Sunday, June 26, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending June 26 - HM Race

Another weekly log account....and a Race!

This week was exciting, as I ran my first "official" half marathon today!  I've had quite a few Long Runs over 13.1, but I've never given it "all I got" to see how fast I can do it.  I ended up with a time of 1:xx:xx, the course was on the C and O canal towpath - which I run a lot - but this was a new section for me, right where it starts in DC.  The path is mostly hard-packed dirt, it's "almost" like running on the road with the occasional root to hop over or branch to dodge....I had fun!   I've posted a full report in a separate post titled "CandO Canal Race - HM", with the label "Race Report".

So....most of this week was tapering some for the race.  It wasn't a "goal" race, so not a lot of tapering, but I cut back on my weekly "Easy" mileage some (even took Monday completely off), and ran a shorter "workout" on Wednesday...practicing my HM pacing.

Weekly Mileage:  38
Long  Run: 16 miles (1 mi, warm-up HM race, 2 mi. cool down)
Weight:  139

Short comment on my "warm-up" and "dynamic stretching" before and after each run....
Before every run I do the Standard Warm-Up  Routine from Strength Running (Jason Fitzgerald).  It includes single leg walking dead lift kind of thing, bringing my knee up to my chest a few times, iron cross, leg swings (forward and back, then side to side) and the "Lunge Matrix" which you can find on YouTube from Coach Jay Johnson.  I think this really helps get me warmed up, and provides a strength component to every run which I think  helps with injury prevention.
After every run I do more iron cross, legs swings, and maybe some portion of the Myrtle routine which you can also see at Coach Jay Johnson on YouTube.  Jason Fitzgerald also recommends this routine.  I will also to the "scorpion" dynamic stretch and some static hip flexor stretches and static glute stretches if I'm feeling tight.  I think all this stuff helps, and doesn't require a lot of extra time....just my 2 cents...

The week of a race - is it just me, or does everyone "feel flat" the last couple of days before a race?  I think  I start to get a little nervous about how I will perform, and start doubting my training, and it makes me "feel" flat, or tired, or something.  Even for the race on Sunday, which is NOT a goal race, I got thru this.  Started on Thursday and lasted till Saturday.....thinking out loud. Also....who else obsessed over the weather forecast on race morning?  I look at the forecast about 3 times a day all week.  Like, if I watch it then it will become what I want it to be.....

Daily workouts below (Bolded Days are the harder workouts)

Monday:  OFF.   My legs were feeling a little heavy from the prior week, even with only doing 10 miles yesterday.  Plus, the race coming up...thought it would be a good day to take a break.

Tuesday - 50 minutes easy including strides.  Felt okay, always a little rusty the first mile after a day off...but legs feel good.  Really humid and warm this morning.  8:00 pace...about right.  I  wanted to error on the side of too easy today.  Core work.  Dynamic stretching, hip mobility and hip strength stuff.

Wednesday: - 7 miles with 4-6 @ HM pace.  Did this on the treadmill to try and groove the feel of HM pace.  Did the HM work @ 6:40 pace @ 1% incline.  I purposely didn't set up any fans to cool me off (usually what I do in the gym, as it's pretty hot in the am since the AC is off all night - corporate gym).  Felt pretty good and at the end of 3 miles I felt about the same as the end of 1 that's good.  Skipped strength work...since I'm racing Sunday.  Foam rolling and stretching.

Thursday: 50 40 minutes easy including strides.  Legs felt a little heavy today after yesterday's workout (normally I take Thursday off, but since my race is Sunday I want to take Friday off instead).  Today's easy run became a "recovery / get my legs moving" kind of run.  Rolling and stretching.  On the treadmill to avoid the rain.  Ended up at 4.9 miles (8:10 pace).

Friday: - OFF.  I've always like taking the 2nd day before a race off.  Just "feels" right.  (I did this back when I was racing bicycles too) - seems to put some spring back in my step for race day.

Saturday: - 35 minutes easy including 4 strides.  Just getting the legs loose and ready for race tomorrow.

Sunday:1 mi. warm-up; HM race; 2 mi. cool down.  HM time of 1:29:27.  Full post at ""CandO Canal Race - HM", with the label "Race Report".

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