly followed by a 10k race the following week.  So, I have one week of recovery running, then 2 weeks of 5k specific work before cutting back for the next race.

But first, this week.....which is pretty much easy runs of varying time.  I probably won't do a workout until mid-next week.  I've been injury-free all year and I remember what it's like not being able to run, so I'll continue to take the conservative approach to training, especially after a hard workout or race.

Weekly mileage:  42
Long run:  10
Weight:  140

Daily Detail:

Monday:  OFF.  Recovery from 20k race yesterday.  Didn't do nuthin' (which is probably not the best idea)

Tuesday:  41 min easy, feeling out how I feel two after the race.  Actually, not bad.  It helped that was weather was much nicer today than it has been, low humidity and lower temps.  I actually forgot how nice that is!  Core work, and stretching, and "Hot salsa" with a medicine ball.   (5.0 miles / 8:10 pace)

Wednesday:  60 min easy.  Felt a little long today.  Legs were okay, but I was aware I was working some....I guess it's okay.  Plus, the weather turned hot and humid again, so maybe that's it.  WOD in Herndon.   Upper today work, single leg deadlift, single leg squats.  Rolling and stretching.  7.5 mi.

Thursday:  40 min easy.  WOD.  Feelin fine.  Easy run. Still hot and humid, but a little better(?)  ITB rehab work, Hot Salsa, rolling.  5.1 mi. (7:50 pace)

Friday:  60 min easy.  WOD in Herndon.  Weather sucked today, really hot and humid, even at 6:30 am.  Rolling and stretching.  7.7 miles (7:50 pace)

Saturday:  35 min easy incl. two strides.  I slept in some today and had breakfast with the family before my run.  This made a nice morning, but my run at 10:30 was RIDICULOUSLY hot!  (I usually run around 6-7 am).  It was a short and easy run, so not a big deal...but a reminder to get my ass out of bed on summer mornings.  4.2 mi.  Core work.  Rolling and stretching.

Sunday:  12 mi Long Run on C and O canal towpath.  7:23 pace (1:28).  Feel pretty good about the run.  Didn't realize I was running so fast, until about mi 9, so I just kept it up (I had planned to run closer to 8:00 pace).    Core work, upper body strength, ITB rehab routine, single leg squats and dead lifts.

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