Sunday, June 19, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending June 19

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

Well, I started the week off feeling pretty bad.  Ran 16 miles last Sunday in temps of about 85 with no water.  Yeah...stupid. I know.  It was "kind of" an experiment to see what would happen.....   Spent Monday and Tuesday recuperating.  It was the first really hot day for my Long Run and I wasn't aware of how much more it takes out of me.  I have to think about hydrating more now that Summer is here.  Also need to see if I need Gatorade instead of water....not sure.

My hard workouts on Wednesday and Sunday went me positive vibes for my first HM race next Sunday.  My legs are feeling a little heavy, but aerobically all feels good.  EXCEPT...I keep fighting side stitches which randomly come up on my runs.  I've learned to keep a consistent 2-2 or 3-2 breathing pattern, even when running easy to hold them off.  I've also realized that just changing my pace (which of course changes my breathing rate) helps.  Even if that is going faster....

Weekly Total Mileage:  45
Long Run:  11
Weight:  138-140

Daily Detail: (Bolded days are the harder workouts).

(I went back to my old posts and realized that often switch between present tense and past tense in my daily work section.  So you know, I write out each day of the week on the post as they happen...section it's still fresh in my mind.  Then, I write the overall summary section...first part of the post when the week is over and I have some perspective)

I also keep an Excel spreadsheet on my daily work.  Yeah...I'm that kind of guy.  I find the blog is the best place to go for me to look at how I felt...because I write a lot more here.  It's also good to see my race summaries to remember courses, temps, etc.  Excel, of course, is better for writing out the plans and looking and a bunch of weeks at one time.

Monday - 35 minutes on WOD EASY.  Still feeling kinda shitty after barely surviving yesterday's 16 miler on no water (see last weeks post).  Foam rolling / dynamic stretching.  4.2 miles / 8:15 pace.  Feeling better after the run?  Not sure.  I'm trying to convince myself the answer is "yes".

Tuesday - 50 minutes easy on WOD including 4 strides.  (6.3 mi / 7:55 pace).  Feeling a little better today - especially more toward the end of the run.  Core work. Rolling and stretching.

Wednesday - 10 miles with 4 mile tempo.  Ran on treadmill (raining this morning).  Tempo work at 1% incline.  4 miles easy (8:00 pace), 4 mile tempo (6:40 / 6:35 / 6:35 / 6:30), 2 miles easy (8:00 pace).  Felt pretty good today, I was in complete control on the tempo, not a problem....legs and breathing good.  Gives me some confidence for the half next week Sunday.    Upper body strength / single leg squats and deadlifts / ITB rehab.

Thursday - off

Friday - 70 minutes easy - it was raining so did this on the treadmill @ 7:50 - 8:00 pace including 4 strides at 5k pace about 50 minutes in.  Not feeling bad, just got bored on the mill.  Foam rolling and stretching.

Saturday - 40 minutes easy.  Ended up @ 5 miles in 41 minutes (8:10 pace).  Nice run around the hood.  Legs feel a little heavy, but not bad.  Core work.  Rolling and hip mobility stuff.

Sunday - 11 miles w/ 6-10 @ HM pace.  Ran this on the CandO canal path since my HM next week will be on the path (but in a different portion).  Overall, went well.  Miles 1 warm-up, then mile 2-6 @ an avg 7:30 pace, then 4 miles @ HM pace = 6:24 / 6:38 / 6:36 / 6:35, then last mile cool down @ 9:30 pace.
Not sure what to think of today's workout.  I felt like I was working kind of hard during the HM work, but I realize now I was a little too fast, especially on the first mile.  And, if you look at my Wednesday pace - which was supposed to be Tempo - I'm running about the same pace.  So, obviously I have some work to do to figure out pacing!

My "calculated" HM pace using McMillan and my 10k pace from my last race of 6:20 (which was very windy) is 6:41.  My calculated HM pace based on my PR 5k from March is 6:36 (no wind).  So, somewhere in this pace range will be my target.  And, today's work in 6:35 - 6:38 range feels about right......

Cutting back on mileage some next week in prep for the race on Sunday.....

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